6 Reasons to Use Kraft Stand Up Pouches For Food Products in 2024

If you are selling items such as dry food, snacks, various sauces & condiments, as well as health and beauty products, you might have started thinking about making a switch from your traditional packaging and opting for something completely different such as Kraft stand up pouches.

But, if you do not know anything about these packaging options except that they are usually vibrant, you might be wondering – what are the reasons why I should make a change? Well, this article will provide you with an answer to this question. Let’s take a closer look at the 6 reasons why you might want to start using Kraft stand up pouches:

1. They’ll Attract Attention

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Since this packaging option allows you to get creative and innovative with the design, you’ll be able to attract a lot of attention to the design you come up with. Unlike some other options, you can completely customize the pouch from all angles, including the bottom and the top.

This means that you’ll be able to choose everything including the font, images, logo, colors, and anything else that you want on the bag. Additionally, this can increase your brand awareness since people won’t need to read what your product is, instead, they’ll immediately know that it is your company just by seeing the custom stand up pouches.

2. Various Options to Choose From

There are several types of stand up pouches that you can opt for. For example, you can choose Kraft paper bags with a window, which will allow the customers to see the products inside. Naturally, the types you can opt for will depend on the stand-up pouches manufacturers that you choose, hence, ensure that you do some digging on what you can get.

3. The Goods Will Stay Fresh For a Longer Time

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If you choose a bag that has a zip lock and three tiers of protection – which will keep UV lights, oxygen, and other things away from the goods – you’ll be able to prolong the life span and freshness of your product. Additionally, these features allow your clients to consume goods whenever they want.

For example, if you are selling coffee, you can opt for adding a degassing valve. What is that? Well, it is basically a valve that can be used for releasing the oxygen, which in return, allows the flavor-improving gases to preserve the coffee beans. Not only will this mean that you’ll have a fresher and tastier product, but, it will also last longer.

4. They Are Extremely Flexible And Lightweight

If you want people to enjoy your goods while they are on the go, there is a pretty good reason why you should opt to pack your goods in these pouches. Since the bags are usually made from paper or plastics – which are materials lighter than glass or cardboard – people can enjoy your product when they are commuting to work, taking a walk, or relaxing on the beach.

This all means that they’ll be able to enjoy your goods whenever and wherever they want. Additionally, these bags are less rigid than other options, which means that they’ll take less space. Hence, they can be stored in smaller bags, lockers, and compartment – all of which are appreciated by people.

5. They Are Durable

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Although they are lightweight, flexible, and made from paper and/or plastics, these pouches are extremely durable and most of them are resistant to wear and tear, which means that they’ll protect the products inside. This means that you won’t need to worry about your goods during transportation or storing the items since the bags will protect them well.

6. They Are Environmentally-Friendly

According to the experts from Hibags, more and more companies are looking for ways to become green and if you are also thinking about being more Eco-friendly, utilizing stand-up pouches for your products will help you with that. How are they Eco-friendly? Well, the materials used for manufacturing the bags are made from biodegradable materials, which means that they won’t pollute our environment as other options would.

Things to Consider Before Choosing a Manufacturer

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Before you choose the first manufacturer that comes up in your search results, you’ll want to consider a few things. For starters, you’ll want to determine what you want to feature on the bags. Naturally, you’ll want to place your logo and motto, however, what about the content of the nutritional values and the colors you’ll choose?

All of these things need to be consider before you choose a manufacturer since you’ll want to hire someone that can actually make your idea a reality. So, you’ll want to think about the design and entire concept of the pouches before you hire someone. When looking for a manufacturer, you must consider the following things:

  • The Experience – firstly, you’ll want to ensure that the company you choose to hire is actually experienced in what they are offering. So, take a look at their website, see what they are offering, and ensure that it is a trustworthy business that you can rely on, without worrying.
  • The Reviews – you should also check the reviews posted by people who have worked with a particular business before. By doing that, you’ll learn whether or not people had a good experience when working with them, which means that you can determine if they’ll be suitable for your needs.
  • The Prices – one of the things that you’ll want to compare are the prices. If the prices are too high or if they are too good to be true, you’ll definitely want to move on to the next company on your list. Additionally, compare the different products and packages they offer to determine which one might suit you well.


So, there you have it – there is actually a wide range of reasons why you might want to start using Kraft stand up pouches for your business. Not only are they durable and easy to customize, but, they’ll increase the life span and freshness of your products, and it will protect them well from the environment and oxidation.

And now that you are aware of all the wonderful benefits you can gain, you should not lose any more of your time. Instead, you might want to start browsing the Internet in order to find a company that will provide you with the best possible stand up pouches for your business needs.