Top 5 Gacha Games for Beginners to Play in 2024 

Ever since its release in the early 2010s, Gacha games have been becoming excessively popular all over the globe, and have been a massive hit in the Asian countries of Japan, Korea and China. Similar to loot boxes, Gasha games have inbuilt in-game currency, which the users can use to make purchases within the game. … Read more

Why You Should Update to iOS 14.4 ASAP

Still running the old iOS version? Well, it’s time to update to the new one: 14.4. And no, there’s no time to postpone that. Saying you don’t need it doesn’t work either. Updating to 14.4 is mandatory if you care about your data staying safe and out of the hands of hackers. What do we … Read more

Android Versus Apple iOS Online Security in 2024

There was a time when cybercriminals usually focus their attacks on desktop systems. But time seems to be changing. Now these cybercriminals have more attention on accessing your smartphones and tablets. If that is true then a question arises in the mind that which mobile operating system is more secure and comfortable, Android or iOS? … Read more