4 Common Misconceptions People Have About Betta Fish

Betta fish is one of the most popular species that people like to keep in their home aquariums due to their bold and striking colors. Another most prominent feature of this species is its long and elegant fins. It can be quickly taken care of, so it is used for decorating purposes in the offices. However, many people have several myths about these fishes, which we will discuss in this article.

Misinformation spread by the markets has led to the exploitation of these Betta fishes in aquarium trading. The most common myth about them is that they don’t need much space to live, whereas this is not the truth. A tank that has a minimum capacity of storing about 19 liters is considered apt for keeping it. Scroll down to have a look at several other myths believed by the people.

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  1. They do not require ample space and can live in tiny tanks:

People believe that only small bowls are enough for these beautiful creatures to live, but this is not true. It might be shocking for you to know that Betta fish need at least 19 liters of a gallon, and a gallon bigger than this size would be a great option. Tiny tanks accumulate polluted particles in them quickly and make an unfit environment for these fish. This may lead to various diseases and even the death of these species.

Do you know that Betta feel’s stressed out in a small, tiny space? It happens because these fish do not always like to socialize with other fish and need some space to escape or hide. However, make sure that you buy a spacious tank that is not too deep because they don’t know how to swim in the up and down direction.

Sellers would emphasize that these species don’t need much space but do not come into the trap because it is just their marketing strategy. Like all the other species, they also need proper space to swim and live. Also, don’t forget to grow some aquatic plants inside the tank for the Betta’s to hide if they feel insecure.

  1. It does not require a filter or a heater:

Whenever you ask the seller if Betta would survive without a filter or heater, they would say yes, but this is wrong. These are tropical fish and require a water temperature ranging from 24-27 degrees celsius. If you live at a location where this much temperature can be easily maintained at your home, then you probably don’t need a heater. However, if you live under cold climatic conditions, then you have to purchase a heater.

Another essential piece of equipment is the water filter that you must not skip. The water becomes toxic when the waste material of the fish gets excreted. It can also become unfit for aquatic life because of its uneaten or leftover food. So, to make sure that your Betta’s live in a healthy atmosphere, don’t forget to use the filter. Buy a filter that has gentle flow because heavy flow filters can damage their fins.

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  1. These aquatic species eat the roots of the plants:

Usually, these fish are sold in a small jar or tank that contains plants as well. But let us break this for you. Betta’s are carnivores in nature and not herbivores, which means that they won’t eat the plant or even their roots in any case. Some people believe that these species eat only roots and grow some plants in their vases, thinking that they won’t have to feed anything else, which is entirely a myth.

When Betta live in rough conditions, they prefer eating insects, larvae, worms, or anything suitable for them. So if you are thinking of buying Betta’s, don’t forget to get fish flakes or pellets to give a staple diet to them. Fish also love to have treats as you would give to the other pets. Bloodworms are a perfect treat for Betta fish.

So, the next time you visit any seller and if he says that Betta’s depend upon the plants for their food, don’t believe them at all. However, planting artificial or natural plants in their aquarium is always a good idea for a decorated look. It will also provide a space for the fish to hide.

  1. Betta’s kill other fish:

Most people love to have Betta’s in their aquarium but are afraid that it may harm other fish in the tank. Well, we also don’t have any perfect answer for this myth. Indeed, male Betta fish usually fight with each other, but there is no clear evidence that they would kill other species present around them.

It is very complicated to determine whether the Betta would harm other fish, but try keeping them with other species if you still want to check this out. If everything seems to work well, then it means that they have adjusted themselves and can live in a community environment. However, their behavior is unpredictable, and you cannot tell what will happen in the next moment.

Few things to take care of if you are thinking to keep Bettas amongst other species:

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  • Avoid keeping fish who are similar in appearance to the Bettas.
  • Also, make sure not to keep the fin nippers because they can even kill the Betta fish.
  • Use a spacious tank with slow-moving species inside it and a gently flowing water filter to not harm the fins.


No doubt, the Betta fish can make your aquarium look even better and more beautiful. But before you make any final thoughts about buying them, make sure to study all the common misconceptions about them that people generally have. Once these myths get clear out, you can decide whether you should get Betta’s for your home or not.