How to Tell If You Have a Bitcoin Miner Virus – 2024 Guide

People are becoming aware of the benefits that Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies can bring to their lives. First of all, things are much easier and cheaper when there are no banks and other financial institutions involved. Despite that, more and more online businesses are accepting crypto-based payments. Because of that, people can use them for different purposes.

In case you want to earn money with Bitcoin, there are two options available for you. One option, that is more popular, is Bitcoin trading. Of course, no one says that you will manage to become a millionaire over the night. Websites like precisely explained why Bitcoin is a long-term investment and we recommend you check that out.

Another option that you have is Bitcoin mining. Well, before you even start doing this type of job, you need to improve your theoretical knowledge. That means you should read books, blogs, and other educational resources as much as you can.

It would be unfair to say that everything around Bitcoin mining is perfect. One of the problems that you may have to deal with is Bitcoin Miner Virus. We understand that most people do not even know something like this exists. Because of that, we prepared a brief explanation of what the Bitcoin Miner Virus is, how it spreads, and how to tell if you have one. Let’s go!

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First of All – What Is Bitcoin Miner Virus

You probably think we are talking here only about one virus. However, the phrase Bitcoin Miner virus refers to a group of viruses that all miners can accidentally catch. Despite that, it is good to mention that this virus is not only an enemy of Bitcoin miners. It is just a name, and it is equally “dangerous” for other digital currencies such as Ethereum, Dogecoin, etc.

So, why are these viruses so dangerous? Let’s remind you of something that you probably already know. You no longer can mine Bitcoin on a single PC. The equipment that people use is way more expensive and modern. Because of that, you can only imagine how costly mining viruses can be for the individuals that barely managed to save enough money to purchase the necessary equipment. If you are one of them, then we recommend you continue reading this article.

So, What Are the Types of These Viruses

Okay, let’s expand our explanation from the previous part. As we said, there is no just one virus that you may have to deal with. We would like to highlight the two categories of these viruses because we are sure their division will help you understand them better.

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First Type: Adware

This type of virus directly attacks the Ram of the system that you are using for mining. The way how they attack probably describes how strong they are. They are capable of inserting different types of code that can mess up all the procedures that you are doing. You probably have an antivirus program on your device, but that is not going to be enough to protect you. These viruses can turn off these programs. That is the reason why most people do not even notice them.

Second Type: Browser-Based Miner Virus

There is two good news about this type of Bitcoin miner virus that you should know. At least, we can say they are “good” First of all, they are weaker and you will manage to recognize them easier. On the other hand, they are more common.

Anyway, let’s describe how the entire process functions. The website scripts are unnoticed by the user, but you probably already know that. This means that hackers have a perfect opportunity to get into your system. The most common way they do that is by targeting the WordPress database. They are trying to insert a wide range of codes into it and enter the system in that way.

However, if you are a responsible person, something like this is not going to be too problematic for you. All you have to do is regularly update your anti-malware program. Despite that, it is recommendable that you do not visit websites that look suspicious. If you notice there is something strange or wrong with the website that you visited, then you should not continue your research.

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But, What If I Already Made a Mistake? How Can I Notice a Bitcoin Miner Virus?

We have finally come to the main point of this article. As previously mentioned, you won’t easily discover there is a virus in your system. That is the reason why you need to carefully follow the signs and find out whether you caught a Bitcoin miner virus or not.

The first thing you will notice is the way your computer is working. More precisely, you will notice your CPU is becoming slower. Keep in mind that mining requires a lot of electric energy and strong hardware. But, if there is a virus that negatively influences the system, then slower functioning is unskippable damage.

Another problem that may arise is overheating the PC from time to time. When something like that happens, your device starts to shut down. This is not going to happen many times during the day, but it will happen from time to time. Of course, a virus does not have to be the cause of a problem like that. That is the reason why you should check all the potential issues before making any conclusions. However, if you see everything else is fine, then the virus must be the reason.

Of course, the two physical parts that will experience damage the most are the CPU and RAM. Because of that, we recommend you pay attention and solve this problem as quickly as you can (if possible).

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Final Thought

We truly hope you will not have to apply the tips we just said. A much better option would be to protect yourself before this problem even appears. Do not access unprotected websites and download files or anything else you can find there. Despite that, another way to ensure safety is by regularly updating the antivirus software you are using. If you respect these two things, the problem with the Bitcoin miner virus is not going to exist.