Is Post Malone a Fashion Icon Now? 2024 Guide

The American rapper and songwriter is known for his unique style. He has too many tattoos on his body and especially on the prominent areas. In addition to this, his neckbeard is also scraggly and his hair is frazzled. Post ties them up in a softball bun or in pigtails.

However, that is not the only thing about him. After he became famous, a lot of people wanted to know about the reason why he got those tattoos. Because, unlike many celebrities, he has too many of them. Moreover, he never sticks to only one artist. The answer he gave was relatively strange. He thinks he is not good-looking so he covers himself with tattoos so people pay attention to the art instead of his looks.

Removery has the most knowledge about his tattoos why he got them. Moreover, what the tattoo artists think about him and much more and you can go to to learn all about it.

So now coming towards Post Malone being a fashion icon.

Mix and match

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One of the famous words about Post Malone is that he mixes designer things with custom objects. So basically he does not mind wearing inexpensive things as long as he likes them. And this is not just about hid everyday style but also on events.

Marketing executives who have worked with Post say that “He is an ever-evolving person and is always experimenting and people find it relatable”.

What people say about him

Runch counts herself as a fan of Post and she finds him engaging. More importantly, she says that it is no surprise that all the brands want to work with him. He is a famous songwriter and is also one of the number one selling artists. Therefore, Bud Light and Crocs are some of the brands that think about their consumers and are working with Post.

Being a spokesperson for Arnette

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A few months ago, an eyewear giant from the 90s, Arnette stated that Post Malone is their spokesperson and curator. They were planning to relaunch their brand and considered the singer as the best option.

But why?

His songs are on the loop. All categories of people love to enjoy his songs and he has become the top seller. And when someone gets in the industry, even his weir style becomes a hit. Therefore, it is no exception that a lot of people consider Malone as a fashion icon.

Thus, Arnette took him as their “Perfect Ambassador”. In addition to him being a hit, he has also worked with Bud Light. And Arnette is having a collaboration with Bud Light and Crocs. Bud Light even introduced a limited-edition merchandise collection. The inspiration of this collection comes from the lyrics and tattoos of Post Malone. So now you get the point? This is the reason for him to be the perfect brand ambassador.

Furthermore, they have also announced their partnership with the singer and used the words “idol” and “legend” for him. They further stated that it is his authentic style that makes him the right choice for being the brand ambassador for trend makers and fresh styles.

Always on the rolling stone

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Although celebrity endorsement never hurts the brand but sometimes it can. Although Malone is quite popular right now but a lot of things are always debatable. No one can understand and predict what style and trend he is pursuing or starting. His style and songs always change drastically.

Usually, singers have a specific audience and target group but Malone doesn’t. He has shifted from being a pop star to now a fashion star.

Celebrities and debaters have varying opinions about him. Some consider his style as unique and authentic while others have a different opinion.

You might know about “Circles”, an acoustic strummer and has a cue with Malone. He thinks that just like the music that Malone creates, his style also has no boundaries. He is not into a certain category. For example, one cannot consider him as too pop or too hip hop. Likewise, he is low key but you cannot say, gangster.

He further said that when it comes to being a fashion icon or his style, we can call him the new Axl Rose.

The IDGAF vibe

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Another famous thing about Post Malone is his attitude towards people talking about his style. Apparently, he does not care about his style at all. However, his style changed a lot in recent years. And the credit to this change goes to Cathy Hahn who is a stylist from Los Angeles. She has improved his aesthetics and his fashion sense.

Therefore, people are seeing an actual change in him. This new style is also not completely different from his previous one. It is just being better and more acceptable and is a mix of rock and hip hop. And it isn’t something that was planned.

Both of them met at the set of “Walk the Line” and Post Malone actually went to her. He asked her if she could style him up because he had to take some promotional pictures.

Final verdict

Post Malon is a famous and top-selling singer and has a huge fan base. His taste in music is not easy for people to understand and mainly because it varies. You can get a surprise to form him with every release. Therefore, his fan base is also wide. You might like one of his songs and not the other one.

However, not many people liked his fashion sense. He had not so good taste in clothing and styling. But he did never paid much attention to it. Recently, things have changed and of course, after getting fame and name, he has got stylists too. Furthermore, he himself has tried to change his style. So that is the reason that he is now known as the fashion icon. You may not agree with it but some do.