The Difference Between Red Light Therapy and Green Light Therapy – 2024 Guide

Light is a very unique and wonderful thing. It behaves both like waves and particles. It is not just responsible for brightening our surroundings, as it has many other uses beyond just that. Especially, if we consider the light of the advancement has made in medical technology, it really is quite astounding to think of it. Light that is beyond our scope of vision, beyond the visible spectrum, for example, x-rays has done a lot to advance our understanding of medicine. Other types of light such as infrared, radar, microwaves are all considered to be extremely valuable in terms of the technological aspect of military use.

Visible light has a lot of uses in the field of healthcare. The therapy that has quickly become very popular indeed, light therapy, makes use of a specific set of wavelengths of light that has a wide array of different effects on our bodies.

Light therapy types

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There are a few types of light therapy that makes use of the light that falls under the visible spectrum and the different varieties of light all have a different effect on the body. The three types of light therapy that are common are listed below.

  • Red & Near-Infrared (NIR) Light: This type of light works by targeting the mitochondria of the cells which in turn boosts the cellular energy production of the body and this in turn is responsible for a variety of healing effects that happen throughout the body.
  • Blue Light: Light that is of this variety of wavelengths have been found to have a very significant antimicrobial effect on the body and it is used quite extensively for the treatment of acne and its properties also make it usable for use in damage caused by the sun.
  • Green Light: The use of green light for therapeutic purposes is under investigation by researchers in understanding the effects it has on reducing the effects and intensity of migraines and also the frequency of migraines.

Red & Near-Infrared Light Therapy

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There are a few forms of this time of therapy, and it comes in a few different forms: one is red light LED beds and panels, or a more targeted approach with laser therapy devices. Red light therapy makes use of light that is red and at near-infrared lengths of wave that possesses the ability to go through the skin and have a phototherapeutic effect in the tissues of the body. You can check out

Another thing that happens with this type of therapy is called photobiomodulation. This is another name for red and NIR light therapies. What this does is that it affects our bodies at the level of the cells and causes an increase in the production of energy and transport.

This type of therapy has such properties that make it very useful in treating muscle and joint pain which may be of the acute or chronic variety. It is also useful in reducing swelling of the body that may have been the result of oxidative stress. This type of light therapy also has the added benefit of being able to boost the production of collagen in the body. This helps improve the tone and the texture of the skin and is also able to speed up the healing of wounds without forming scars.

There are almost negligible side effects from this therapy method and it is also painless.

One thing that has to be made sure of is that the therapy is taken from a reputable provider who uses a reputed device. There are devices available in the market that can be used at home and it is specifically made for home use but just make sure that you know what it is exactly that you are getting. Make sure that the device is FDA approved. There are a bunch of wellness centers and clinics that now provide light therapy of this kind.

Green Light Therapy

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This type of therapy is still in the experimental phase as of now. Greenlight therapy is being researched as to how it may be effective in treating migraines. It is fundamentally different from red light, according to PlatinumTherapyLights. One interesting thing to note here is that the color green is generally considered by most to be a very calming color. This is the reason that many wellness clinics have green walls and interior design. This is also the reason why performers spend some time being in a “green room” before they go out to do their thing.

The research that is being done with this type of light is basically using devices that are similar to at-home bright light boxes. This is done in order to lessen the intensity and as well as the frequency of migraines. The device that is under observation is in essence a thin lamp with a LED strip that is green. The patients in the research generally spend some time in front of this light in a room that is otherwise completely dark for a period of about two hours.

In the course of the study, a lot of patients found relief quite soon when asked about the frequency and intensity of their migraines. Other patients, on the other hand, took about six weeks to notice the same positive changes. It is important to note here that no negative side effects of the exposure to green light were reported by none of the patients.

The important thing to point out here is that the treatment method is still under construction and most people will need to continue their regular medications still.

Light therapy has quickly become a very popular therapy method and it is showing no signs of stopping soon. It has numerous benefits and we hope that this article will help you know a bit more about the difference between red and green light therapy.