Why Are Men Wearing Pearls?

Pearls are one of the world’s oldest jewels. Unlike most gemstones, pearls are special as instead of originating in the earth, pearls originate in the sea. Pearls also do not require any polishing to maximise their lustre, unlike other gemstones and precious metals. Pearls have a rich history, dating back thousands of years. With the … Read more

Why Bitcoins Are So Popular Among Celebrities?

Bitcoin holds a lot of popularity for years now, and as the years pass by it is getting more and more interesting to new circles of people. You all know, by now, what Bitcoin is, how it operates and what its main intention is. Because of these things the ever-growing popularity of bitcoin has us … Read more

Is Post Malone a Fashion Icon Now? 2024 Guide

The American rapper and songwriter is known for his unique style. He has too many tattoos on his body and especially on the prominent areas. In addition to this, his neckbeard is also scraggly and his hair is frazzled. Post ties them up in a softball bun or in pigtails. However, that is not the … Read more

The Same Wig Hairstyles as Celebrities

Have you ever tried to copy a hairstyle from your favorite celebrity, but have failed due to lack of strands? A lot of times we struggle with our hair thickness & lack of volume, which is why getting a wig is always a good idea. Wigs are so practical, easy to wear and install + … Read more

5 Reasons Why Elon Musk is The World’s Biggest inventor

From the beginning of humanity until today, there are always people who stand out and thanks to whose inventions the whole mankind is making great progress. From the time before Christ and the Thales of Miletus, to the Middle Ages and geniuses like Leonardo da Vinci who were amazing in all sorts of fields, all … Read more