How Can you Tell if the CBD Oil You are Buying Online is Pure

The use of CBD oil has many benefits due to which it is becoming increasingly popular. As we live in the era of advanced technology and the Internet, we are constantly buying online, because it is a much more practical and easier option. However, buying products like CBD oil online can be quite challenging. You may be wondering: how can I be sure that the oil is clean? And you are completely right, you cannot be 100% sure. However, this does not mean that there is no way to check the purity of CBD oil and choose the oil that is optimal for use. In this article you will find out how can you tell if the CBD oil you are buying online is pure.

What is CBD oil and why do people use it?

Cannabidiol is an active substance that can be found in various plants, such as hemp or marijuana, and both belong to the group of cannabis. Cannabidiol is not psychoactive and shows a number of health benefits that people use it for, ranging from insomnia to severe pain and headaches. The CBD oils you can find on the market are mostly obtained by cold pressing hemp seeds, which is a much better choice of plant for extraction than marijuana. Why? Because marijuana contains a much higher level of the psychoactive substance THC, which is negligibly low in hemp, and which is an undesirable substance in such products.

How can I tell if the CBD oil is pure?

When buying CBD oil online, it can be quite challenging to find out if it is really clean, or if it is a product with an inadequate composition that will not show optimal effect. There are several ways to check that the CBD oil is clean:

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  1. Check the ingredients list

The first thing you should pay attention to is the list of ingredients that are present in the product. It is necessary to make sure that the CBD oil you buy really contains cannabidiol, because it is the main active substance that has a therapeutic effect in this product. Cannabidiol can also be referred to as ‘hemp seed extract’ and if you find this ingredient on the list, that’s perfectly fine.

However, ‘hemp seed oil’ and similar ingredients are not synonymous with cannabidiol, so if you only find them on the product label, it could be a sign that the oil is not pure. Very often, other oils, such as olive oil or grape seed oil, are in the composition of CBD oils, which is a good sign, because they enable better absorption of cannabidiol. Make sure you understand the ingredients on the label of CBD oil, otherwise you can be easily deceived by unverified companies.

  1. Pay attention to the reliability of the company

Another good way to check the purity of CBD oil is to pay attention to the reliability of the company that sells it. Reliable companies are expensive, that is why coupons from ShipTheDeal will help you save time and money.

We do not recommend ordering such products from unverified websites, as this increases the chances that the product is not of optimal quality. The best way to check if a site is reliable is to read people’s comments and reviews that you can find online. Someone must have already had experience with the product you are planning to buy and shared their impressions. Take the time to do your search and find a reliable company that sells only pure CBD oil, but for more information visit here

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  1. Make sure that the THC level is within the allowed limits

As already mentioned, cannabidiol is not a psychoactive substance and it is the active ingredient of cannabis plants used for oil production. Another substance present in cannabis is THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) and it exhibits psychoactive effects. In order for CBD oil to be legal and to show optimal effects, it is crucial that the THC level is within the allowed limits, which is approximately up to 0.3%. It is considered that such a low content of THC does not lead to the manifestation of psychoactive effects and that it is safe to use. If you notice that the oil you plan to buy contains a higher percentage of THC, we advise you to skip it.

  1. Has the product been tested by an independent laboratory?

One of the most important things to check before buying CBD oil online is whether the product has been tested by an independent laboratory. This is an important step in checking the quality of CBD oil and you should by no means skip checking laboratory reports. These reports are very often available on the website of the company that sells the oil and can be free to review, or the company can send them to each individual customer after submitting a request to review the laboratory reports. Every reliable company will be transparent with the data, because they clearly indicate the quality and purity of the CBD oils they sell. If this is not the case, it is a very bad sign and we suggest that you do not buy products from that website.

Note: The fact that a product has been tested by a laboratory does not in itself mean anything. It is necessary to check the reliability of the laboratory, because only then its reports have real value. You can do this by checking whether the given laboratory is accredited in accordance with ISO (International Organization for Standardization). If this is the case, you can be worry-free.

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CBD oil is becoming increasingly popular because of the health benefits it offers, so you can find more and more of these products on the market. If you decide to order CBD oil online, you can do it here on, it can be quite challenging to conclude whether the oil is pure and will it have an optimal effect. However, there are several ways you can make sure that everything is in order with the product: first of all, check if cannabidiol (or hemp seed extract) is on the list of ingredients. Make sure that the THC level is within the allowed limits, that the company you are buying from is reliable and that the products have been tested by an independent laboratory. If you conclude that everything is fine, there is no reason not to buy CBD oil and enjoy its benefits.