Android Versus Apple iOS Online Security in 2024

There was a time when cybercriminals usually focus their attacks on desktop systems. But time seems to be changing. Now these cybercriminals have more attention on accessing your smartphones and tablets. If that is true then a question arises in the mind that which mobile operating system is more secure and comfortable, Android or iOS?

It will be surprising to hear that many people are using their smartphones in banking, for connecting to people through social media, for online shopping, online casinos (click here for more information) and for many more reasons. Cybercriminals are targeting their malware attacks on iPhones, iPads, and Android operating systems. The iOS and Android operating systems have become the most common target of accessing the personal and important data of many users. Security of your mobile phone may be your first need, and you may also need to secure your mobile from viruses and malware. The difference between the online security of these two operating systems is given below:

1. Threat level:

  • IOS:

In some cases, it is considered that the iphone operating system is more secure and safer than android operating system. IOS is a closed operating system. The Apple company does not give its source codes to the app developers. Moreover, the users of iPhones and iPads have no access to change the source code by themselves. According to mecca bingo this makes it harder for hackers to find chances to hack Apple-powered devices.

  • Android operating system:

On the other hand, this system counts on an open-source code to the app developers. It means that its users can change their smartphone’s operating system through changing source codes. Too much tinkering of the operating system creates chances and can be a reason for a hack. If a smartphone developer gives a new tool with a change to its operating system and there’s a vulnerability in that supply code, hackers will find it.

Android phones are extra susceptible to hackers’ attack. Because this operating system is powering so many mobile devices. Due to worldwide fame and popularity among millions of users, it is a more attractive target for cybercriminals than ios. This system is extra susceptible to the malware and viruses that these criminals unleash.

But it doesn’t mean that the iphone operating system is totally secure. While iOS may be considered as extra guarded, criminals can also target iPhones and pads. Users of both Android and iOS should be aware of possible malware and viruses and be cautious when downloading apps from third-party. It is more secure to download apps from Google Play and the Apple App store. These stores vet the apps which they promote.

There are some attacks in which the criminal asks the users to give up their login information, bank account information and many more. Both of these systems may be equally vulnerable to these varieties of attacks.

2. Software updates and security:

Do you want your smartphone or tablet fully secured? It would be good if you always upgrade your cell phone to the latest version of the Android OS. It regularly releases updates. You may skip the installation process when your life is too busy. However, these updates are designed to protect your system from the modern security threats. Ignoring these updates may position your cell phone or tablet at danger. Of course, the users of both Android and iOS devices can turn on automatic updating on their smartphones. In this way, when Android or iOS updates will release, your smartphone will automatically update to the latest version in its operating systems.

3. Hardware integration:


Most of the online security of an android device depends on the hardware. A few manufacturers higher in marketing assure that android’s built-in protection features work successfully.

The best example is Samsung. The Samsung Knox safety feature comes pre-built-in all the company’s phones, tablets, and other devices. This platform gives an extra secure process to prevent unauthorized software programs from loading when a user activates a Samsung phone.

4. How to stay safe:


The android operating system is very popular among the people and they love it because of its open operating system. It means that its users need to be more cautious but they also need to be cautious in case of ios. Downloading a stupid application from a third party is the easiest approach to infect your android device with a virus. It is also valid for iOS, particularly when you download an application from a third-party source. That is the reason it is essential to download applications just from secure sources like google play store and apple app store.

For android, stick to the Google Play store. Google Play highlights endless applications. You truly have no reason to download Android applications from some other source. If you download from outside Google Play, it will greatly increase the chance of a hacker’s attack to your mobile. The same applies to iOS. It is best to go to the Apple App Store.

Android users can alter the source code of their system. This feature attracts the people who want to change their cell phone’s operating system. However, it can likewise make it defenceless against hacker attacks. When adjusting their system’s source code, users may leave an opening for cybercriminals.

Not like the iOS working system that runs only on Apple Items, its working system runs on cell phones manufactured by many companies. A few companies may provide features that are more secure than others. Also, the developer of the system can utilize a custom ROM or base system that has programming introduced that can’t be easily removed for malicious intent.

On the other hand, Apple doesn’t allow its users to change its iOS system or custom ROMs to be loaded on their device. That makes the system progressively secure because Apple controls it. This doesn’t prevent a few users from “jailbreaking” their Apple cell phones, changing their source code. Jailbreaking creates new capabilities on the device.

So it’s clear that both mobile operating systems are always at a risk of hacker’s attack but according to overall online security comparison, ios is more secure and comfortable than android.