How to Make an Instructional Video: 6 Tips and Tricks for Beginners

We live in the tie when media has taken over the world. You probably agree with us on this one. There are so many mediums present that you don’t know where to start counting them. Of course, the good old, pure, classic video is still the most in-demand and most produced sort. Have you ever made a video in your life? You probably have. It doesn’t matter if you’re filming your kids, or yourself working out, a video was created. These days, money can be made by being a video-maker.

Out there, we have kids who have become millionaires by using the YouTube platform and simply filming themselves. We have bloggers and vloggers, gamers, and influencers, and all of them are communicating with us via video medium. It is, after all, one of the best ways to put yourself out there. But, in this article, we’re not going to talk about standard videos or material fitted only for YouTube. Instead, we are going to talk about instructional videos. Once you decide to create this type of content you can at least make it useful for everyone watching.

Is this what you want to do? If it is, you have come to the right place. Being a video creator is great, but you can’t start from scratch. After all, you don’t even have to. We are here to help. The situation is the hardest when you’re a rookie. But, doing good work is possible even early in your career. Of course, with little help, you can start dreaming about being a pro immediately. So, are you interested in learning how to make an instructional video? If you are continue reading as we’re about to give you the best six tips and tricks for beginners.

Get the Right Equipment


This is where you start. Making videos is great. But, if you’re doing it with your smartphone, the result might not be what you were hoping for. Even the best of intentions and perfect instructions won’t cut it if you don’t handle the work with quality equipment. Videos these days need to be pleasing to the eye. It’s not only about content, it’s about how you present it. so, having a proper camera is a must. But, many people create their content from scratch, not filming themselves, and are only using already available content on the internet. This is fine too. In that case, you’re going to be needing a fine screen recorder and video editor which is something can help you with, and with these two you’ll be set to go on this adventure. But, the work doesn’t stop there. It takes much more. Let’s see what else you might be needing.

Keep it Short

Yes, some subjects need to be covered in length. But, today’s audience lacks patience. You need to be are of this. YouTube, for example, is so vast that you have millions of videos. No one has the luxury to see each one from start to finish. In fact, no one will do that in the first place. You need to keep it short and sweet like Paulie Gualtieri in The Sopranos. This is especially important when you’re a beginner. If your videos consume too much time you’ll find it hard to attract an audience. Make sure that when you start, your videos are not longer than ten minutes.

Environment Matters


If you’re doing videos of yourself, your surroundings are important. This should always be on your mind. If you decide to neglect your environment your videos might start looking less professional. Considering that you’re working on instruction videos, education is your goal. To be able to educate someone you need to appear professional. So, it’s not only about your appearance. If your videos are going to show your room or a studio where you’re filming ensure that you create the right setup. Many people decide to use empty rooms or use no background, but having some plants, or some sort of furniture in the back, could add more to the seriousness of our endeavor.

Position The Camera Properly

This is a great trick. This a trick you’ll find quite useful once you get deeper into the business of video creation. You always need to set the camera to be above your eye level. So, you need to look up, no matter what Netflix’s hit Don’t Look Up told you. It is a big mistake if you look down at the camera. Trust us, no one wants to see what you have to hide in your nose. It’s not a gold mine in that sense of the world. When you’re filming any sort of video where you’re the one handing out instructions you must have your head and most of your torso in the video. People want to have their eyes on the one who’s lecturing.



Making a video is not cheap. Of course, when you’re setting up everything in your home, it could be for free. In fact, it’s not. You need to get all the right pieces of equipment, and you need to invest your time. You must set a budget for every instructional video you’ll do. For some of them, you’ll need various props and assistant devices, and all of that can cost money. We value your time above all else, so you need to be prepared that you’ll lose hours to create a ten-minute video. But, you also need to know that working for days on a five-minute video is also an option. You need to set a budget on both your money and time if you want to head start this endeavor.

Be Natural And Introduce Yourself

Do we even have to tell you this? You need to be relaxed when doing a video. Be natural, be yourself. Act properly but don’t forget to be assertive and straightforward. It is all about how you’ll introduce yourself. Instructional video start with the instructor being introduced. You need to charm people from the start if you want to have people watching your videos. Coach Joshua Kozak comes to mind when we talk about how things need to be done from the start.