Top 5 Gacha Games for Beginners to Play in 2024 

Ever since its release in the early 2010s, Gacha games have been becoming excessively popular all over the globe, and have been a massive hit in the Asian countries of Japan, Korea and China. Similar to loot boxes, Gasha games have inbuilt in-game currency, which the users can use to make purchases within the game. Most of the biggest and highest grossing games make use of this mechanism, and thus, making it one of the most popular gaming genres.

With being predominantly popular in Japan, Gacha is now taking over the globe, and is now gaining popularity in the West as well. Mostly these games are free to play, but only to a certain level, or with a certain character.

This barrier can be annoying for many gamers and they always have the option to buy a few things off of the shops present in the game itself. However, with Gacha games, these equipments and weapons are randomly generated, and can cost a lot of money and time to gain a particular avatar of the choice of the players.

Many websites are now available on the internet which provides users and new gamers with all the basic details that they will need whilst playing Gacha for the first time. You can check a few out here, by clicking on this website. Additionally, for new players, stated below is a list of the top 5 Gacha games to play in 2024:

1. Genshin Impact

Originally being released in 2019, Genshin Impact took the internet during the first lockdown restrictions of COVID-19, in the first quarter of 2024, and later was one of the most played and sought-after games in 2024. While it is believed to be a rip off version of the Nintendo game, Breath of the Wild, the game offers superior quality graphics and backgrounds.

Players have a total of twenty four (24) avatars, which have their own capabilities and perks, and can be opened at certain levels. A breathtaking map with many dimensions and graphics, highest quality visuals, different combat styles, and tons of side features makes the game absolutely addictive and the talk of the town. It also features a multiplayer mode, which is paid, and can be accessed only after a certain level of the game.

2. Tales of Erin

Tales of Erin has been massively popular ever since its release. If you are beginning to explore the world of Japanese Role Playing Games, or simply JRPG, then Tales of Erin is the perfect choice for you. Set in an orthodox Japanese story, the game is based on a rivalry between God and humans.

Packed with over eighty characters to choose from and play, the game is a long shot in the world of Gacha. Over 40 voice over artists were hired during the production of the game, and they have done a wonderful job in giving the life the game required. With crisp visuals, high quality graphics, a gripping story line and a melodious OST, the game keeps the players glued to the screen for hours.

3. Gacha World

While the name of the game can appear to be very simple and subtle, the game is not that simple as it seems. With over 90 characters to choose from, players have the full control to customize their avatars whenever and however they please. The plot line is quite simple, the world is ending and you and your player have to save it.

Even though the game is not very over the top, it still grips the users and players until the very end. Every character is customizable and requires the in-game currency to do so, but all the customisations are done randomly by the game software. Therefore, it might take some time to get the desired looks and skills that the players are looking and hoping for in their characters.

4. The Alchemist Code

When it comes to the most popular Gacha game for iOS, the Alchemist Code is one of the first names to come up. With beautiful and scenic visuals and high quality graphics, with a gripping storyline and JRPG that is not too much, the game is one of the most preferred Gacha games all over the world.

Players have an option to choose from over 50 characters, all of which have their very own tacting skills and battlefield talents. Upon aceing different levels, the characters become the masters of alchemy, which can be excessively beneficial to fight off monsters and demons.

The game also includes a multiplayer mode, and a combat mode, in which you can challenge your friends or other players from across the globe to have a battle. This way you can keep things free, thereby increasing your gaming experience and acing the game in no time.

5. Dragalia Lost:1

With an unique storyline of humans teaming up with dragons and saving the world together, Dragalia Lost is another massively hit Gacha game with many underlying features. The game features many characters and dragons to choose from, which can be customized as per the needs of the players. Apart from this, several crafting options are also available for the players, in which they can pair several weapons up together to form one new, much stronger weapon.

With many similar presents in the market, Dragalia Los still remains one of the favourites of the players of Gacha games. A beautiful world, superior graphics and fun story keeps the players immersed in the game for many hours.

The game has many fans on both Android as well as iOS systems. If you are looking for a game packed with thrills, good gameplay and stunning graphics, then Dragalia Lost: 1 is the game for you.


With Gacha rapidly taking over the gaming community, every gamer must know about the new emerging genre and must have played at least one Gacha game. However, players are required to understand that games were and still are being developed to relax the mind.

Thus, they should keep their playing hours to the minimum. Gacah games are now available for both Android and iOS devices, apart from being available on all major gaming platforms.