Find Your Way Around The Online Casino: Know More About Casino Games – 2024 Guide

Online casino games come in a thousand colors and flavors. The range of fun games available at online casinos is huge, but also quite overwhelming. Ditto for the casino experience as a whole. Our game guides offer help.

This article will introduce and explain to you about all casino games available. However, if you want to learn more about these casino games after reading, check out our separate game guides.

Overview of casino games

Before we delve deeper into the fun games in the online casino, let’s dwell on the various types that are out there. Indeed, casino games come in all shapes and sizes on gambling sites. This can translate into a particular theme, a variation on the original game concept, or a delightful mix of all that.

That sounds pretty overwhelming and even complex, but it’s really not. Basically, all the fun games online can be reduced to the following categories: dice games (craps, dice games), card games (baccarat, blackjack, poker (Casino Hold’em, live poker)), Pokies (slot machines, video poker), roulette, draw games (bingo, keno, slingo) and scratch cards.

In addition, of course, Pokies or slots are among the most enjoyable games in the online casino in Australia. If only because there is a lot to choose from. Some providers have as many as a hundred different slot machines in their assortment and the selection is steadily growing. Thanks to the many game developers who are constantly trying to come up with new and innovative products.

Pokies or Slots

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The sound of clattering coins. Virtual or otherwise. Isn’t that synonymous with the casino feeling? We owe it all to the big crowd-pleaser among the fun games in this overview: slots or so-called pokies. But the great popularity of this online casino game is not only in the dreamy prospect of a nice jackpot. No, it is mainly the simplicity and approachability of the slot machines that contribute to this.

While there are already many pokies to be found offline, there are many more digital versions to be seen online. The various providers flaunt an awful lot of online pokies in their assortment. In all sorts of different colors and flavors: pokies based on contemporary pop cultures, such as films (Hangover, Planet of the Apes), series (Narcos), comics (Iron Man) or music (Guns N’Roses, Jimi Hendrix), but also fun games inspired by a particular theme (Gonzo’s Quest, Starburst).

And the range in terms of slots continues to grow steadily because the developers behind these casino games are not sitting still. Major players such as NetEnt, Big Time Gaming, Play’n Go, Microgaming, and Yggdrasil are constantly looking for new, innovative ways to take their slots games to the next level. After all, standing still is going backward in the iGaming business.

Dice Slots

Dice Slots are a blissful blend of two popular casino games: dice games and slot machines. These dice-infused video slots are the online arcades’ answer to the lack of real slot machines, as they are not legally allowed to have a place. However, dice games are legal and so the symbols on the slot machines have been replaced by dice.

Dice Games

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Dice games, also called Dice Box Games, are variations on the age-old game of dice, but in combination with the familiar three in a row. It’s not only about luck but also about insight. You can decide where to place the dice on the playing field. If you manage to fill the various boxes with three dice of the same color, either horizontally or diagonally, you win. And the better you do, the higher the win. Fun, isn’t it?


Craps is another dice game that is causing a furor in the online casino. In this game, you work in the role of a modern Nostradamus, as you try to predict the outcome of the throw of two dices. If you succeed, you’ll have a great time at the crap table.

Although craps enjoy worldwide popularity today, the roots of the game itself lie in Europe. For example, legionnaires in Ancient Rome are said to have played a similar game with dice made of pig knuckles (which is where the term ‘roll the bones’ comes from). Yet it seems more likely that the English game ‘Hazard’ is the predecessor of the game we know today as craps.

Anyway, craps is an enormously popular and exciting game. Different emotions pass in review at a crap table: joy, sadness, bewilderment, to name but a few. It is therefore very worthwhile to stand at a crap table in a land-based casino, as a spectator or not. But also online you can experience the atmosphere of this beautiful dice game. In any case, all the fun games from this list are worthwhile both online and offline.

Baccarat (Chemin de Fer, Punto Banco)

Baccarat, also known by the name of its best-known variants Punto Banco & Chemin de Fer, is a card game that is extremely popular due to its complementary blend of simplicity and speed. It is one of the easiest online casino games since no strategic knowledge is required. After all, the objective of the card game is very simple: to predict the correct outcome of the game. Players can make a bet in advance on the player (punto), bank (banco), or tie (tie). Simplicity is the ultimate form of perfection, isn’t it?


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Who hasn’t heard of blackjack? And if not, you probably know it by the name 21’en (blackjack). The rules of this classic card game are clear: the winner is the one whose hand comes closest to 21 without going over. If your first two cards immediately total 21, this is called a natural blackjack.

The popularity of this exciting table game probably lies in its delightful combination of convenience, luck, and tactics. After all, you can teach yourself all sorts of strategies (including the widely used basic strategy and counting of the cards) in order to keep the luck factor as low as possible. But have no fear: even without tactics or any experience, you can easily lay down a card. No wonder blackjack is one of the most fun casino games!


Without bluff: poker is one of the most intriguing and fun games on this list. The strength of the card game lies in its complexity. In fact, poker is easy to understand and play, especially if you know the card combinations to be obtained by heart, but extremely difficult to master perfectly. This is because a skilled poker player must have many things in common: strategic insight, an eye for calculating odds, and the ability to create a magisterial smoke screen. After all, with a dose of misdirection, you can, without a good hand, bluff out your competitors and take a nice pot.

No wonder that this intriguing card game, of which Texas Hold’em is the best-known variant, has become a true casino crowd-pleaser since the beginning of the 20th century. Both offline and online many tournaments are held nowadays, in which sometimes staggering amounts can be won. However, before you throw yourself into this, we recommend you to play with fake money at various online casino providers – via the so-called free play option. This way you can familiarize yourself with all facets of poker and you won’t end up as a bite-sized fish for the sharks, the experienced players, at the poker tables.

Casino Hold’em

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In addition to Texas Hold’em, Casino Hold’em, also known as Caribbean Hold’em, has existed since 2000. This relative newcomer among online casino games, which emerged from the gambling houses in South Africa, Egypt, and Russia, uses the basic principles of the Texas variant with one major exception: you don’t play against other players, but against the dealer (the house). Of course, it still largely revolves around knowledge and skill. It’s a good idea to start with free money before playing Casino Hold’em with your own cents at the various online casino providers. The same goes for (many of) the other fun games in this list, by the way.

Live Poker

Live poker actually combines the best of both worlds: the convenience of the online casino and the atmosphere and social interaction of a physical gaming venue. From the comfort of your couch, you can simply sit down at one of the many poker tables in the live casino of the various providers, where a (usually) charming dealer awaits you. Through a video stream, he will guide you in word and gesture through the game, while you can use the chat function to talk with the game leader and your competitors. The only thing you need for live poker is a good internet connection and time. By the way, the live casino also offers other fun games!

Video Poker

Another of the fun games that can be categorized as poker: video poker. This is actually a slot machine on which you can play poker. At least, a form of this popular card game. It’s more of a straightforward version, where characteristic facets like bluffing and deception don’t make sense.

This is because in video poker you don’t play against others, you are on your own. You have to get the strongest possible final hand by trading cards. The stronger you finish, the more the online casino should payout. Your final winner will be determined by the strength of your final hand. So try to make a Royal Flush!

Incidentally, video poker pays off extremely well for beginners to the game of poker. It is a great way to become familiar with the various card combinations of the immensely popular card game.


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The jewel of the online casino. Roulette, which is also called the “devil’s game” (referring to the total of the numbers in the game: 666, the number of Satan), is a popular classic among the fun games on offer at the gambling house. Indeed, the roulette wheel still very much captures the imagination.

In roulette, you can choose to bet on the color (red/black), even or odd, single numbers and groups of numbers. Both online and offline, you can find the European and American variants, with the former having 37 numbers and the latter 38 numbers respectively. This is because the latter variant has a wheel with both a ‘0’ and a ’00’.

The appeal of roulette lies mainly in the simplicity of the game, but above all in the excitement that follows after betting. After a bet and the almost magical words “rien ne va plus” your eyes go expectantly to the devil’s wheel, where the little ball is merrily bobbing around. Would fate be on your side?


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Besides all these fun games, we would almost forget keno! This casino game, which came over from China, is a lottery. In this game, you have to predict which numbers of the eighty will eventually fall. You have to enter at least four numbers and a maximum of ten. Although keno is not yet as well known as the earlier online casino games, we are seeing Chinese lottery popping up in more and more providers. So if you like the Lotto, keno is for you!


Bingo is a popular party game that is now also making waves in the online casino. Experience the hunt for a full card all alone (in single mode) or in a bingo room, as at Unibet. And those who think that this lucky draw game is only for the elderly are wrong. Everyone can simply compete for great prizes!

Have fun, but above all good luck with all these fun games online!