Line Shopping: Finding the Best Odds Across Multiple Sportsbooks

Line shopping, in theory, is one of the best things an experienced sports bettor can do. It’s a pretty simple concept that sees a person looking through different apps, sites, or physical casinos for the best odds in a given competition. The better the line, the more money a person can make if they’re right. 

What’s not to like about this idea? Well, there are a couple of things to remember when line shopping. The ease of being able to click on a site like and just take the line they have is surprisingly not one of the advantages of skipping line shopping. At least not one of the main advantages.

Better Odds at What Price?

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Yes, on paper, better odds will always be a good idea. The problem with line shopping in the current web-based sportsbook world is that not all sites will operate under the same rules. Even if the two sites being compared abide by the same local regulations, that doesn’t mean they operate the same way. 

There could be a situation where one casino offers immediate payouts but has a less favorable line. The other option gives the user better odds, but the payouts will take several days. That’s not even accounting for the fees each option could charge. 

Fees are a big deal when line shopping, especially if the website or the physical sports book has deposit fees. Some spots will try and lure in new customers with more favorable odds but could have a very high minimum payout rate. 

Another scenario that could make line shopping more difficult in the current gaming landscape is the type of online casino the users are looking at. It’s not the same to play at a crypto sportsbook like or one of the traditional options. In crypto casinos, the players have to use cryptocurrencies to be able to access the sportsbook.  

Does This Mean Line Shopping Is Dead? 


It’s quite the opposite; there has never been a better time to line shop. This is just based on the number of options available online and offline. Good line shoppers must have a list of places they’ll check. 

Trying to explore all the options on the internet until the bettor finds the odds they want can become an impossible task. Plus, not all of the sites that are out there offering sports bets will be trustworthy.

To create this list of sites, a bettor must group together specific sites with similar requirements and regulations to play. The first filter can be separating traditional online options from crypto casinos. In this situation, it’s not as important to look into the benefits of each option, at least for this first filter. 

Once there are at least two lists of sites that a player typically uses, they can decide if the line on the site offering the worst payout methods is worth it to deal with the inconvenience. 

It’s not just two lists of sites that a bettor could create. Depending on each site’s fees or the aforementioned payout methods, they could do subgroups. Betting is like dating; a good line does not equal a good whole night.

Is It Worth It to Do Line Shopping?


The quick answer is yes, but again, different elements must be considered. Once the bettor has made their list of sites and understands the requirements that each of them has, then they can evaluate the line better. This process is meant to avoid losing money on the back end because of fees that sites hide.

When there’s a set of sites that basically feature the same requirements and fees, then the odds can be compared equally. Now comes the next important element in the equation. Do odds truly vary all that much from site to site, or are there set regulations that they follow? 

How Much Do Odds Vary in Different Sports Books?


When sportscasters talk about a game, fight, race, or whatever before it takes place, they say something like, “Vegas has the odds at …”. Does this mean that all of the casinos on the strip are going to have the same odds? That is not what it means, so taking those odds as gospel is a terrible idea.

Usually, there’s a specific sportsbook they are taking those odds from, and often, that site sponsors the show. There are different reasons why odds can vary and, therefore, why line shopping can make sense for bettors. The first thing to remember is that the sportsbook itself is betting on the event. 

Oddsmakers for different sportsbooks may have different opinions on how a game will play out. Other times, these same people will be tasked with creating odds that are appealing to potential bettors but are a comfortable line for the house. Finding a sportsbook that regularly threads the needle can be a gold mine.

It’s important to remember that particular sportsbooks often feature better odds but have ways to make money back through fees or other elements. The best way to avoid these letdowns is to understand what each option truly offers. This is also important with potential prizes and rewards that specific sites promote.   

Final Thoughts on Line Shopping

Line shopping is one of the brightest ways to gamble. At its core, it’s an idea meant to ensure that the bettor will get the most out of their investment. When looking at it from that perspective, it makes perfect sense to do it. 

The trick is to find options that offer more than good odds on a particular event. One of the easiest ways to fall victim to a scam site is to run after betting odds that seem too good to be true. That’s why the intelligent way to line shop is to do it only through verified sites.