How Much Does Injection Molding Cost – 2024 Tips

Injection molding is a big part of the manufacturing industry, and it’s notorious for being quite costly. But is that really the case? And if so, why?

Many factors contribute to the price of injection molding, and in this article, we will try to analyze them and provide you with a clear perspective on the subject. So, if you want to find out more about the costs of injection molding, then you’re at the right place!

So, without further ado, let’s get to the bottom of it!

Factor one: The needed quantity

Naturally, the first thing that has to be considered when calculating the cost of injection molding is the number of goods that need to be produced. Manufacturing a high amount of products can be quite costly. Still, you can get great deals on higher quantities, so it usually pays off to do so.

Of course, when you’re just beginning to work with a certain supplier, it’s better to order smaller amounts at first. You want to be confident that the quality of the produced product is up to your standards. You can even ask for a sample or two before investing a large number of your funds into getting a full-blown order of needed goods.

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Factor two: Sizing

Larger products will require you to pay more money to be produced. This is because more material will be used in the manufacturing process, and these costs make up a large chunk of the overall production costs. Other than that, the sizing and complexity of your product will determine the sizing and complexity of the mold itself. The process of making a mold is extremely complicated, and it requires a lot of time, effort, and money to be done. So, if you’re planning on producing larger items, you should know that it will probably cost you a lot of money.

Make sure to check with the factory before ordering, as they’ll be able to give you the most realistic price estimate.

Factor 3: The mold material

Injection molds are usually made from different metals, most commonly steel. Of course, not every type of steel is the same. It comes in varying degrees of quality, and the type that’s needed will mostly depend on the complexity of your product. The more parts it has, the higher the quality of steel that must be used to produce it.

The grade and class of the steel will certainly affect the price, so make sure to ask the manufacturer about it.

Other than that, the type of steel will depend on the raw material that’s used to manufacture your product. So, make sure to do your research and find the most affordable solution for your specific needs. It won’t be easy, especially if you’re not very knowledgable about it, but it’s of the utmost importance if you want to reduce the costs of injection molding.

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Factor 4: The factory’s portfolio

The more experienced the factory of your choice is, the lower the production costs will be. How is this even possible? Well, when a manufacturer is met with a type of product that they never produced before, they’ll have to use more resources to do it for you. This will ultimately affect their pricing, so make sure to find an experienced manufacturer like the Chinese based MetalPie since companies like this one have enough experience to make your product quickly and without any additional trouble.

The factory of your choice has to be quick and reliable since you want your product to be out on the market as soon as possible. Time is money, and every single delay might cost you a huge deal of it both. Don’t settle for a mold injection company just because they seem cheap. You want your products to be made quickly, but also to be durable and of superb quality.

Factor 5: Raw materials

The materials used for creating your product are a huge factor in determining the price of the mold injection processes. These come at varying prices considering the industry and the geography of your choice. It’s crucial to do your research before deciding on the materials used for the production of your newest product. Make sure to consult an industry professional that can give you an appropriate estimate, so you’ll know your options.

Sometimes it’s better to invest in higher-quality materials since these will impact the overall quality of your end product. We all know that the higher quality products will sell better, so make sure to calculate your potential profits together with your estimated costs. Naturally, you’ll have to be realistic and consider the worst-case scenarios. A good rule of thumb is to only invest as much as you can afford to lose, so even if something unexpected happens on the market, you’ll be able to recover from your losses quickly.

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Factor 6: The complexity of your product

The more complex your product is, the more complicated the manufacturing process will be. Injection molding is already a quite complicated process that requires many machines to work simultaneously. So, when the factory needs to use up a considerable amount of resources to bring your vision to life, it’s natural that their prices will go up.

Think about it, if the factory needs to create a compound mold tooling, that will require them to put more of their time and effort. It will also cost them money since they’ll have to hire engineers and use up a considerable amount of power just to create the mold!

All in all, complex products require a lot of resources to be produced, and with that, they also require more money. Make sure to talk this through with your supplier before making an order: they might be able to advise you to make changes to your product to make it more sustainable and easier to produce.


Injection molding can be pretty expensive depending on your specific needs and goals. The best way to get a proper estimate is to simply ask an injection molding company. Do your research and compare different prices on different manufacturers and you’ll certainly find something that fits your budget.