6 YouTube Tips & Tricks Every Video Editor Needs to Know in 2024

The world of video editing has enjoyed an extreme amount of popularity and mainstream attention in the last decade or so. The rise of social media and video content in general has made video editors popular all over the world, and elevated this job to never before seen heights. Nowadays, those with the right combination of video editing skills can find work in an instant since there are so many jobs in some way, shape, or form related to their treasured skill. Moreover, more young people opt to educate themselves in this field both as their main career path and as a side job.

Considering how many professionals already exist in the world, you will have to work long and hard to become better than average, at least if you want to become and remain successful. Perhaps the best way to do so is to edit for YouTube, whether for your own channel or as a hired editor for somebody else’s content. In either case, video editing for the most popular video sharing platform on the planet is the go-to type of gig in your newly found profession.

If you are just starting or if you have been stuck in the same place for a while, it is definitely time to learn all there is about this kind of work. The article before you will act as a guide as it contains the most important tips and tricks that each and every YouTube video editor needs to know and have in their arsenal of skills. Make sure to read the article thoroughly and carefully.

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  1. YouTube Downloader

First and foremost, as a part of your tool kit you have to possess a quality downloader program specifically designed to get YouTube videos onto your device. If you are to become a great editor, you have to practice as much as possible, and what better way to get a bunch of videos than to download them from the very platform you meant to upload new ones to?

Downloading is fine but make sure not to steal other creators’ content and post it again as your own. That is both illegal and unsportsmanlike. Keep it clean and respectful at all times and only download videos that can truly help you in getting better with your imagination and creativity. To find one of the best YouTube downloader programs out there, make sure to check out notmp3.com.

  1. Be Organized

It is very easy to lose yourself in all the open tabs, folders, different editing software, and the rest of the things you need to edit one simple video. Therefore, an organization system has to be in place if you are to be efficient and edit at optimal levels. Randomly named files like images, audio files, and folders will just not do. You have to know where everything is and save things according to their type, use, or something else you find neat and clean.

Labeling everything will make your job easier. What is more, you should have your file saving directories set how you prefer it. The last thing you want is to spend valuable time looking for a video you just edited but gave it a nonsense keyboard smash name, which was saved in a mystery directory somewhere on the drive. All the pros are perfectly organized, so make sure you are as well if you want to be at the next level.

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  1. The 321 Rule Exists for a Reason

Editing is a very delicate job. If you do not notice and pay attention to details, your final product will never be as good as it can. Therefore, taking your time to perfect every little piece of the editing process is crucial. The same goes for saving your files. Being diligent in this line of work goes a long way, and nothing describes it better than the famous 321 rule. It is when you have three copies of a single file, in two different places, one of which is somewhere else than your working computer.

This means that a backup location is a must, and it should contain both the raw footage and the finished products. Staying covered and making sure you do not lose your work is something that is greatly underrated. With technology, there is simply too many things that can go wrong in an instant. A blackout could render your project useless, you could lose data in a hacking attack, or you could lose your or have your physical drive stolen. This is why multiple copies of everything are key.

  1. Try New Things

You cannot learn and improve if you are constantly scared of trying new things while editing. This is a hard skill to learn, with a very high learning curve. If you constantly use the same effects and ship out the same types of products, you will stay in one place while the competitors are improving and honing their skills. You can do anything but only if you try and practice hard enough. Stay determined and devoted to it and it will come to you eventually.

The things you know now used to be hard, but look at you, you are doing them each and every time around. And after all, how much harder can that new and seemingly complicated effect be? In the IT world things usually build up on the lesser advanced ones, so if you learn the basics and go from one level to the next, you will already have all you need to move further up the skill tree.

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  1. Simplicity

In a world of overly complicated graphics and video elements, simplicity can be something more people search for. Explore how you can keep it simple while still utilizing modern video software and you will see that the results are mostly positive.

  1. Keep it on the Short Side

Last but not least, make sure your videos are not too long. Although the YouTube algorithm changes frequently and only takes videos that are longer than 10 or so minutes into consideration with many of their monetization rules, sometimes shorter edits prove more meaningful and leave a better impression. The length also depends on the theme of the content too.