Will you Gain Weight Using CBD Products – 2024 Guide

By now you have probably heard of CBD products and their importance in medicine. However, many are still afraid of consumption for fear that they will become addicted to this plant or that it will cloud their minds. However, it is important to know that hemp used in medicine is industrial hemp with a very low level of THC (0.2%). THC is responsible for the hallucinogenic properties, and since it is minimized, psychotropic effects are excluded.

What is CBD?

The cannabinoid plant (CBD) comes from the cannabis family and it is important to emphasize that it does not cause addiction. In the last ten years, the use of this plant for medicinal purposes has increased significantly. People use it to treat psoriasis, malignancies, rheumatoid arthritis, stabilize blood pressure, and many other ailments. It has also been shown to be effective in improving appetite, headaches, muscle inflammation, and as a preparation that can be used to reduce body weight. Although CBD can be smoked, it is more commonly used today in the form of tea or oil which you can also see on Cannabidiol Life.

Can I gain weight by using CBD products?

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Many have heard that CBD products help with weight loss, but also that you can gain weight by consuming the product. Let’s see if that’s the case. Smoking marijuana with high THC content is known to cause extreme hunger. The reason for this is the fact that THC activates CB1 receptors in the brain. By causing hunger, it also stimulates appetite. Because CBD contains THC in a much smaller amount, CB1 receptors are not activated. Still, is there a possibility of gaining weight while using CBD products? How? We know that anxiety is accompanied by loss of appetite, ie that a person in this condition does not feel the need for food. If we alleviate stress and pain with the CBD product, our desire for food will return.

Numerous studies have shown that regular use of CBD products can reduce your body mass index (BMI). Of course, this goes in combination with regular exercise and proper nutrition.

Many people do not know that there are two types of fats in the human body – white and brown. Although white fats are responsible for storing and supplying energy, as well as protecting and isolating organs, its excessive amount can lead to serious health problems and the onset of diabetes and heart disease. On the other hand, we have brown fats that are characteristic of sports types. They are created by burning calories, and CBD also helps convert white fats to brown.

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Although many studies have been conducted to date on the effects of CBD and other cannabinoids, there are still unexplored things. For example, research has shown that CBD intake can affect the body, but not in the same way as THC. This cannabinoid has been shown to stimulate proteins and genes that promote the breakdown of fats in the body. It has also been shown that the presence of this cannabinoid in the body reduces the formation of new fat cells. We can say that the main cause of weight gain in most people is too much calorie intake, and insufficient physical activity, or their consumption. Also, the organism itself plays a big role, because we do not all have the same metabolism on which weight gain depends, as well as any kind of changes in the metabolic pattern. It is important to note that the hormonal imbalance and the endocannabinoid system, ie its functioning, affect the weight. It is the endocannabinoid system that will help you connect all these systems.

Some studies conducted on children suffering from one form of epilepsy, and using CBD for treatment, have shown that some children have increased appetite, while others have decreased. It was concluded that an increase in appetite occurs in only 6.5% of respondents.

What to look for when buying CBD products?

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Like any other product on the market, the quality varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. That’s why it’s important to do your little research before you run in and buy the first product you see. It is important to read product reviews, pay attention to the ingredients because certain studies have shown that only 30% of the products on the market contain the amount of CBD listed on the packaging. Since it is a medicine, do not save money to get the best quality.

What is also important is to consult a doctor before consuming any of the CBD products. This is the best way to know the correct dosage. It is also important to mention if you have a chronic illness or if you are pregnant.

CBD products do not cause addiction

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This is probably an issue that bothers many potential users of any of the CBD products. Therefore, we will say that CBD does not affect psychomotor functions, as well as learning. Besides, it does not cause depression or nervousness and has absolutely no negative consequences that we can otherwise associate with marijuana consumption. However, it has been noticed that it causes fatigue and drowsiness in some, so consumption is recommended in the evening or when you know you do not have to drive. It is very important to determine the right amount of consumption. Otherwise, treatment with this plant will not be effective enough.

What probably prevents many from consuming CBD is the fear of overdosing. This fear is unfounded because it has not been scientifically proven that it is possible to overdose. However, if you ingest larger amounts than recommended, you may experience nausea or rapid heartbeat.

In addition to CBD, there are about a hundred other cannabinoids that are used for medical purposes and, although most of them have a similar purpose, they still differ in that they treat different diseases. Therefore, it is not bad to research this topic to get a little better informed.