10 DIY Project Ideas With Metal Laser Cutting Machine in 2024

Coming up with cool DIY project ideas is what we’re all about. This not only helps you spend your time in a fun and meaningful way, but it also gives you ideas on how to use your metal laser cutting machine.

If you happened to own one and are interested in fun DIY projects, then this is the article for you. Without further ado, let’s start.

1.  Butterfly-Style Clock

Source: dhgate.com

A metal cutting laser machine can be used to create any sort of design you want. And a butterfly-style metal clock is exactly what you need in your life.

Not only can this item be used as the official clock in the house, but you can also use it as a gift. This idea is very original, fun, and can get quite creative with it.

2.  Map of the World

One of the best DIY projects that can be made using a metal laser cutting machine is a map of the world. Not only is this project fun and exciting, but it also takes quite a bit of skill to pull off the design.

While you can always copy the design yourself, doing it yourself might mean investing more time but it’s ultimately worth it. With that said, feel free to copy it as long as you aren’t using it for financial gain.

And the same as the previous one, you can either use it to decorate the home or use it as a gift.

3.  Sleepy Fox

Laser cutting a sleepy fox or any other woodland animal for that matter might be the perfect gift idea out there. Experts say that this is a perfect DIY project to hang it in the kids’ room. But the way you approach it can really make a difference.

While we have seen this project, we were overly impressed by the design. Namely, you can have the laser metal cutting machine only carve out a silhouette of the fox and then use paint to make it more interesting.

4.  Wall Art

Source: modaindustria.com

Wall art always appears on these lists. But wall art can be easily made using a metal laser cutting machine. All you need is to find a cool design and put the thing to work. The choice of design is really down to you, so a good place to look for designs is to go on Pinterest.

Wall art is always fun, exciting, and takes little to no time making using one of these machines. It is the perfect machine to hone your DIY skills.

5.  Hanging Mosaic

Mosaics are some of the best decorations to add to your home. Their popularity is skyrocketing in 2024, and for good reasons.

Hanging art offers homeowners something new and interesting. It gives them something more when it comes to decorating the home, something new, and something innovative.

The choice of art is really down to you but we suggest making a mosaic of some sort. Beware as this type of DIY project requires quite a bit of skill.

And this type of DIY project requires the best laser cutting machine for metal. If you’re interested in learning more about that, then make sure to visit DxTech.

6.  Portrait Art

Yet another art project on this list, a portrait of some person that means to you is a great way to utilize your new fiber laser metal cutting machine.

What type of approach and design you take is down to you, but do know that there is more than a single approach. You can get really creative with this one, as there are no rules for making metal portraits in 2024.

Do know that this project can either be very beginner-friendly or meant for expert DIY-ers.

7.  Metal Jewelry

Source: ponoko.com

Name us a more convenient gift for the wife than DIY jewelry? Again, as the previous one, this project can be very beginner-friendly or you can get quite creative with it and spend hours on a single piece.

The more complex the piece, the more the wife will like it. And don’t think that there aren’t plenty of ideas out there. From geometric earrings to wing earrings, and even 3D bracelets, metal jewelry should always be on your list of fun and exciting DIY projects involving a metal laser cutting machine.

8.  Metal Wedding Invitation

If you happened to have your wedding coming up, then how about you surprise everyone with your DIY skills and make the wedding invitations yourself?

While this might take more time than initially expected, it can be the perfect DIY project to show everyone how good you are. And since this is your wedding, you can make the invitation cards however you like. You can incorporate a cute garden in the card, a bouquet, or even a portrait of you and your significant other.

The best thing about this project is that you can personalize each invitation for every guest.

9.  Book Cover

Do you hate it when your books get damaged? Well, why not make a metal book cover that will project from any sort of damage? This one can be a double-edged sword if you don’t play it smart.

What might be a creative way of protecting the book cover might turn into an inside job. So, whenever designing the cover, we suggest you put foam on the inside of the cover to protect it from internal damage.

10.  Metal Bookmark

Source: pinterest.com

And finally, the last project we’ll discuss is a metal bookmark. This one is quite an entry-level project as it requires nothing but using your imagination.

You could go for a stale design, but we suggest upping your game and going for something unique and fun.

Again, this one can be used by the family whenever someone decides to start a new book, or you could use it as a gift.


There are hundreds of thousands of potential DIY projects that can help you put your metal laser cutting machine to work. We’ve provided you with a list of 10 projects that will hopefully satisfy your taste for a good-old DIY.