How to Level Up Fast in World of Warcraft & Maximize Your Progress

We live in a world where completing some tasks fast is of great importance, and speed is perhaps the most valued modern quality, but that shouldn’t be the case and for several reasons. One of those reasons is that doing something fast doesn’t necessarily guarantee the quality, on the contrary, as it leaves much more room to make mistakes, the ones that otherwise if we dedicated some time to it, we would not make. Now, since this principle of fast-doing is widely accepted, we tend to implement it into everything we do, even things we do for fun.

Take video games as an example, and what most people want is to reach the highest level and be the best of the best, and as soon as possible, but things simply don’t work that way. Of course, there are always things and tricks to maximize our progress, and when it comes to one of the most popular video games like World of Warcraft, some tips have much more value in the long run. So, let’s focus on that today, but if you are impatient and want to know the best way to level up as fast as possible right away, you can always check and boost your character.

Read the rules carefully

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Like with any other game, the best way to progress at the fastest possible pace is to know what you are doing, as even though you might get lucky once, if you don’t know the basics and how to make the most out of your character, everything else will be for nothing. Of course, the overall gaming experience will still be high, but we believe that every gamer wants it to be exceptional. It is pretty obvious that the first thing we should do before starting something new is learning how to do that. The same thing is with WoW, and we cannot play it or leveling if we do not know what to do to finish it faster.

That means that the best option is to start the game from the beginning, without using boosters, or at least not all of them, as it will make it much harder to pick up all the necessary tricks that you can later use, and you will also learn the basics and story behind the game. In that way, we can see what is important and what we should do first and gain experience about the game, not only experience points.

Reading rules is the first step before creating the character because every game has some rules that we need to follow, and knowing them makes things much easier. Furthermore, each character has certain advantages and disadvantages and a specific role, especially when in a group, so choose, but choose wisely. We can also ask some experienced players for help, watch tutorials, or read their blogs.

Make sure to use everything the game offers

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Using everything that the game itself is offering is the best way to level up fast, and to know all the possibilities and useful tips, you need to do some research first. Now, one of the best ways to speed up the leveling process is to use flasks and potions and all other consumable or collectible items that you can find all across the map. Depending on what you need in that given moment, there are consumables for each situation, so make sure to check them out. Furthermore, in 7 out of 10 situations, Class quests can cause more harm than good, as they can be a complete waste of your time, which is why avoiding these quests is completely okay.

Do it with friends

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When starting from scratch, everything is always much better and easier if there is someone you can relate with, and what better person/s to do so than friend/s. Playing alongside your buddies will make the WoW journey much better as even if you miss something, they will catch and see it, and vice versa. That will help the overall team performance, and going in groups is always encouraged in World of Warcraft. Also, there are many ways to level up, and some of them are much faster than others, which is probably what each new player wants. Among those fast ways to level up, probably the most interesting one is grouping with friends and doing it together. It is possible by using the Party Sync feature, and in that way, you can run dungeons together and synchronize quests.

The great thing is that we can play dungeons as many times as we enter new players and sync them, and we can enjoy our favorites a few times while redoing them. Syncing with friends is pretty easy, and all that’s needed is to open the quest log and find the right option, but just make sure that you need to un-sync before inviting new characters to avoid bugging. It is a fun and fast way to level up, and you will do it together with people you love, and it is probably the most important thing in the end.

Do not skip dungeons

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Dungeons are an essential part of this game, and with that in mind, skipping them will not only be bad but will also be far less beneficial, as you can really make some progress by doing dungeons. It is not realistic to expect that we can level up a short amount of time, and we need to keep in mind that it is a process that requires a lot of time. One of the things that should not be skipped is dungeons, and there are a few reasons for that. The first of them is that dungeons allow us to gain more experience and to level up gradually.

Besides that, they are much easier and more interesting than questing, so we will enjoy playing them more. It is also great to finish them with friends or to find new ones on the same level as you and try leveling together because you all have the same goal and can be a great support to each other. Doing dungeons may look like a long process, and it is, but it is sure that you will level up in a peaceful way while finding some new friends or bonding with the existing ones. Remember, everything comes with time to those who are patient and willing to learn as they progress through the game.