Path of Exile: Important Tips That Every Inexperienced Player Should Know in 2024

Path of Exile is an MMOARPG developed by Grinding Gear Games that has gained much recognition because its gameplay inspired by the Diablo series manages to improve many of the mechanics presented in this Blizzard creation and in other ARPGs in general, to the point of being considered as the best successor to Diablo II.

In Path of Exile (also abbreviated as PoE), players will be able to explore an interesting dark fantasy world full of large dungeons where it will be necessary to face all kinds of enemies with hack ‘n’ slash style combat mechanics combined with elements of the MMORPG genre. Among the most outstanding elements of PoE is undoubtedly its skill tree, which has more than a thousand nodes, its incredible amount of options to customize the growth of the characters, its currency-free economic system that is based entirely on the exchange of items (especially Orbs), among many other aspects that differentiate this videogame from other similar ones.

However, Path of Exile is a considerably complex MMOARPG in terms of its character build system, its difficulty curve, the management of its passive skill tree, among other mechanics necessary to survive in the game. For this reason, it is normal that newer players will have trouble adapting to PoE’s gameplay. That said, here are some brief but important tips that every inexperienced Path of Exile player should know.

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  • It is important to know that it is possible to use any gem regardless of the character’s class, as long as the required stats (Strength, intelligence or dexterity) are met. There are two types of gems, skill gems and support gems.It should be noted that gems also improve as experience is gained (in fact, they are assigned 10% of the experience gained by defeating monsters). An important tip about gems is that in many occasions they should not be leveled up, as this considerably increases their mana cost, so it is more feasible not to level up gems until you get a higher mana reserve or a higher regeneration of this resource.
  • A good recommendation to level up faster in PoE is to avoid low level areas, as players receive penalties that affect the amount of experience obtained in these places. However, the experience obtained by gems does not suffer such restriction.
  • The most important thing in any videogame is fun, and Path of Exile is no exception. There are times when the game can become stressful at times, especially if you have not been able to build a very effective character. However, PoE is designed for players to build multiple characters by experimenting with various items and combining all kinds of skills, so it is quite normal that the first buildings are not so good. For this reason, it is necessary to have patience and enjoy the game, since Path of Exile can be mastered through several attempts.The best option when building a character for the first time is to observe guides that provide good buildings that can serve as an example. It is also necessary to install Path of Building, an official program that allows you to build, modify and share building projects in a more complete and effective way.
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  • A very important fact for players who wish to try PoE Hardcore is that when you lose in this league, your character is immediately returned to the Softcore league, so you must be extremely cautious to resist.
  • One function that can be quite useful is to display a specific item in the chat, and to do so you must press the Ctrl+Alt keys and then click on the item.
  • It is highly recommended that the first skill chosen is Area of effect (AOE), as they are extremely useful when advancing further in the game.
  • In Path of Exile it is essential to have enough Elemental Resistance and the best way to increase it is by equipping the necessary rings. It is quite advantageous to have several rings that increase resistance to a specific element so that in battles against enemies that use elemental attacks it is possible to equip the corresponding ring to counteract the damage of such attacks.
  • A function that helps you to farm faster in Path of Exile is pressing Ctrl+Click on the door or a waypoint before entering a map, as this will completely restart the zone and bring back all the enemies, so it will be possible to repeat the same battles as many times as necessary. It is also useful to know that the completed zones are automatically reset after a few minutes, so if you decide to explore those places again, you will have to fight again with their corresponding enemies.
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  • When farming for items, the most useful will be to focus on Unique and Rare items, as these are the ones that offer the best benefits for the character and also have a high cost.
  • The most valuable items in PoE are Divine Orbs, Chaos Orbs, Exalted Orbs and Gem Cutters Prism, so if you get any of those (which will be quite rare), the best option is to keep them in the Stash until you are more experienced in the game.It is highly recommended to make the greatest possible effort to collect all Orbs, gems (especially those of high quality), Unique items, and items with 3 colors together. These are the most important and beneficial goods in PoE, since besides providing skills and increasing stats, these items are also necessary when it comes to trading. That said, a quick and feasible method to get Orbs or other valuable items in this game is to visit a popular gaming marketplace such as, an excellent website where it is possible to buy PoE Orbs and PoE Accounts in a simple way and with very good offers.
  • Many of the best equipment in the game can be created from a white item, so they can be quite expensive. For that reason, if you manage to get white items (especially high-quality ones), it can also be feasible to exchange them for other valuable items. The best valued and most useful white items are those with five links.