List of 6 Don’ts for You to Keep in Mind When Dating a Hot Russian Bride – 2024 Guide

Can’t believe these girls are special? Visit Russia and make sure these women are stunning and very passionate. Even though Russia is a northern country and it might be freezing in winter, Russian brides are unlike it. They are very hot, figuratively speaking. If you are looking for a shy and quiet girl to get married, try to find her somewhere else, but not in Russia. Check out what you should keep in mind not to do on the first date with a Russian bride.

The main don’ts when dating a hot Russian bride:

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1. Be silent if she looks well.

All girls like compliments. Russian brides are not an exception to this rule. Do not keep silent if you see that she looks gorgeous in that red dress. Tell her about the way you feel when you see her. Do not try to hide and omit the fact that she is beautiful. Share your feelings with her. Let her know that you noticed her beautiful and slim body and nice shoes on high heels that she might have put on to impress you. Do not even think that you will spoil her with compliments. The more compliments you say, the better it is.

2. Be mean

If you do not want to pay for her cup of coffee in a cafe, you would better tell about it at the beginning of the date. It is better to be aware of this trait of your character in advance. Russian girls like generous men. They want to find the person who will bring her flowers, buy clothes and shoes, and even present her with a car. It is okay for a Russian bride to accept such presents even if she seems shy.

Unlike western women who are very independent and do not like someone to pay for their dinner, website are not like these. They know that they are worthy and ready to accept presents. They say that the gift should not be only big; it must be from all your heart to show that you care and want to impress her.

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3. Be odd

Russian women are brilliant. They would like to find someone who is of the same or similar intellectual level. No way a Russian girl will date a person who cannot keep the conversation going. Even if you do not have a higher education but are successful, you have a chance to win her heart. Russian brides like when men are strong as leaders. They want to follow rather than to lead. Keep it in mind and try to show that you take responsibility for her and your relationships. She does not have to have a headache during the date, but you should entertain her the more you can to make her trust you.

Saying stupid jokes that your friends like and usually laugh at is unwelcome too. Try to be creative and generate your joke. She should check your sense of humor. Russian ladies like when a man has a sense of humor and can make her laugh or at least smile.

4. Be dull

Even if you have not the most creative and interesting job, you should like your life. If you enjoy your own life and find meaning in it, good for you. If you are a happy person, you can make another person happy too. However, if you hate your life and think you are not lucky, you would better fix your life first and only after you succeed in it, try to build serious relationships. Unhappy and unsatisfied people can only ruin the lives of other people.

No way you can make a Russian girl happy if you are like that. On the contrary, if you are pleased and grateful for the way your life is now, you should visit Russia and make one of these girls happy. It does not mean you should sleep with her after the first date. No. You should drive her crazy and only then think about what to do next.

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5. Push to have sex with her

If you think it is normal to have sex after the first date, you would better ask yourself whether you would like someone else to do it with your daughter. Russian women are not prostitutes. They are brilliant women, and you should respect them. It is a must to wait before you have more serious relationships. Sometimes you should wait even for a few months just to give her a little touch to her shoulder. Russian brides have a strong character and will not tolerate such frivolous behavior. She will expect you to behave the opposite way if you are a foreigner. Do not push her and be patient. Patience is your key to success.

6. Be mad if she does not understand you

Not every Russian girl knows English. Some of the Russian brides are very beautiful, but they do not know English so far. Do not get angry with her if she cannot understand you properly. Or you should learn Russian to try to understand her. There is no one to be guilty and blamed in this situation. Try to help understand each other simultaneously.

You might hire a professional interpreter to help you in the initial stages of your relationships. You may also pay for a Russian girl to learn English with a teacher or tutor. It would be very kind of you to do so. Do not get mad at her if she does know English well so far but be patient and wait when she masters her skill.

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The final verdict

Russian brides are very hot, without any hesitation. There is a question, «Are you as hot as she is?» If the answer is «Yes,» you should keep on dating her. However, if you think that you do not match each other and there is no chemistry between you, you would better stop dating immediately. Do not even lie to yourself, saying that she might change. Just accept herself the way she is and answer yourself sincerely whether you like her as a whole.

If you finally like her after the first date, our congratulations! Russian girls are the ones with whom you can find a common language easily. They like foreigners, in general, and want to build strong relationships with them.

Dating a Russian bride might be challenging. If you like adventures, off you go to date her. Sometimes Russian women might test you whether you love her, so you would rather be alert and aware of it. Be attentive to everything she says to you and comment on it. Russian girls like to talk a lot. If you have a hard time listening to someone, you would better change your habit of doing it and become more understanding and flexible.

We wish you’d find the perfect match soon and build the happiest family. Keep in mind that you should win her heart first, not her mind. Good luck!