7 Must-Play Games for Every Hardcore Gamer – 2024 Guide

Gamers have been blessed with lots of titles thanks to the industrious people in the gaming industry. However, there are certain games that have stood the test of time and have become classics. They may be modern or pretty old but they are worth your while if you’re a hardcore gamer. So, if these are the kinds of games you’re looking for then here are some of them:

1. Fallout: New Vegas

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The Fallout franchise has several titles but New Vegas is praised for its storytelling. Plus you get to experience a post-apocalyptic Las Vegas filled with various factions of survivors of the nuclear blast. Your job is to survive among them. You’ll also be able to visit some of the newly formed casinos on the Strip, enjoy some casino games, and earn some gear in the game or bottle caps. If you’re good enough, you’ll get a suite at the casinos.

Vegas is an important part of the casino industry and will continue to be so. Today the industry is more present online as there are countless sites that offer popular casino games. Casino enthusiasts can visit these sites to enjoy their favorite games. Whether they want to play some slots online or enjoy a few rounds of poker or blackjack, they’ll find an online casino to do it in. The main thing to remember about playing such games is to do so responsibly.

2. Half-Life 2

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The first game is pretty good as well but so is this second one. In this one, you take the role of Gordon Freeman again as you help the people battle the Combine, a new alien race that’s on the verge of enslaving mankind. You’ll get a load of amazing characters, interesting puzzles, and lots of tools to solve them with. If that’s not enough, then you’ll get Episodes 1 and 2 which are the sequels of this game.

The visuals might not look that special when compared to today’s graphics, but the game packs a more powerful punch than most games today. It’s also worth mentioning that the prequel-sequel game called Half-Life: Alyx should be the next on your list after these games.

3. Final Fantasy XIV

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The initial iterations weren’t that popular among the players, but the recent versions are a real masterpiece, and the owner and developers really have gone through hard times and a lot of work, so they can take the MMORPG approach to perfection. Plenty of people are focused on online gambling and websites like Novibet, but multiplayer games bring even more excitement. It’s not even appropriate to compare them with Final Fantasy, but it’s good to put the things in the same perspective, just to see how they changed over time, and how the people are adapting their preferences according to the market. Many of the gamers didn’t even think this game would become this big, but today, it’s one of the actions you must play if you consider yourself a hardcore player.

4. The Resident Evil Franchise

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This is arguably one of the most influential survival horror franchises in the gaming industry. It has lots of titles to offer and you can enjoy them on PC and various consoles. Some of them aren’t as good as the ones in the main series, but they’re worth considering. You can enjoy as much of them as you want. If you’re looking to be scared then Resident Evil won’t let you down.

The first one is the eeriest one in the franchise as the atmosphere is unmatched by any other game out there. Resident Evil 2 and 3 have been remade and are pretty scary to enjoy. The latest installment in the eighth game in the series and it packs quite a punch. You’ll meet lots of interesting characters like Jill, Chris, Leon, Ada and many more. You’ll kill lots of zombies and face many mutations of the virus. It’s all part of the Resident Evil experience.

5. Dark Souls

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This one has a huge cultural impact on all the gamers, no matter if it’s their favorite or not. The truth is that once you play it, you are getting “hooked” on Dark Souls and its episodes, because the whole series is so intuitive, technical, and requires many skills, so you can pass that map and take the routes to the destination. You will fight against advanced-level enemies, and you will have to figure the things out alone, all by yourself. The first episode was released back in 2011, and there are many episodes after. The most interesting thing is that it may not be players’ favorite, but they will gladly play it all over again, so they can master the technical skills they will need for another game.

6. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

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A lot of gamers really enjoy in Zelda series, because of the unique experience they get while playing. Zelda climbs the mountains, collects weapons, and fights against scary monsters. Those who already played it enjoyed every minute. Maybe this game is not the most popular one, but the interesting storyline is what keeps the people interested in the mysteries it provides.

7. Xenoblade Chronicles

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If you want a challenge, and a game that isn’t everywhere around you, you can take this one. At first sight, it doesn’t look attractive, and you won’t be able to compare it with any other game. But, if you give it a chance, you will enter a whole new fantasy and sci-fi world, and enjoy every hour you spend on it. And we are sure that once you get used to it, you will only compare the other games with this one, and won’t be able to find anything similar to it.

As you can see, there are a lot of games you can play, if you want to be different than your friends. You have a big choice, and you can choose from simple multiplayer action to hardcore games and their episodes, so you can improve your current skills, adopt new ones, and become even better as a gamer.