CBD Oil Pet Products – 6 True Facts You Should Know in 2024

CBD has been both a topic that is widely discussed, but still one of the most covert discussions between people. They just can’t get their facts straight, and due to this, there are stories that are far from truth circling the web. It just means there are rumors and unfounded suspicions about the product, and this is because of the stigma it has faced with being in the same genus as marijuana. Luckily, there are more of us today that fully comprehend what CBD is and the benefits it has

Despite that, this line of products has shown much promise, according to countless testimonies. 40% of those who smoked have switched to CBD pre-rolls. Not only was there less turmoil in their withdrawal, but is actually controlled and satiated their “cravings.” This is great to hear, and as wild as it might sound, you can improve your overall wellbeing and the quality of life by switching to this product. 

Read on to find more facts about CBD, just like the one stated above.

Fact #1 CBD Is Not Psychoactive

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CBD, also known as Cannabidiol, is a compound found in hemp. Hemp is under the genus Cannabis Sativa, where marijuana belongs too. But, there’s a difference, one everyone should know. The already established narrative has caused many people to misunderstand this one thing about Cannabidiol. It is not the same as marijuana, and the compound it has that is responsible for getting the user “high.” This psychoactive agent is called THC, aka Tetrahydrocannabinol. People who never used this substance could know very little about it or the CBD, but the prejudice is too strong to be defeated instantly. But, we are here to try and break the stigma. 

Hemp has very little THC content in its most organic state, but when manufactured into many different products, Tetrahydrocannabinol is removed completely, and this is because of two reasons. When used by humans, the presence of THC in the body becomes illegal in some states. Second, THC is toxic to animals, which is why companies, like holistapet, that make CBD-derived products for animals make sure not a single percent reaches the finished product. Many consumers have also demanded lab reports to ensure them further. Once you understand what we wrote above, you’ll change your opinion on this product. The times have changed drastically, and with the latest medical advancements and findings, you ought to change your views. 

Fact #2 CBD Has Its Own System In Mammals

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The system we are talking about is called the Endocannabinoid System (ECS). Yes, it also exists in you, which wasn’t and isn’t a much talked about subject as it should be. This is because our body has cannabinoids in them coined as Endo(body)cannabinoids. 

Cannabidiol, on the other hand, is coined as a Phyto(plant)cannabinoid. Whichever they are, cannabinoids’ primary mission is to reach receptors and stimulate them to achieve desired effects. More about the desired outcomes read in the passage below. 

Two receptors belong to this system. The CB1 receptor is one and is responsible for any activities that include the nervous system. CB2 is the second receptor present in the peripheral system. These receptors work together to help mammals in their physical problems, like pain and anxiety. This is all the evidence you need that CBD oil and other products are highly beneficial both for humans and animals alike. Your best pet friend could have its life improved or even saved in some cases by being exposed to these products that have shown actual effects and results.

Fact #3 Cannabidiol Is Non-toxic Unlike Tetrahydrocannabinol

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We’ve mentioned this before, but THC can cause many adverse effects to your pet’s body when ingested. Many people foolishly gave their pets THC products, which had an adverse impact on them. The consequences of feeding your animals with THC rich products can include unsteady gait, aggressiveness, excessive vomiting, coma, or even death. Cannabidiol has no such problems. This is what we’re trying to tell you all this time. In fact, it’s safer than OTC medicines, as it cannot cause overdose and is incapable of poisoning your pet. This is excellent news for all animal owners who care for their pets and want only the best treatments for them. 

This compound brings beneficial effects to your pet’s daily life without any severe side-effects, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t any. Your pet may experience drowsiness and or fatigue, but it doesn’t develop further into problematic conditions. Once the effects go away, they’ll be as good as new without any permanent side effects. 

Fact #4 CBD Is Typically Used For Pain

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Even in humans, Cannabidiol is a potent analgesic. Who’s to say it won’t work in your pet as well? After all, they have an ECS too. What this means is that they’ll react to CBD oil the same way we would. This shows you that there’s no reason not to treat your pet with a product you could use. Herbal medicine has indeed come a long way, and you better adapt quickly. 

In the case of our pets, what happens is Cannabidiol will travel to both receptors. In the nervous system, this compound will block any messages exchanging between the brain and the pain receptor, thus numbing the pain felt. In the peripheral system, Cannabidiol acts as either anti-inflammatory or anti-WBC and cytokines (proteins that promote more inflammation). Without saying anything wrong about the regular medicine, using CBD oil for pain relief could be the future of all medical treatments of pain, and we’re not talking only about the pets. 

Fact #5 CBD Has A Calming Effect

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Cannabidiol is also known as a very potent anxiolytic, but what’s surprising to note is that it is more effective on animals compared to humans. This can be very useful for those pets experiencing anxiety due to sudden home change or from a wound or illness. Our animals are no different than us, and being able to calm them with no effort could prove ideal for many pet owners. All of us had or still have that one cat or a dog that’s afraid of strong wind, rain, thunder, or some other thing that comes naturally and frequently. Imagine their nervousness and anxiety disappearing in an instant during a thunderstorm, for example, thanks to CBD oil. We know at least one bear and his friend who would love this to happen. Yes, we’re talking about you, Ted and Mark Wahlberg. 

Fact #6: Only Time Will Tell

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There is a known fact that CBD’s trend came into existence even before any substantial scientific research. It is not the first time that things develop like this in situations like this one. This leaves many to doubt the credibility of the testimonies. Many lean heavily on the rationality of scientific facts, and we can’t blame them, but they should now listen to the science standing behind CBD oil and similar products. Because it is a controlled product, only a few of these studies come to fruition except those outside the US, but only time will tell. It seems bright, as Cannabidiol is brimming with potential.