Should You Play Online Casino Games on a Computer or Mobile in 2024

Since the internet has enabled everything to move online, online casinos have experienced a tremendous increase in popularity.

The times when you had to go out to gamble, are over. The times when you had to travel far to experience playing a particular game are also over. Generally, everything was made much more accessible to a larger public, than it was before when the internet was too unstable.

People who enjoy games of chances were somehow stigmatized earlier, hence choosing to hide their passion for gambling. Most had to move around in suspicious circles, to play games like poker.

Things have changed in the past decade because aside from moving online, these casinos are now available on every device we’re used to using in our everyday routine. Most of them have adapted to the demands of the market and have developed high-quality websites (with amazing graphics and sound), mobile versions of the games, and lately, all of them are progressively developing mobile apps as well. Just a decade ago no one could imagine things would move in this direction. People can gamble with very alluring deposits, such as those given by Jackpotcity casino, and even choose to do a good deed and share part of their winnings donating it to a charity cause. This brings a different dimension to gambling.

All that we have mentioned so far, are more or less the advantages the internet has brought to the gambling industry. However, when it comes to choosing a device for gambling, having all these choices must be a little bit confusing. So, the rest of the article will discuss gambling on mobile and computers, just to give you clarity and help you decide which way is the most suitable for you.

Playing on mobile

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Advantages are rather obvious when it comes to choosing this means of playing. Just like our wallet, a mobile device became an essential part of our daily routine, therefore everyone is carrying it around literally everywhere. You have it in your home, you bring it to work, and it’s with you while you’re commuting. That’s why the obvious advantage of playing on the mobile is that you can gamble everywhere you want, without being bound by time.

It’s important to mention though, that not all casinos have a suitable version for mobile. So, before you choose to play like this, be sure to check whether your favorite casino has a mobile version or a mobile app. These two things are completely different. How do you do this? The easiest way is to visit the website via mobile. If the casino has a mobile version, it will automatically convert itself into a suitable format and direct you towards it. The same thing will happen if it has the app. With one click, you’ll be directed to the play store to download and gamble.

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If you’re wondering which one is better, the mobile version or an app, it’s definitely the app. Why? Well, back when the systems as we know them now did not exist, the first attempt to make things usable via mobile, were these adapted versions of the websites. So, they could work on mobile devices, but the speed and performances were not so satisfactory. Apps were specifically developed to suit the device, optimized in a way to ensure the best possible performance.

There are a couple of disadvantages of using mobile devices for gambling, as well. The first one would be the connection. For a couple of reasons, the first being security. Not all people pay monthly mobile data usage, so they connect to various networks depending on where they gamble. This makes them vulnerable to hacker attacks and data extortion. Never forget that you gamble with money, and this is your vulnerability. The second disadvantage is the battery. It’s simple when you’re sitting at home and the charger is near you, but when you’re traveling and have no possibility to re-charge the battery, this could be a challenge. The battery will drain fast because apps consume a bit more than normal, and you’ll be left without the possibility of someone reaching you. The third disadvantage is also connected to the network. In order to play, you need to be online, therefore you cannot play if you have no connection.

Playing on a computer

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Having our mobile with us all the time, made us forget about the perks of using a laptop or a computer to browse, play, watch movies, gamble, or anything else we enjoy doing. Yes, mobiles are more convenient because they are in our pocket, but cannot compare to the level of enjoyment gambling on the big screen has, when we play on computers. This is by far the biggest advantage. Everything is much bigger and brighter, no need to zoom in.

Few people carry their laptops around, since the mobiles took over, making PCs and laptops more durable when it comes to gambling. Gamblers won’t have to worry about the battery life when on PC. There are many more ways to enjoy sitting at home, with a bottle of beer and your favorite casino game. Some music in the background and life doesn’t get any better.

Even though most online casinos have mobile versions, one has to notice the variety of games is larger on PCs. This is also one of the advantages of playing on mobile. Experienced gamblers also claim that a variety of payment methods and your winning withdrawals if also larger. So, overall, when it comes to choices, PC might be a bit better positioned than mobile.

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In the end, only one major disadvantage is visible, and that is mobility. There is no mobility when gambling on the PC. You’re simply stuck in one place. Your partially mobile, only if you use a laptop.

So, what should you do?

Well, it’s a matter of habit and preference, at the same time. If you’re satisfied with the games on mobile apps, stick with them. If you like to gamble from the comfort of your home, choose a PC. In the end, it’s on you to decide.