8 Most Famous Blackjack Players Among Celebrities in 2024

There are not many casino games as popular as blackjack. Sharing the stage with roulette and slots, real money blackjack is the kind of game that most casino players enjoy. The rules are very simple and easy to learn, the game is fast, and if luck serves you, you can make big money. So, blackjack has everything a table game should have.

Like most other games, blackjack began its life in brick and mortar facilities. Over the years, it gained great popularity among players around the world, although the rules of the game have not changed much.

Because of this, real money blackjack was among the first games to find its way from traditional casinos to their online counterparts serving players everywhere around the world. It was something the players wanted, and the casinos were happy to deliver it to them. If you’ve never read about the rules of blackjack, visit toponlinecasino.com.ph to learn more.

Many celebrities, like famous actors and sportsmen, are frequent visitors to famous casinos in the world. Also, because of their love for the casino, many directors have found their inspiration in their passion. It is less known that one of the biggest Hollywood divas, Marilyn Monroe, was a frequent guest of the “Cal Neva” casino in Nevada, which was once held by the late singer Frank Sinatra, and that she spent her last weekend of her life at a poker table where she lost a large amount of money.

Continue reading to find out who are the most famous blackjack players in the world of celebrities.

  1. Ben Affleck

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Hollywood actor Ben Affleck is considered one of the biggest fans of gambling, but also an experienced player. He is the best in “blackjack” and poker, many who played with him have suggested that, in addition to acting and directing, he tries out as a professional poker player.

His passion was intense that at one point he had to enter a rehabilitation process, because of his gambling addiction. It did not keep him away from the poker table for too long, though.

It was also speculated that Affleck hosted the famous poker nights at the most elite clubs in Beverly Hills, where many, including himself, were losing huge amounts of money, and it is a public secret that Ben managed to lose an incredible $ 400,000 sum on a single hand.

  1. Tiger Woods

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Tiger Woods, who is a very frequent guest of the MGM Grand casino, in addition to a very successful sports career, known for numerous love affairs, is one of the most passionate blackjack players who was granted a limit of $ 250,000 per hand.

  1. Charlie Sheen

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What kind of a list would this be if there was no Hollywood “bad guy” Charlie Sheen on it? His ex-wife Denise Richards said that Charlie lost $ 20,000 a week during their marriage by betting on horse races. This should not be surprising, considering that the controversial Charlie is also associated with domestic violence, drug and alcohol addiction, and enjoying the company of prostitutes. His gambling addiction was best portrayed by Richards, who stated that Charlie called the bookie while the two of them were in the car and on their way to the hospital when the actress was entering labor! Blackjack is just one of his many casino games passions.

  1. Matt Damon

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Popular actor Matt Damon is often seen with his colleague Ben Affleck attending high-stakes poker and blackjack games, which are held in luxury hotels. While preparing for his movie “Rounders“, in which he plays a poker player, Matt visited numerous casinos and, as he admitted, allowed this vice to pull him a little too far, so “researching for the movie” he lost $ 250,000 on one occasion.

  1. Tobey Maguire

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The main actor of the famous Spider-Man is also known for his passion for casinos. He enjoys playing blackjack and Texas Holdem, and this young actor was able to win over $ 300,000 in one night taking part in secret games he played in casinos in Los Angeles and New York. One of his “teachers” stated that Tobey earned over 10 million dollars from his “hobby”.

  1. Michael Jordan

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Famous athlete Michael Jordan also likes to gamble, and this is confirmed from the story that during the Olympic Games in Barcelona in 1992, he played blackjack and poker in casinos until the morning. His fans were not so fond of this fact and expected him to be rested for every game and ensure gold. Michael’s passion for gambling was so intense that he used to bet with his teammates on who will be the first to receive their luggage at the airport.

  1. Floyd Mayweather

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The American boxer, otherwise known as the highest-paid athlete in the world, Floyd Mayweather, is also known for always betting on one game. The boxer earns 85 million dollars a year through fights alone, without sponsorship agreements, from which he earns at least that much more. He also likes casino gambling ad betting on sports. Whether it’s basketball or American football, Mayweather has his favorite. All this would not sound so strange if the money he invests in the victory of his team is never below seven digits! His bet of 10 million dollars is known, which he lost predicting that Denver will win the Super Bowl in American football.

  1. Pamela Anderson

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The most famous Baywatch and sex symbol of the nineties, Pamela Anderson, suffers from addiction to slot machines and blackjack, as she admitted in one of the earlier interviews. One of Hollywood’s public secrets is that Anderson owed $ 250,000 to Ray Solomon, known for making a home video with wealthy heiress Paris Hilton, which she lost at the poker table. Since she did not have the money to repay the debt, she had to marry him in 2007. The marriage was annulled after a few months.

The list is way longer than the one we presented in this article. Although they seem to be perfect and have no flaws, celebrities around the world do have vices, and they tend to enjoy them.