10 Most Sold Famous Women Handbags in 2024

Fashion is an important component of the life of both men and women. Ladies are ready to watch themed shows for hours, look through glossy publications, read blogs just to keep abreast of the latest changes in the fashion industry. Not following trends and not having new products is tantamount to a crime for many.

It is not a secret now that to look modern and stylish, it is not enough to just buy branded clothes but accessories with clothing have become a trend now. It is important to choose the right accessory like watch, brooch or wallet, purse, shoes, jewelry to complete your look. In the article, we will provide a list of the most famous brands of women’s bags.

1. Designer Bee in Fly Basketball Round Gold Clutch Purse

From the boardroom to dinner, this sleek Designer Bee In FLy Basketball Gold Clutch Purse keeps your belongings safe and stylish. The round gold design is crafted from smooth, durable PU leather, complete with gold hardware and a stylish zipper on the front. The stars are crafted in a beautiful pattern throughout the purse to glow it more. No matter what type of dress you are wearing, it gets fit with all. To make your long day comfortable buy this beautiful Basketball Gold Purse from Dhgate.com or any online store.

2. Prada

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Almost every girl who understands fashion wants to own an accessory from this Italian brand. High quality goods, perfect tailoring according to the author’s patterns, reliable additional elements and the best raw materials for manufacturing guarantee an impeccable look and a long service life.

Fashion solutions of the famous brand are represented by non-standard designer items.

However, Prada also pays attention to classic models – products are made of high-quality genuine leather, have strict geometric shapes, stylish fittings and colors. Fans of the legendary fashion house are world movie and sports stars, politicians and influential businessmen.

3. Gucci

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Once again, the legendary “Gucci” takes pride of place in the list of the most famous brands of women’s bags. This fashion boutique captures the intricacies of traditional Italy with its unrivaled collections. Crossbody, miniature clutches, bags have an elegant, unique and authentic style.

Unique products are produced under the guidance of the best specialists in the modern fashion industry, so all products are worn for a long time without losing their original qualities, and almost never go out of fashion. The famous brand always pleases its fans with a variety of materials, shapes and colors. Many limited collections of handbags are dedicated to certain cities or events.

4. Louis Vuitton

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The world famous brand of women’s bags, which occupies a leading position in the list of the best, and whose logo is one of the most recognizable. Accessories are sewn according to the author’s designs from natural, environmentally friendly materials of the highest quality. Products not only look irresistible, but are also resistant to mechanical and other damage, comfortable to wear and roomy. In each model, designers think through everything to the smallest detail – perfect lines, expensive fittings, distribution of internal space.

5. Paula Cademartori

Source: medium.com

The eminent designer, originally from Brazil, launched a line of women’s bags in Italy. After leaving the Versace fashion house, at the age of 26, the talented Paula organized her own trademark. She started small and reached such heights that many only dream of. Products received publicity thanks to unsurpassed authentic design and modern technologies – the Internet and street style.

6. Furla

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One of the best and most respected brands of women’s bags, whose name can be seen in many tops and competitions. Extreme popularity came to him due to the variety of fashionable shades, geometric shapes and textures. Famous models: the little Metropolis and the Melody bag. Every beauty who is familiar with the world of the fashion industry wants to have at least one of them. Every season, talented designers release new product lines.

7. Sara Battaglia

The famous designer, S. Battaglia, sewed her first handbag from a cut of her mother’s dress when she was 6 years old. Then the girl was able to sell the product to her teacher.

The background suggests that the young master had a huge talent, not only in design, but also in artistry. Today, Sarah’s trademark is one of the most revered and recognizable both in Italy and far beyond its borders. The difference between the goods of the fashion house is the original accessories in the form of bows, fringe and rainbow colors.

8. Pugnetti Parma

Source: pexels.com

This name has entered the top of the best and most famous companies in women’s branded bags recently, since the brand is less than five years old. F. Pugnetti is a talented designer. However, despite the young age, the products from the fashion house are distinguished by sophistication and uniqueness. The production is based on the ancient technique of the masters of the Parma manufactory, which has been developed and improved since the end of the 17th century. The painting and processing of leather parts, the combination of cuts, tailoring and design practically do not differ from those that were used back in the Renaissance.

9. Elena Ghisellini

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Even if you have never heard the name of Elena Gisellini, then you are definitely familiar with the results of her work. For more than nine years, the talented designer, originally from Genoa, has been creating women’s accessories for Givenchy and Roberto Cavalli fashion houses. Since the beginning of 2014, products from the craftswoman can be found under her personal brand. With sensual shapes, iridescent colors and unsurpassed quality, Gisellini handbags stand out from the rest.

10. Coccinelle

Source: medium.com

This brand, heading the tops of women’s bags, originated in the birthplace of Parmesan cheese – in the Parma region of Italy. The brainchild of the Mazzieri family annually gains popularity among the fair sex. In a literal translation from the native language, the name of the trademark means “ladybug”. Delicate light green, blue, pomegranate and other shades prevail in the collections produced by the fashion house.