5 Reasons Why Elon Musk is The World’s Biggest inventor

From the beginning of humanity until today, there are always people who stand out and thanks to whose inventions the whole mankind is making great progress. From the time before Christ and the Thales of Miletus, to the Middle Ages and geniuses like Leonardo da Vinci who were amazing in all sorts of fields, all the way to Nikola Tesla and the invention of alternating current, we have always been lucky to have such people.

Fortunately, the situation is the same today. And one man absolutely stands out and is side by side with all these geniuses that we mentioned and many that we didn’t, and that is Elon Musk. The second richest man in the world has become that because of all his inventions that amaze every man on the planet. And it seems that he is not even close to the end of his work, because every year he presents us something new, even more astonishing. More about him and what are the reasons why he is the world’s biggest inventor read below.


On June 28, 1971, the whole world would have celebrated if it had known that on that day a man named Elon Musk was born who would bring us so much progress. Born in South Africa, he created his video game at the age of 12. He enrolled at the University of Pretoria, but dropped out and moved to Canada.

He eventually went to Pennsylvania, where he became a Bachelor of Science. He then interns in Silicon Valley from where he embarks on his journey to the most successful man on the planet. There is a lot of curiosity about his life, and although he went through a lot of hardships, he always had a positive attitude.

Reasons why Musk is Biggest Inventor

  1. Electric cars

Img source: unsplash.com

Electric cars are those cars that run on rechargeable batteries instead of gasoline. They are very good for the environment and convenient. The general idea, as well as models of electric cars, existed long before Musk. But no one has brought nearly as much progress in that field as he has. You’ve probably all heard of Tesla company, which made Musk famous. For the first time, models of electric cars were made at an affordable price and with a battery that has a capacity so that you can drive several hundred kilometers.

Also, Tesla cars have a fantastic acceleration, similar to the world’s fastest cars. Every year they progress more and more and the distance you can cover with one charge is getting longer. Musk even presented the idea of ​​putting solar panels on the whole car and in that way everything would be even more green. He has other ventures related to solar energy, and that subcompany is called Tesla Energy

Not everyone has the financial support Musk has but a lot of people come up with amazing ideas. If you struggle to turn your idea into a product companies such as InventHelp will help you with technical parts and market placement and you can read more about that at consumeraffairs.com.

  1. SpaceX

Space exploration is something that has always fascinated people. So Musk embarked on that adventure in 2002 when he founded SpaceX, an aerospace manufacturer and space transportation company. His primary goals were to send large numbers of people into space, as well as to work on finding new habitable planets. Like every one of his endeavors, this one is also successful. In addition to being able to go into orbit as a tourist in the coming years, they have achieved one amazing thing.

They managed to return the rocket back to Earth and use it again. This has reduced costs tenfold, as the rocket is no longer disposable. They work with NASA because they have the best reusable rockets, which tells you enough about how advanced this company is. Starship is a project they are currently working on, and Musk announces that they could launch it as early as next year. Starship is one of the key steps towards going to Mars, which is one of Musk’s main goals in life.

  1. PayPal

Img source: unsplash.com

PayPal is the payment method we all use for online payments and is the most reliable online payments system in the world. What many do not know is that one of the pioneers of online payment and the founder of PayPal is precisely Elon Musk. X.com was the online bank he designed, then merge with Confinity and so PayPal was born.

They later sold it to eBay for over a billion dollars, but even in the online banking sector he played a significant role. Interestingly, Musk bought back the X.com domain from PayPal stating that it has sentimental value for him. We don’t know how much he paid for it, but we guess it wasn’t small amount of money.

  1. Hyperloop

Hyperloop is another Musk’s idea that initially seemed like something out of a science fiction movie, and is now very close to being realized. These are tunnels intended for the transport of passengers in which there would be a vacuum and this would enable the achievement of high speeds. This would significantly reduce travel time between different places, as well as traffic jams.

It would be the fastest way to travel, even faster than a plane because it would reach speeds of over 1000 kilometers per hour. He’s ultimate goal is to create something like a global metro network, where stations would be in the largest cities. It is an absolutely fantastic idea, but we will have to wait for it, because there are various things that need to be solved before that, and one of them is security. So far, several kilometers of hyperloop have been built and tests are being conducted there. We hope it will be available for commercial use soon.

  1. Starlink

Img source: unsplash.com

About 6 months ago, many people wondered if an alien invasion was underway because strange things were happening in the sky. It was actually the launch of another Musk’s project, called Starlink. It is a constellation of small satellites in low orbit that aims to provide high-speed internet in every corner of our planet. So far, about half of the satellites have been launched, so we will have access to this very soon. It is also planned to be used for communication with Mars in the future.


These are the five biggest inventions Musk has had so far in his life. There are many more things like location-specific searches, web phone calls and much more. He is also now developing the idea of digging a 3D tunnel system under cities to reduce traffic jams, and has received permission from Los Angeles to begin that project. We look forward to seeing what else the greatest inventor of our time will devise in the future.