10 Hiking Trails Will Blow Your Mind in 2024

A great hiking paradise, India, the land of pristine natural beauty promises plenty of experiences to step out and experience the unbiased touch of Mother Nature. Covering a great number of hiking trails across the mighty Himalayas, India promises every trekking enthusiast with some splendid vistas of the snow-capped mountain ranges, gushing cold streams, lush green meadows, and gorgeous waterfalls. If you are a hardcore mountaineer, we bring forward 10 different hiking trails to add on to your 2024 bucket list.

1. The Grand Indrahar Pass

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The Grand Indrahar Pass is a mountain pass and one of the topmost hiking destinations in the country. Situated in the Dhauladhar range of the mighty Himalayas, the hiking to The Grand Indrahar Pass starts off from the Galu temple. On your way through the green pastures, you will find plenty of deodar and rhododendron forest covers. If you are yet to experience a tropical forest, The Grand Indrahar Pass will bless you with every single experience of your lifetime. Hiking destinations can also be enjoyable with winter sports like skiing.  As a matter of fact, some mountains have snow and it’s a perfect time for a ski trip. Visit Bluehouse Skis for a guide about ski activities.

Difficulty – Moderate
Best time – May to October

2. Manali

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A renowned epicentre of the Himachal Pradesh, Manali promises you with numerousadrenaline pumping adventures or experiential hiking trails to set your right. Solang Valley is the most preferred point to start off your hiking trail in the Valleys of Manali. On your way to the top, you come across the mighty Beas River. Solang Valley is one of the most engaging and entertaining hiking trails in India. The water at the top of the valley remains icy cold for most part of the year.

Difficulty – Easy
Best time – December to February

3. Seven Sisters Trek

Situated along the Western Himalayas, the Seven Sisters Trek is a group of mighty peaks and acclaimed to be one of the most endearing destinations on the globe. The place is loaded all over with wild apple orchards and dotted all the way by ancient wooden temples. The mountain ranges feature pleasing climatic conditions making it an idealistic hiking destination of India.

Difficulty – Medium
Best time – March

4. Hampta Pass Trek

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Every adventure lover in India is blessed with a unique opportunity of unraveling the magical landscape of Hamta Pass trek. Starting from Manali, the route to this hiking trek all over features plenty of greenery alongside the mountainous stretches. The entire frame of the Dhauladhar ranges features meadows and vast stretches of flower-filled valleys. Situated amidst the pristine surroundings, the region is flanked by numerous white peaks and clouds all high above. This point actually reflects a confluence of three different passes – Spiti Pass, Hampta Pass, and Spiti Valley. The pristine surroundings exhibiting dominance of the white clouds and peaks high above in the sky presents a soothing delight to one and all visiting the region.

Difficulty – Moderate
Best time –Mid June to October

5. Kedarkantha

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Located amidst the mighty Garhwal Himalayas, the Kedarkantha hiking experience in the Himalayas is nothing less than an amazing paradise to crawl during your off mood. Complemented with lush green meadows, quaint hamlets, and some gorgeous vistas of the surrounding beauty, Kedarkantha promises you a delightful time in the lap of Mother Nature. The Kedarkantha trekking expedition blesses you with an endearing vistas of Banderpooch, Ranglana, Swargarohini, and Black peaks.

Difficulty – Moderate
Best time – December to April

6. Valley of Flowers

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Bestowed with exotic natural beauty of the Himalayan flora, the Valley of Flowers is a bundle of peaceful nature snuggling along the Western Himalayan borders which has been beautifully defined in this package for Valley of flowers trek, here. Passing through the dense green forest cover, the Valley of Flowers exhibits plush meadows, endemic alpine floral stretch, and diverse fauna all the way around. What adds on further to the beauty of this pristine land is the presence of numerous cascading waterfalls, silvery thickets and glaciers that soothes the eyes of every adventure freak visiting here. With so many vistas to visualise, the place is a must sought destination for the botanists, bird watchers, flower-lovers, wildlife photographers, and real-life trekkers.

Difficult – Moderate to Easy
Best time – June to October

7. Roopkund Trek

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Blessed with a volume of deep virgin forest cover, breath-taking campsites, and gurgling brooks, the Roopkund Trek is a must to crawl hiking destination for one and all. Trekking atop a height of around 16,000 feet for a period of 8 long days just to admire the enchanting beauty of Garhwal Himalayan ranges is a powerpack experience in itself.

Difficulty – Moderate to Difficult
Best time – April to June

8. Har Ki Doon Trek

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Nestling deep in the heart of the cradle-shaped valley, the Har ki Doon trek is one of the most picturesque trekking spots in Uttarakhand. The entire frame of the Har ki Doon valley is all over surrounded by scenic alpine meadows, striking greeneries, and snow-clad mountain peaks promising some stunning panoramic views of the vast stretched valley. Crawlers of the Har ki Doon trek are rewarded with the mesmerizing vistas of the vastly stretched mountain ridges, appealing caves, mighty glaciers, high altitude villages, and ancient temples.

Difficulty – Easy to difficult
Best time – April to June

9. Tiger Hill

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Promising the majestic views from the top, the Tiger Hill enjoys the contours of the Mount Kanchenjunga and the mighty Himalayas.Located at a distance of 11 kms from the town of Darjeeling, the Tiger Hill is the highest hills with a shocking altitude of 8482 meters. Visit any point of time here, the fog and the mist appear to play hide and seek.

Difficulty –Easy
Best time – Mid October to December

10. Chadar Trek

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Blessed with captivating charm and magical beauty, Ladakh has always promised their visitors with an eye-soothing delight. Azure lakes, picturesque mountain ranges, and the mesmerizing trekking trails – all blend to make Chadar Trek a real heaven for all the lone wanderers. Whilst in summers, the region adorns the most charming and vibrant colors of the nature, the winters are shivery with their frosting cold and thunder.

Difficulty – Difficult
Best time – January and February

These are top 10 hiking destinations to pick for your 2024 wander list. If you have some more to add on to your list, let us know too! Do share your hiking experience with us to let others dig more from their visit.