How to Tell The Difference Between Good And Bad Moving Companies

Do you plan on moving sometime soon? How prepared are you for this process and the move? Do you have a trustworthy moving company and good contractors along with a vehicle? These are just some of the questions that you have to focus on and answer on your own before you start packing your boxes. Here and in today’s article, we bring you the best and most practical ways on how to pick out a good company, as well as what signs to avoid or watch out for when choosing your team.

Top 8 Signs Of Bad Moving Companies: What To Avoid

1. They don’t have a license


You don’t want to trust your furniture or your collector’s items to just anyone, right? Moving houses is a complicated process that you should do slowly yet by knowing who to trust. This is why the best solution and option is to pick out a company that is licensed. This rule especially applies to those who are moving across the state. Do not pick out someone at random and who has put out an ad on their site or in the newspaper. Certified or verified in any way should be your go-to move.

2. Someone who doesn’t have insurance

We all know how important it is to have insurance. Not only as a moving company but in all aspects and spheres since it can and will come in handy when you least expect it to. It is never recommended that you let someone else deal with your prized possessions without having them insured beforehand. Professional movers and companies that are in this line of work know how to deal with pricey items and have them insured. You will end up with everything being under control and without worrying about damaging anything in the process.

3. Price point is important


Is the price too good to be true? Oftentimes some companies will leave you with a deal that is impossible to beat or find elsewhere. If you’re intrigued by this (which most of us would be) think twice before you commit to it. This is because some scammers will try to lure you in with their deal, but they might leave you hanging in the meantime.

This is because they will raise the price and leave you paying 2-3 times more than your initial plan. Most legit companies and firms that know how to deal with big moves will recommend that you do an inspection or at least a video call to arrange everything and talk about details beforehand.

4. Non-binding estimates

If the moving company only offers non-binding estimates, as opposed to binding or binding not-to-exceed estimates, you should stay away from this company. Why and how so? A non-binding estimate is a quote based on the estimated weight of your belongings that you plan on having and moving out of. The final price point will vary and only depend on the weight of the things that you plan on bringing with you. This is why a binding estimate or a binding not-to-exceed estimate will suit you. Ask them about this and their quotes before they try to sell you their package.

5. Read their online reviews


Every here and there you will run into an occasional bad review posted by someone who has had a bad experience with this company. This can be on their Facebook, Google account, or official site. Although these things do happen and are quite normal in every line of work, make sure that you are well-aware of potential scammers. If there is a ton of 1* ratings, re-think your choice and your decision. Anything that is below 3* or sites that seem to be too shady should be avoided.

6. Simply unprofessional, rude, or had to talk to

Use common sense when hiring movers, and have realistic (or high) expectations. If a moving company lacks a business address, business cards, business email, or a professional moving truck, why hire them in the first place? If they seem rude, unprofessional, uninterested, or simply off, they are to be avoided at all times. If you see a red flag and you’re not too sure what to do about it we recommend canceling your current agreement and arrangement and going with someone else.

7. Where’s the bill + payment options


If a moving company doesn’t provide you with a bill of lading you should know that they have something to hide. You will need an official paper or agreement of some sort that you get to sign. Anything that is paid at the site and without a receipt could be used in some unprofessional ways.

PS: Some movers will even ask to be paid upfront. Make sure that you deny this since you could risk having your money taken and seeing them on the run.

8. You have issues communicating

You should be able to communicate with the moving company’s driver while your goods are in transit. This applies to most routes and both big and small moves. Professional moving companies are usually very good at keeping you informed of the whereabouts of your belongings + they can communicate with you during their breaks and at least once a day. If you are denied a phone number or if they aren’t picking up the phone when you call them, well, at that point, it may be too late.

Where to find a good moving company and avoid all of these potential disasters?

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