How Much Does it Cost to Move Across Country?

Moving across the country can be a daunting task because of the physical work involved and the financial commitment. The cost of moving varies depending on how long you are staying and what you have to move. In this article, we will discuss how much you need to spend while moving across the country and even learn a few tips on how you can save some pennies while moving across the country!

Options to Move across the country

When you want to move across the country, you can choose from three options:

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  1. Do it Yourself

This option is the most affordable as you can choose what items to take with you and how much time. But this also means that there will be a lot of work involved.

  1. Moving with Container Services

A container can be the best option when you are moving a considerable amount of stuff. You fill up your container with all your belongings, then pack and ship it for you to wherever in the country that is your destination.

  1. Moving with Full Truck Rental

This option gives you the most flexibility as the company will do all work. You just have to contact the person or moving services and tell them about your destination as they will pick up all of your belongings, pack it in their truck and deliver everything at the destination site with a lot less hassle on you!

Cost of Do It Yourself

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Renting a truck or trailer can be a less expensive option than using container service or full-service movers. The average cost is around $500. If you are renting a truck or trailer for a week, it would be about $1000.

It’s not the most affordable option, but this might be the best choice if time and labor of your main concern.

You can also rent just one way, which will reduce costs by half. It does require more work on both ends, though, as someone has to unload all items at the destination site in addition to loading them into the rental vehicle when picking them up from the source location.

Cost of Hiring a Full Service Moving Company

The cost of hiring a full service moving company is about $300 per hour. This is the most expensive option, but it is the most hassle-free.

To avoid paying more, click here for moving tips and relocation guide and you should hire a company with all their prices listed on the website in terms of hours and not distance or weight.

The average cost for one full service move with a local mover (within 50 miles) usually starts at $500, excluding packing services. If you have to pack your stuff, this will add some money from anywhere between 100 – 350, depending on the boxes you use. The more expensive they are, the better protection they provide, which can be beneficial if there’s any damages during transit as these costs often fall back onto your shoulders rather than those who packed them up originally, which means you might end up spending around another $200.

Cost of Moving with Container Services

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If you are looking for a more affordable option, then container service might be a good choice.

Container services provide some cost savings because they can pack and move your items in one box or shipping container, which reduces the costs of loading and unloading the items at both ends. However, the average price is around $3000 to go across the country.

They have an extra charge per foot depending on the distance between the pick-up site and destination site.

You also need to provide them with temporary storage space if needed, so the place should be rented or purchased before starting the process of moving out. There are several companies that offer this type of service, like Penske Truck Rentals, U-Haul, etc.

Make sure that the mover you hire can take apart furniture like bed frames, for example. If not, then it would be better if you rent a container service instead. To save time, some people choose the option of picking up their things in boxes themselves which is one way to keep costs down, but there are companies such as Bellhops who will pack everything for you at a lower cost than what most shipping services charge. That is the reason to choose the right removal company for you.

They have an extra charge per foot that varies depending on the distance between the pick-up site and destination site. You also need to provide them with temporary storage space if needed, so the place should be rented or purchased prior to starting.

Ways to save on your budget while moving across the country

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  • Sell unnecessary stuff, i.e., declutter; this will give you some money to put towards your move.
  • Get rid of your car by opting for a long-distance moving company or hiring a van and
  • Take public transport.
  • Try to find a housing option that offers free or cheap movers and take advantage of these services.
  • Take care of the expensive items first.
  • Find free packing material.
  • You can go for renting a truck is a low-cost option.
  • Select moving date appropriately, i.e., don’t move on weekends or on holidays.
  • Contact the electricity or water company and change your address before you move in order to avoid a fee for disconnection of service.
  • You can look for discounts on gas and airfare.
  • Keep your stuff in storage until you are able to find a place that meets your needs.


If you’re not sure if hiring a moving company is the best option for your move, this article will help you. How to save money on moving, the cost of moving across the country, and when to move are all discussed in this article.