5 Interesting Facts to Know About Tarot Cards You Probably Didn’t Know: 4 Different Types of Readings

Tarot cards have been around for ages, and they’re still popular today. A part mystery, part fortunetelling tool, tarot cards are perfect for people from all walks of life.

The symbolism of tarot cards

They are often used as a tool for divination, or the prediction of future events. The symbolism of the cards can be interpreted in many ways by Trusted Psychics and can provide insight into different aspects of one’s life. Some common interpretations include understanding one’s personal strengths and weaknesses, gaining knowledge about oneself and others, and making decisions based on intuition rather than logic.

The tarot cards are arranged into suits (wands, cups, swords, pentacles), each representing a particular aspect of life. The court cards (kings, queens, jacks) represent individuals in one’s environment; the ace represents the self; and the four minor arcana (the fool, the wild card, justice, and Temperance) represent basic emotions or motives that underlie all behavior.

The suit symbols vary depending on which deck is being used; for example, tarot decks with French-suited cards use pentacles instead of swords as the suit symbol. The most important thing to remember when reading tarot is to pay attention to what card is being drawn first and to its position relative to other cards in the spread.

Interesting facts

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1) The deck originally consisted of only 78 cards, which has remained unchanged for centuries.

2) Contrary to popular belief, the tarot isn’t solely used for predicting the future – it can also be used for mapping out your past experiences and reflecting on them in order to better understand yourself.

3) The Minor Arcana (the suits of swords, cups, wands, and pentacles), which make up approximately one-third of the deck, represent different aspects of human emotion and behavior.

4) A tarot reading is not just a random selection from among all 78 possible readings – each card has a specific meaning that needs to be considered when reading it.

5) As with any type of divination, don’t take any readings or decisions based on a single reading – always consult with a professional if you’re looking for guidance in making important life decisions.

Different types of readings

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1) Palm reading. In this type of reading, the tarot reader looks at the person’s hand to see if there are any particular symbols or patterns that represent the individual’s current state or future outlook. This is a popular type of reading for people who want to know about their own life path and opportunities.

2) Three-card reading. The card reader asks questions about the person’s past, present, and future. The three cards chosen will give an indication of which areas of life the person should focus on in order to achieve their goals. Three-card readings are often used to diagnose problems and make decisions about what steps to take next.

3) Fortune telling. In a fortune-telling reading, the tarot reader uses cards to interpret what symbolizes good luck or bad luck in the person’s current situation. Tarot readers sometimes use traditional medieval symbols like swords or cups to indicate whether someone is likely to succeed or fail in a specific endeavor.

4) Dream interpretation. A dream interpretation reading takes a more holistic approach than fortune-telling and three-card readings. In a dream interpretation reading, the tarot reader will analyze the content of the person’s dreams in order to understand their feelings and motivations. They will also look for symbolic messages that can help the person understand their own life story and future prospects.

In order to read the tarot, you first need to understand the traditional meanings of the cards. After that, you can use them to ask questions about your current situation and how it might progress in the future.