How Do You Outsmart an Online Casino?

Not many people know this but there are advantages to playing online casinos besides the obvious ones like the convenience and big bonuses; it’s much easier to trick an online casino than you might think at first glance! These sly tactics will make you win more money than ever before, here are seven ways that I’ve found to be especially effective:

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1. Play against multiple casinos at once

According to the team at many players in order to get a bigger edge over the casino you need to play with more money than them, this means you should either win a lot or have a lot of cash to spare on the table. in some cases, this isn’t practical because it takes too long or requires a big bankroll, but if you use multiple computers and/or accounts then you can easily circumvent these problems while multiplying your chances! what’s also great about using several machines is that even if you lose one, there are still others for you to keep grinding away at your target! So switch between casinos, try one to get the feel of it, then move to another until you get comfortable finally select a casino that will be your primary target

2. Offshore accounts

Use offshore accounts In case anyone was wondering why many sites charge tax on wins from-US citizens, there’s an easy answer; there’s next to nothing the Feds can do about it! in fact, you can make use of this loophole to keep winning big even if the casino is pulling every dirty trick in the book to get ahead of you. offshore accounts (like poker stars, full tilt or party poker) are completely out of jurisdiction for all US agencies and also accept wagers from other countries; not only does this result in much higher payouts but it also makes it easier for online casinos because they’ll never know where your money is coming from!

3. Use free money that doesn’t require deposits

Many times when players create an account for a new site they aren’t aware of how extra cash bonuses work; basically, some sites offer these as a means of signing up and the requirements for getting them are to make a deposit. by doing this, players can earn hundreds of dollars from free cash bonuses – even if they lose! you should expect to have your account locked after a few weeks but which is fine because your original money will still be there once you start using a new account.

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4. Cheating with video poker

This technique doesn’t always work but when it does it’s incredibly powerful! what you do is bet everything on one card and then hope that it matches your five-card hand; if not, just hit or stand as usual. this works best against games with standard pays like 9/6 Jacks or Better which aren’t as hard as the full pay versions. keep in mind that this technique might work against a few other games but you’d have to find a way to test it first which is hard to do with a real casino.

5. Order your play by profitability

A lot of new players make the mistake of randomly selecting their cards because they don’t realize how much more valuable some choices are! for example if you were dealt 2s3c6hKd and had two clubs available, which would be better; choosing to hold the clubs or using them? what’s important here is that you always make the most profitable move even if it means losing out on something like an inside straight! holding the clubs will pay out 9 coins over 8 making it worth 3.75x your bet while using them will only get you a measly 1.25x which should be one of the worst hands at that point.

6. Use mystery bonuses to maximize winnings

A lot of online casinos have no-deposit offers where they’ll give away a certain amount of money just for signing up a new account, these are free and don’t require any wagering so you’d be stupid not to take advantage! because of this, players often make the mistake of cashing out right away even if it’s not smart from a long term perspective. what you should do instead is play around with the bonus feature until you get something really good like a progressive jackpot or high-paying slots game – then cash out! with a little patience, you can get these bonuses in excess of $200 which is worth at least 30x your initial deposit!

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7. Cashier issues

In most cases when a player is complaining about not being able to cash out, they’re simply giving the casino too many hassles, if this happens then just wait for a few days and try again under a different name – odds are they’ll approve it instantly because there’s no reason to worry. another thing you should do before signing up for an account is to make sure that the cashier is reputable by checking user reviews or using a payment service like Paysafe card where the fee structure includes a 3% charge on all transactions over 50eur/$50 USD. keeping these tips in mind will help you get the most out of online casinos and give you a better chance of earning money than ever before.


It seems from the article that playing online casinos to make money is a lot easier than most people believe. All you have to do is follow these tips and tricks, and you can beat any casino with ease. And as long as the winnings are greater than what you put in, all’s good! So what are you waiting for, start playing today, and soon you’ll be making a killing from online casinos. Be careful though, it’s a jungle out there!