8 Useful Free Fire Tips & Tricks For Both Beginners and Pros          

With the expansion of mobile gaming in recent years, we can notice a lot of new titles that are attracting a lot of players. Battle Royale games are especially popular. Some of the best ones are Call of Duty mobile, PUBG, Fortnite, and Garena Free Fire. When it comes to Free Fire, there are millions of active users, which means that you can always have fun on the server.

Also, some excellent features make this game so attractive. While it is very important to have great skills, building a character over time will help you to play better as well. You can buy new skins, better weapons, and many other items. Also, you can collect the free fire redeem code, and get some of them for free.

Like with any other game, the beginning can be challenging, and the best way to improve your skills is to practice more. Also, you should learn more about the basics and some main features of different characters. We are going to introduce you to some of the most important tips and tricks for both beginners and pros.

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1. Use Default Aim Precision

This is especially important for beginners who haven’t improved their aiming skills yet. You can go to settings and set the automatic ai precision feature. There are still many players who got used to playing shooting games on their PCs, where they can use a mouse for aiming, which might seem like a much easier solution. However, the developers have implemented this feature where the aim cursor will automatically follow the target and help you to be more efficient. On the other side, you might want to try to turn off this option after some time and practice the accuracy like a pro.

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2. Avoid Jumping and Shooting

While there are some games where jumping at the same time while you are shooting won’t affect your accuracy, it is very important to avoid that in Free Fire. The gameplay of the game is using physics where you will have to measure the distance and aim differently if you jump at the same time. This can be difficult for beginners. Still, if you manage to improve this skill, it will bring you an advantage over other players. You can practice it while there are no opponents around you.

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3. Visual Appearance Is Not Affecting the Skills

It is interesting when you can personalize your character by buying items like clothes and other features. However, you have to know that it won’t affect the abilities in any way. Therefore, the much better solution is to focus on weapons and other in-game items that might help you to be more efficient. Also, you should save your diamonds for more important stuff, and choose to buy cosmetics only after you collect a lot of them.

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4. Learn More About Characters

Each character has some unique features, and you should pick one according to your preferences and skills. You can choose from eight-figures. In the beginning, there are only two them available, but as you gain more experience and level up, you will become able to select more advanced options. When it comes to their skills, each one of them has some special features, like faster driving, sprint, more HP, faster reload, increased durability, and more. Also, various items can improve these skills.

5. Don’t Loot in Open

One of the main features of this game is that you can collect weapons and other items all across the map. However, you should never focus only on collecting them. Instead of that, be aware of your opponents, and get new weapons and medics only when there are not opponents around you. In that matter, you should always pay attention to load enough ammo before getting into a combat zone. Also, there are many spots with loots where you can be an easy target.

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6. Proper Settings

There are different reasons why you should add proper settings before start playing. If you have an older smartphone, it is important to set the sensitivity at max, to improve the gameplay and interface. Also, you can set other features like a red dot, scope, and AWM scope, and by personalizing them, it will be easier for you to control character. It is essential to edit this at the start, and there are some excellent options for beginners. It will become easier to change some of them as you gain more experience.

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7. Vehicles

Using a vehicle is a great solution to reach some other part of the map much faster. However, you should use vehicles only at the beginning of the game. The reason for that is that your opponents can easily notice you even when you are far away. It is especially important to avoid driving when there are only a few players still alive. Sneaking is a much better option in that stage of the game.

8. Don’t Rush

This game is quite intense, and you will probably get attacked right after landing. However, maybe the best solution is to try to cover and avoid battles in the early stages. The main point of the game is to survive as long as you can, and since there are so many players at the start, your chances will be much lower if you try to attack any of them from the beginning. Therefore, you should find a cover or use a vehicle to run away from the center and prepare for later conflicts.

Last Words

While there are some standard features similar to any other shooting game, it is also important to learn more about special skills and features that make this game so unique. You will get better skills over time. Moreover, you can always watch online tutorials and streams of professionals to learn about some special moves and features that can help you to win more often. Besides that, you should be patient and try to enjoy yourself more while playing.