5 Property Insurance Claim Tips from Public Adjusters – 2024 Guide

It is not a secret that you can hear the word “insurance” on every corner. You will manage to hear different opinions about the same thing. A small group of people believes that property insurance won’t bring them anything good. More precisely, they believe they can invest their money in some other things. On the other hand, many people believe that property insurance is going to protect them. However, even those people will not say that property insurance claims are simple think. 

Before everything, every property insurance claim is unique because of the different circumstances. The language of the polity and type of loss are two main reasons why each property insurance claim is different. Because of that, you need to get familiar with the subject and gather all important pieces of information. 

Picking the right adjusting firm is not an easy task. By basic Google research, you will manage to find a lot of them. The most important thing is to find an adjuster that works for you and not for the insurance companies. Despite that, you should chase those adjusters that have long working experience. Preparing and filing the insurance claims is a time-consuming and complex thing. Yet, that doesn’t mean you should allow everyone to complete the annoying tasks instead of you. That is the reason why we recommend you visit website we attached and get familiar with the opportunities you can get from public adjusters. 

However, before doing that, your main priority should remain to gather valuable tips. Because of that, we prepared a list of property insurance claim tips from public adjusters. Those tips will serve as a guideline that will lead you to your final goal.

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  • Document the Damage before Everything

People often commonly make the same mistake. They make emergency and permanent repairs before they document the damage. Despite that, you also need to mitigate your loss. In that way, you will prevent any type of damage from occurring in the future. All these tasks are your responsibility, and the insurance companies will require all those documents. If that seems complex, you should contact the adjuster to document the damage instead of you. 

Also, throwing away the damaged material is going to be a huge mistake. The insurance adjuster needs to see and inspect the damaged property. If you do that, you will prejudice the investigation. Eliminating the evidence will negatively influence your claim. We are sure that is something you would want to avoid. 

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  • Ask for Advanced Payment

Many people hesitate to ask the insurance company for the advanced payment. More precisely, some clients believe that an opportunity like that is unavailable to them. The truth is, you can do ask for it for any undisputed amounts. The rest of the money will be available to you after all the parties reach the agreement. 

There is one good reason why you should do that. With the money you get, you will manage to start the repairs. In many cases, people simply can’t cover those costs, and they find themselves in trouble. 

However, before you do that, you should take photographies of the damage. It is recommendable that you record the damage from different angles and make many photographies. Despite that, do not forget to record a conversation with your insurance company. That can be crucial evidence in some cases. 

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  • Water vs. Flood Damage

Here comes an important part for every person. As we said, you need to gather all pieces of information and improve your knowledge. There is a big difference between water and flood damage that you should understand. 

The federal flood insurance policy covers all the costs of flood damage. The flood damage defines the rising water that occurred on your property. On the other hand, water damage refers to water intrusion from windows, pipe bursts, and roof. 

At first glance, you may think that these two things are similar. However, the language you use with the insurance claim matters a lot. It can potentially make a big difference in your claims experience. 

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  • Understand the True Repair Costs

Signing a final settlement agreement is the easiest part of the process. Before you do that, you need to understand the true costs of the repair. Unfortunately, many insurers do not think in that way. They sign a contract without analyzing the costs carefully. 

Let’s imagine that you need to invest money in some big repairs. If that’s the case, it is recommendable that you get at least three estimates. These estimates need to provide all the work details. In the end, the estimates should contain the fixed price as well. 

Despite that, there is no reason not to talk with the contractors about price variations. You should also understand that labor and material prices always grow after a major storm. In other words, your main priority should be to get a good quality job for a decent price. 

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  • Don’t Leave Insurance Adjuster Alone

The subtitle probably sounds a bit silly. However, you must be present when the insurance company adjuster arrives. If you can’t be present for some reason, you should send a public adjuster to be there. You (or adjuster) need to show all the damage that occurred. 

The next thing you should do is to find out who the insurance company adjuster is. Ask him to show you the credentials and to talk a bit more about his working experience. Believe it or not, becoming an insurance adjuster is not a tough challenge. In some cases, these people only need to complete a 3-day course. If they manage to do that, and most of them successfully do that, they can show up in front of your door. 

You have the right to demand a new person if the adjuster that came to your house seems unqualified. If the insurance company is professional, they will send a new person as soon as possible. Unfortunately, many people do not use the opportunity they have. They feel bad to ask the insurance adjuster about their experience and credentials. That is one of the biggest mistakes you could make.