Moving Interstate – How to Overcome the Challenges

Moving is a tedious and overwhelming event and includes many tasks and a lot of planning to execute these tasks. Whereas planning and organization are the keys to any move, each move is different and needs specific scheduling of the event. A local move is also not easy but a long-distance move has its own set of challenges that are far more than a local move.

Though you may find a long-distance move very tiring and intimidating, some guidelines can ease down this process for you. The experts at explain that as you have to cross the state borders, there are many things and challenges that you should keep in mind while moving inter-state.

Following are some of the challenges that you may face during an inter-state move and also how to combat them:

Safety of the Goods

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The first and foremost thing that comes in your mind is the safety of your goods during transit. Every homeowner wants to keep his belongings safe and also wants to take everything along that he possesses. While you may feel like packing everything on your own to be sure about the safety of the goods, it is better to let the professionals do their part. Professional movers are trained to pack every type of goods safely and in no time. Professional movers also provide insurance. You can also consider buying extra insurance for your expensive goods.

By hiring professionals, you will not only keep your belongings safe but will also save a lot of time and energy. Getting your stuff packed from professionals will also save money as packing supplies are very costly and they reuse their packing material. You may plan a DIY move when you are moving locally but when it is an interstate move, you shouldn’t consider moving yourself. Spending money on a good professional moving company will worth it as it will save you from a lot of stress and trouble while keeping your things safe.

Size of Your Move

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The size of your move is another big factor that makes your move more challenging. Unlike a local move, you cannot ask your service providing moving company to make multiple visits to your new place. You will have to take all your stuff in one go and you may have to downsize your home for that. Generally, when we live at one place for a long time, we keep on buying new things and adding up to our worldly possessions. And, at the time of an inter-state move, it becomes a challenge to take so much stuff along.

Moving cost depends upon the size and weight of your shipment so while the thought of leaving your stuff behind may haunts you but this will be the only solution. To overcome this situation, it is highly recommended to take only important goods along. Make a list of things that you absolutely need to take along and another list that you can sell, donate, or just toss. Go through each room and each cabinet of your house and sort the stuff. By selling all unwanted stuff you will not only save money but will also make some. If you have things of sentimental value, take their picture and donate them to your favourite charity. You can even organize a garage sale and sell your unwanted furniture, unused clothes, decorations, artworks, and even kitchenware.

Finding a New Home

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Finding a home at a new place is the most complicated task in the process of moving. If you are moving locally, it may be little easier for you to find a house as you can make multiple visits to your new place to find a house but when it comes to an interstate move, it is difficult to find a house in one visit. You may be lucky enough to get the right house in one go but that cannot be the case with everyone. It may take many visits for others.

To combat this situation come technology as we all know and say that internet knows everything. You can check some good home options online as that will present many options within your preferred price range. You can search for houses in your chosen area. It is better to choose the locality based on distance of it from your work place or your kids’ school. You can call the owners and ask them for a virtual tour of the house and locality before finalizing the house. You can shortlist two to three houses and can finalize the one by visiting the place personally. So, checking properties online will save your visits thus your money and energy.


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Though we know that in any kind of move a lot of paperwork related to your changed address is involved, when it comes to an interstate move, the documentation is a challenging part. As moving to another state will need more paperwork and bureaucracy, you should start preparing for it immediately after you decide your move. You will need all the government Ids with correct information. You will also need to prepare all transit related insurance papers and other relevant documents will also be needed. If you are transporting an automobile to your new state, make sure you have the vehicle insurance and related papers.

You will also have to get the address updated on all your documents including your driver’s license, passport, insurance papers etc. Make sure you get all this information done ASAP as these are very important documents. Consider dividing this task among your family members.

Along with all these documents, you will also have to keep documents ready for your new bank account, and utility connections. Also, you will have to keep all the papers ready related to your kids’ admission in the new school. There are some subscriptions that you can continue receiving at your new place too. For such subscriptions, fill in their online form and you are sorted.

Planning your move properly and keeping all the important documents handy can save many of your problems. Moving can be both dull and exciting where a badly organized move can be overwhelming, an organized move can make your transition simple and successful.