How to Stay Positive During the COVID-19 Crisis

Staying positive in this time of COVID-19 crisis is difficult. The pandemic has caused a lot of damage to our economy and health sector. If you lost a loved one because of the pandemic, it is even harder. However, there is always hope for everyone even in the worst situation.

We can start with strengthening our own mental health to find solutions to fight this COVID-19 crisis. Building positivity requires different factors such as the things you do daily. If you cannot create the mood to stay positive, it is extremely difficult to focus on your positive thoughts. So, how will you convert a healthy and positive self?

In this article, we will give you tips to stay positive during this COVID-19 crisis. You can use some of these tips even after the pandemic ends. So, without further ado, let’s discuss each below!

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  1. Limit Your Intake of Information About COVID-19

Getting informed about what is happening with the pandemic is important. However, too much of it can negatively affect your thoughts. The negativity brought by the pandemic can be too much to take. Therefore, it is crucial to limit the information you heard, read, or watched.

What you can do is follow only one source of information about the crisis. This way, you won’t get distracted with the news from other sources. You will also have a better understanding of what’s happening if you get to know one source’s regular updates. Set a time to watch, read, or listen to news.

  1. Remember to Look at Your Past Experiences

Reminiscing good memories from before the crisis happens significantly helps. You will feel happy and motivated to move forward. You will also become hopeful to continue living despite the life-threatening effects of COVID-19.

Focus on the thoughts that you are still here today and you survived from life’s difficulties in the past. Doing so will help you concentrate on surviving today’s crisis. Keep a mindset that you are strong and you can get through this. Remind yourself to always look at the good memories every day.

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  1. Watch Funny Videos

Maximize the use of the Internet to watch funny videos. These types of videos bring happiness to yourself and help set a fun environment. If you watch videos in the morning, you will set a happy mood that eliminates your negative thoughts.

YouTube is an extremely popular platform for different videos online. You can browse funny videos there or subscribe to a channel that creates these videos. You can also save your favorite funny videos, so you can repeat watching them.

Facebook and Instagram also have these types of videos. You can follow pages that produce funny videos there as well. Invite your family and friends in watching funny videos, so you can talk about these during your free time. You get to share the fun with your loved ones, spreading good energy.

  1. Check How Your Neighbors Are Doing

The World Health Organization encourages people to always stay home. However, it does not mean you should not check how your neighbors are doing. You can talk to them from time to time as this uplifts their spirits and makes them feel loved. It also does the same for you because they will be grateful for showing your concern.

Make sure to observe social distancing when checking on them. You can also talk about other things, not just asking how they are doing. This way, you help them divert their attention to good things. In return, you get to build a stronger connection with them.

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  1. Support Your Favorite Stores in Your Area

Supporting your favorite local businesses is a good act not just to them but also to yourself. It lets businesses appreciate your support that makes you feel good. Their gratitude creates a thought in your mind that there are still people being grateful despite the crisis. If you have a favorite local restaurant, get a take-out order from time to time. They may give you discounts for being a loyal customer.

  1. Give Gifts to People

Giving gifts is always a wonderful experience for everyone. It makes you feel generous and good, which creates a positive experience for you and the receiver. Simple gifts like baked goods can already make people happy.

Whenever you can, bake something for your neighbors, not just for your family. You can also send some non-edible gifts to your distant loved ones. There are many online stores nowadays with affordable products.

If you want your gifts to be more personalized, make your own crafts. You can use simple items and turn them into something unique and creative. Glass bottles like those of wine are a great example. You don’t have to use what you have at home though. You can order online as there are many manufacturers that produce glass bottles.

To make your purchase worth it, choose a manufacturer that’s reliable like Roetell. They offer high-quality glass bottles in different shapes, designs, and colors. They also customize glass bottles and allow bulk orders, which is perfect for giving gifts to your loved ones. If you are interested in customizations, check how they customize glass bottles by visiting , and you will surely get some inspiration for your creations for the best gifts.

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  1. Check Yourself Every Day

This is the most important part of staying positive. It’s not just about helping others. You also have to help yourself by checking how you are doing. This aids you in identifying the positive things you need to continue doing and the negative ones you should eliminate.

Before your day ends, write down an inventory about yourself. Specify the things you accomplished and are grateful for in the day. Also, include the negative things that happened to you, so you can avoid them in the future.


With these helpful tips to stay positive in this COVID-19 crisis, you can plan your day better. These tips will help you avoid the negative things and continue doing what makes you feel happy. If there are unwanted circumstances that come your way, you can recover quickly and better. So, apply these tips now and never let the pandemic’s threat make you create negative thoughts!