8 Essential Kitchen Tools Every Starter Kitchen Needs in 2024

The tools that are necessary for every starter kitchen strictly depend on the knowledge and the aspirations of the head chef, therefore the essential cookware should support the wants and needs of the ones who use it the most. Since this article is written to inform you about the basics your kitchen should be supplied with, the importance of your personal touch is not to be neglected. Therefore, you as chief and executive of your new kitchen shall be the one to decide what the things than you cannot function without in your kitchen are.

Nowadays, many people think they can cook as good as Jamie Oliver as soon as they get their hands on a recipe they googled shortly before entering a kitchen. Sadly, although they have the skillset required to prepare a certain type of home-cooked meal, they often fail to pay attention to the kitchen tools required to create the afore-googled meal. When they search for a meal they intend to make, strictly they focus on the looks and the list of ingredients, often failing to consider if they have the kitchenware essential for the job to be done.

On the other hand, the new kitchen gadgets never fail to impress, so keeping up with the novelties coming out of the different productions in order to make kitchen time easier can prove to be both a demanding and expensive hobby. Not only does the price tag of some kitchen tools surpass the limits of being affordable, but there are pieces of cooking ware costing as much as entire basic kitchen settings. If you are not a professional cook, you won’t be needing those items, and once again if you are, then most surely you know you can do an equally good job with far less expensive kitchen tools than the ones with unreal price tags.

Although you and the ones that are going to spend their time creating in the new kitchen environment are the ones in charge of the ongoings in your kitchen, there are certain things considered to be the essentials and without them, not much worth mentioning could be done when it comes to the decent preparation of home-made meals. In order to assist you in getting the basics for your cooking space and not to forget anything important, we are presenting you with the following list containing some of the essential kitchen tools without whom the smooth functioning of a kitchen would be brought into question.


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The first thing comes first. The essential part of every kitchen, whether you want to cook or serve fresh meal, whether you prepare a vegan meal or you make a meat dish, the one and only thing without you cannot accomplish anything in the kitchen, is its royal highness, the knife. There are multiple different knives made from various materials, so the selection of knives should be done according to your needs. The price of the knife mostly depends on its quality, so the choice should be strictly related to your preferences. Apart from the knives, you are going to use in the kitchen, there are ones you need for your dining table. Make sure you have as many types as you need since the food dictates the cutting rules. In order to find out about different knife types and other kitchen tools, feel free to visit OliveBranchKC.

Cutting Board

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In order not to damage the working surface in your kitchen, make sure you use the cutting board to protect it. Not only does it provide protection, but it also makes your kitchen look tidier and cleaner.

Non-Sticking Frying Pan

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The name speaks for itself. Namely, after food undergoes through temperature treatment, it tends to stick to certain surfaces of the cooking utensils. Securing yourself with a non-sticking frying pan is the smartest thing to do if you do not intend to spend hours scraping the remains of your meal from the old pan. The pans that cause food not to stick to their cooking surface are covered with specific layers of different materials. One of the materials with the best non-sticking characteristics is ceramic, and it is environmentally friendly at the same time.


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Although you may have bought a knife that can do the same thing, a peeler is a multifunctioning kitchen utensil enabling not only faster peeling of your vegetable, but also enables you to preserve peels from citrus fruits and use them later in your cooking. We mentioned that different gadgets may cost more than they provide, but this is not the case with a peeler, since it justifies the money invested.

Measuring Equipment

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Although famous chefs like to do things approximately, we are not sure if this is for the style or for the sake of keeping the real recipe for themselves. Whatever the real reason may be, we suggest using different measuring cups and spoons when you prepare your meals. Not only will you be able to repeat your cooking ventures correctly because you know the measures, but you will not have to get your other dishes dirty, especially the ones that are not meant to be used for measuring in the first place.

Wooden Spoons

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Another essential tool you need for mixing the ingredients of delicious meals you are to make. The material should be natural because it affects the quality and the taste of the food you prepare. Getting more of these tools is advisable, so you can either use them for the preparation of sweet dishes or the making of salty foods.


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Another essential kitchen tool with multifunctional usage. Namely, you may use a whisk for both salty and sweet dishes. Whisk is the tool you would make use of when it comes to preparing omelets, different salad dressings, various sauces, whipped cream, and everything else that needs to be well whisked and mixed.

Preparation Bowls

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Last but not least thing you’ll make use of in your kitchen is a prep bowl. Make sure you get as many different shapes and sizes as you can, since you will be using them for the preparation of various dishes, therefore having as many diverse models as possible may prove extremely useful.

Since there are numerous dishes you can both create and serve with the aforementioned kitchen tools, this list will probably secure that you can relax next time you search for a recipe online. Not only will you be able to show off with your cooking skills, but you will be able to do it without worrying that you lack in tools necessary to deliver a decent meal. Hopefully, by expanding the inventory of your kitchen tools, you will increase your skill level as well.