How to Choose the Right Flowers for Every Occasion – 2024 Guide

Life is filled with various events worth celebrating. When we talk about flowers, it is suitable for many occasions, it is important only to choose the right kind. Flowers have a special power; it is more eloquent than the most beautifully written greeting card. Flowers always carry strong messages, such as I love you, forgive me, congratulations, and many others.

However, you need to know to whom which flowers to give, because since it carries a strong message, it can be misinterpreted in the hands of a person. So, since it carries a strong symbolism, you have to adapt the flowers not only to the recipient but also to the purpose.

Flowers for the birth of a child

The birth of a child is usually associated with a multitude of helium balloons with the inscriptions – It’s a boy (or a girl), welcome, baby, and so on, and is usually accompanied by flower bouquets for the brave mother who brought the most precious treasure into the world. For these occasions, delicate Asian or oriental lilies fit perfectly if a girl is born, or yellow roses and gerberas if a boy is born. Yellow flowers will make a perfect contrast to the blue details. If you are for something simpler, you will not go wrong with a bouquet of white flowers, because white symbolizes innocence and purity, and what is the birth of a baby if not exactly that?

Anniversary bouquet

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Yes, we know what you thought of first. Roses. Red. Those a little wealthier probably choose 101 red roses, a greeting card, and a piece of jewelry. Not bad if you want to stick to the stereotype, although we think your better half would appreciate you putting in a little more effort and moving away from this cliché. Why not choose an orchid? This flower with its discreet yet graceful form leaves no one indifferent and will bring a touch of exoticism into space.

In addition to roses and orchids, lilies and anthuriums have proven to be very effective.

Congratulations on business success

Your friend has finally received the long-awaited promotion and wants to celebrate her business success with her closest friends. For occasions like this, yellow roses are perfect, although sometimes we can hear that they are associated with jealousy and anger. However, when we talk about work, they say – Bravo! Go ahead, I knew you could do it!

While its color brings serenity to the room, yellow roses stimulate the brain and develop intelligence. Another proof that they are perfect for celebrating business success!

Funeral flowers

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Unfortunately, there are also sad moments in life, those when someone close to you loses a loved one. And in these difficult times, flowers were found suitable for a gift and to provide a word of comfort.

On these occasions, many choose dark red roses because they signify deep sadness. Colorful roses signify remembrance, and rose nobility and reverence. When we talk about white flowers in general, it symbolizes innocence and respect and that makes it appropriate even in the most difficult moments, which you can also see on In the Far East, white and yellow chrysanthemums symbolize sorrow, and in Europe, they are considered the flowers of death. You can also often see carnations at funerals, which with their pink tones whisper – I will never forget you.

Mother’s Day

This should not be a difficult task. All you have to do is choose the favorite flower of the most important person in your life. Some women like wildflowers interwoven with the scent of lavender and jasmine, while others are more pleased with an elegant flowerbox made of roses. In any case, the mother will recognize your effort and love.

Birthday bouquet

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As with Mother’s Day, it’s crucial here to find something you think the birthday girl would like. As with Mother’s Day, it’s crucial here to find something you think the celebrant would like.

Wedding flowers

Flowers are an indispensable detail in a wedding ceremony. In some religions it is used to decorate the wedding car, all guests wear flowers on their lapels or around their wrists, and the decoration of the wedding salon is inconceivable without flowers. White flowers and flowers of pastel colors give a touch of elegance, and the best proof of this is calla flowers. When we talk about a bouquet for the bride, roses dominate, although other types of flowers can often be seen, whose color fits perfectly with the bridesmaid dresses.

Valentine’s Day

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Yes, we know. Red roses. Again. They carry strong symbolism, signify eternal love, passion, and in combination with white become a symbol of togetherness and tenderness. However, if you want to go a step further, choose red tulips if you want to show love, pink – to let it be known that you care about it or white if you have made a mistake and pray for forgiveness. Although the lily represents spiritual love and untouched beauty, purple is often associated with happiness and yellow with deception.

I love you flowers

Why must there be a special occasion to show your loved one how much you love her? Give her an orchid as a symbol of specialness, love, romance, eroticism, and a desire for intimacy. Give more red camellias to make it clear to her that you want her to reciprocate with the same love, give her mimosas to tell her instead of you to respect her and to cultivate tender feelings for her. When we talk about the depth of feelings, red amaryllis will best convey them, while gerbera will say – you make my life more pleasant.

Know that each color of a flower has its special meaning. Red will breathe a whiff of lust into even the most ordinary flower, yellow flowers will always delight a good, old friend, orange will arouse enthusiasm and energy, and the dark blue color of the iris will awaken a feeling of calm and serenity in everyone.