The Same Wig Hairstyles as Celebrities

Have you ever tried to copy a hairstyle from your favorite celebrity, but have failed due to lack of strands? A lot of times we struggle with our hair thickness & lack of volume, which is why getting a wig is always a good idea. Wigs are so practical, easy to wear and install + they come in hundreds of colors, lengths, as well as styles. If you want to look feminine & sexy keep on reading and understand why you may want to jump on a trend of using human hair wigs.

Why wear a wig?

If you have never tried on a wig before you should give it a go and throw on a gorgeous model sometimes soon for an upcoming event, birthday party, or wedding. Here are some pros of wearing wigs:

  • Wigs can look natural and high-quality once placed down
  • They move & look like your natural hair
  • They are low-maintenance and not too pricey
  • You can easily color them
  • They are perfect for different looks & styles
  • You get to change your hair look on a daily
  • You can use high heat on them and achieve different looks without ruining or frying your natural hair

Wigs are a common purchase especially around the Halloween season when people are trying to dress up and transform into their favorite characters (women mostly). If you’re interested in switching up your look and you want to get a high-end celebrity hairstyle look, but on a budget, keep on reading and find your perfect hair inspiration down below.

Top 5 wig hairstyles & hair looks that your favorite celebrities are rocking

  1. Angelina Jolie

Img source: pinterest

Angelina Jolie in ”Those Who Wish Me Dead” managed to leave everyone speechless due to her looks & ever-lasting beauty. The movie came out in 2024 and she was the star of the show.

If you are an Angelina lover and a fan you will probably notice her full lips, stunning eyes, as well as voluminous hair whenever she’s on the big screen. This brunette babe is rocking long & thick chocolate brown hair with voluminous bangs.

Everyone is wondering if the hair is hers, or if she was rocking a lace front wig. What’s your guess?

  1. Emily Blunt

Img source: pinterest

For horror movie fanatics and lovers, Emily Blunt is already a well-known name. This actress looked phenomenal in ”A Quiet Place”, and its sequel has just hit the theaters.

Emily is a gorgeous blonde bombshell who always rocks low-key and minimalistic looks, as well as cute low-key hairstyles. Her blonde highlights and defined bob and lob cuts look effortless yet sexy. Her entire presence and hairstyle ideas are an often go-to by moms who wish to look chic while being low-maintenance.

If you are not too sure if you’re ready just yet to cut your hair and bleach it, consider getting a wavy blonde bob wig to see how it feels!

  1. Kylie Jenner

Img source: pinterest

Kylie Jenner is a billionaire who always looks her best, and she is definitely a trendsetter when it comes to makeup, hair & fashion! Her love life seems to be improving since everyone’s talking about her potentially being back with her baby daddy Travis Scott. Do you believe that they are an item?

Despite being a mom, Kylie still finds the time to look good and to rock long wings, inches, as well as loud & outstanding wigs that define her character.

At the moment Kylie is wearing and representing long black hair with soft & loose waves. This hairstyle is quite glamorous, yet it might be hard to achieve on top of your natural hair due to the excess amount of heat that’s being used. This is where hair wigs might come in handy!

  1. Eve Hewson

Img source: pinterest

Eve Hewson has been quite the topic these past few months ever since appearing on a new Netflix show called ”Behind Her Eyes”. People have never seen her play in some other major shows or movies, and ever since popping up on Netflix she has been the main topic.

Eve Hewson is a gorgeous blue-eyed girl who is successfully rocking and wearing her short black bob that suits her skin complexion & her gorgeous eyes. Side-swept bangs and a lot of shine are what make this hairstyle a gorgeous Hollywood look. It is so sleek and well-maintained while being an absolute hit this summer season.

Those who have a hard time styling their hair or women who prefer shorter hairdos will enjoy this look.

  1. Cardi B

Img source: pinterest

The queen herself Cardi B is always rocking and wearing some bright, bold, as well as colorful wigs that are more than outstanding and outgoing. The queen of rap & hip hop is a trendsetter in the USA when it comes to color & new colorful wigs.

Did you know that at the moment Cardi B is launching her own haircare line that is catered & focused on Afro-Latina hair?! Everyone knows how tricky Latina hair can be, and Cardi is going to bring some major key pieces for everyday styling & hair maintenance!

At the moment the singer is shown in public wearing a bright loud pink mullet or a pixie cut, and it is for sure a show-stopping style that younger women and teens will love to wear & recreate.

How to get the right hairstyle look, but on a budget?

If you’re interested in trying out a new look, but you don’t want to cut or dye your hair, you should try out a wig store online and browse for your new options! You can actually get a high-end look without spending loads of money and while staying within your budget. At heyhair7 you will find hundreds of different wigs and looks that will suit women of any age and style, as well as preference. Choose from simple everyday hairstyles, or go for bright & loud funky colors and channel your inner diva! The choice is entirely up to you.