Why Bitcoins Are So Popular Among Celebrities?

Bitcoin holds a lot of popularity for years now, and as the years pass by it is getting more and more interesting to new circles of people. You all know, by now, what Bitcoin is, how it operates and what its main intention is.

Because of these things the ever-growing popularity of bitcoin has us all wowed. For some time, in its infancy only true believers and those who were willing to think outside the financial box we are all trapped in, invested in this and started mining it for the future. The people who accepted bitcoin early on and who are still holding and collecting it are worth millions if not more. Those people do not need anyone else telling them that this is a good idea and a viable option to FIAT currency we are all used to.

Bitcoin started a new era of currency and even though there are still people that are sceptical about it, will thank Bitcoin for its existence, hopefully soon. What makes it still a bit hard to accept is the fact that it oscillates a lot and it is not fully stable, but we suspect that it will change as well. Some sites discuss this in length, and one of those is twitgoo.com, and you can check them out while we will focus more on the popularity of the coin itself and the growing popularity it holds with celebrities.

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Whenever there is something new that appears most of us tend to wait and see how things will develop and who will take it on. Does it have a future, does it have value, can it be a viable option or replacement for something, are just some of the questions we tend to ask ourselves and wait for someone else to answer them. When it comes to Bitcoin its function is clear while its value depends on many things.

Bitcoin is specific, or the psychology revolving around it – when you buy and hold it you are not investing in a revolutionary system of money, you are investing in and holding the product of the collective intelligence of some of the brightest minds on the planet. That fact is why it is constantly drawing in new names, new investors and new types of people. When we mention intelligence here, we are not only speaking of scientific and technical intelligence behind Bitcoin, we are also referring to philosophical, political, promotional, mathematical and more.

One of these is specifically interesting to us – the promotional intelligence. This is where the creators and those who proudly and loudly represent Bitcoin and all that it stands for know what they need to do to bring this revolutionary thing to the broader masses. Promotion of any product, whatever it may be, has one key role and it is showing off what you are offering in the brightest light possible to the world, if possible. This is the way you get in minds of consumers and tell them they need what you are offering and as a result of that is you sit back and watch demand pouring in.

Img source: pexels.com

Now when it comes to something specific as crypto there are a few steps that need to be done before you market this and make it appealing to all kinds of different types of people. If you remember, at the beginning of Bitcoin only those that have above-average tech understanding knew what this is and what it can be. I know that from my experience the best. I found out about Bitcoin from a news article but the details of what it is and what it can and could do I received from a tech geek friend of mine. This is one of those first steps before marketing, and it is simplification so others may understand what you are offering.

When those first few steps are done you start broadening the circles. You do that by explaining mining, how can you do it, how long it takes and what benefits you get. To those that can’t wait for an entire coin to be mined you give an option of a marketplace where you can invest your regular FIAT currency into this, for a price of course. When all of those cogs start turning and developing more and more, you start bringing the thing to the masses.

The best way to advertise something is by using influencers and celebrities. What is interesting is the fact that Bitcoin, unlike other crypto’s or NFTs, didn’t need someone to hire a third party to promote it. When you make a good product, it promotes itself. Since Bitcoin drew in crowds over time it was only natural that celebrities and influencers jump aboard this. They would not miss out on a chance to be in the trend with everyone else or to start a new trend that many will remember them for.

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These two things kind of go hand in hand when it comes to Bitcoin and celebrities. Those that were smart enough to understand what it is in the beginning and who could visualize what it may become in the future jumped on board when they got their first chance and they have talked about it ever since. Others simply followed and they all together started a trend of celebrities jumping on board the crypto train and investing heavily or holding some of it for the future.

If you didn’t know two of the earliest Bitcoin backers and owners, that I know about, are Ashton Kutcher the famous actor that was invested in blockchain technology and Bitcoin in general as the new currency that will become more and more important. He said that in an interview sometime in 2013 meaning this could be the year he has been holding on to Bitcoin. Another celebrity that has been investing in this crypto for a long time now is Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter, and as far as I managed to find out his passion for Bitcoin started in 2017 which is around the year he started investing in it.

Besides these two other celebrities like Mike Tyson, Mark Cuban, Snoop Dogg, Steven Seagal, Kanye West, Lionel Messi and many, many others. With a team like this behind this crypto, there has to be something to it and it actually could be a very big and a very important part of our financial future.