Top Games to Play for Casual Gamers

For as popular as the gaming medium has become, many genres are often left untouched by rookie players. From ruthless soulslike titles to brain-scratching games of real-time strategy, not every game is accessible to newcomers, whether because of their complex mechanics or niche appeal. Conversely, casual games thriving on simple gameplay and straight-up escapism cater to a broader audience. So, if you like your gaming chill and undemanding, here are some titles worth discovering to keep it casual.

Sky: Children of the Light

Multiplayer gaming can sometimes be quite unwelcoming to novice players. Many ultra-competitive MMOs and MOBAs have earned a reputation for how toxic their communities can be. Thankfully, Sky: Children of the Light is of a different ilk. Accessible on mobile, PS4, and Nintendo Switch, this social game emphasises friendship over competition. Players are taken to eight once-prosperous realms, which they shall restore by reinstating fallen stars to their ancient constellations.

Along this leisurely-paced odyssey, players may befriend kindred spirits to unlock new abilities and collaborate to fend off the encroaching darkness that blankets the world. If you’ve fallen in love with the game’s whimsical flavour, you might explore its innovative predecessor, Journey. The developer of both these indie hits is also reportedly working on an animated series scheduled to drop in 2024.

What Remains of Edith Finch

Next up is another atmospheric title with a strong focus on exploration, albeit with a much deeper narrative edge, which earned this story-rich adventure game an accolade for Best Game at the BAFTA Game Awards. What Remains of Edith Finch centres around seventeen-year-old Edith, who returns to her familial home off Washington state to uncover the mysteries surrounding the deaths that decimated her family.

As she investigates the vast Finch mansion, Edith revisits the final moments of each of her loved ones, navigating between past and present to get much-needed closure. This gripping piece of storytelling reads like a page-turner both beautiful and heartrending. Unfolding like an episodic novel, each tale allows for casual gamers to piece the story together at their own pace. The straightforward nature of this walking simulator also appeals to beginners.

Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley is a cosy farming sim in the veins of the Story of Seasons franchise. Your newfound calling as a farmer begins as you inherit your late grandpa’s countryside homestead. Planting crops and raising farm animals is only the tip of the iceberg, though. While quests and challenges pop up every step of the way, there is no firm objective to achieve in Stardew Valley, save for having fun on your own terms.

Once you’re done watering your fields, you can spend your time fishing, mining for ore, cooking, or socialising at the town’s pub. A massive update added a new tropical map to sail to, Ginger Island. Even better, the game’s prolific creator is about to release another free patch. The 1.6 update will be available on PC in less than a week, while mobile and console players will have to wait a tad longer to start a new run in the valley.

Sherlock – Hidden Object Mystery

A subgenre of the puzzler category, hidden object games are gaining traction among casual gamers. Who better than the sleuth of Baker Street to investigate a scene searching for hidden items, then? Sherlock – Hidden Object Mystery is a mobile entry that sends the Great Detective and his legendary partner on a mission to unravel the truth behind the plots of renowned novels undergoing strange alterations. In this alternate universe, villains prevail at the end. It is up to you to explore these book worlds full of familiar characters and set things right.

If you’re into detective stories, many more games have drawn inspiration from classic Sherlock Holmes mysteries. Even the iGaming sector has developed Holmes-themed machine slots, such as Sherlock of London and Sherlock’s Reel Mystery. Thousands more free slots are a click away. Top platforms offer desktop and mobile options for casual players to shoot their shots whenever and wherever, all with no download required. Handy guides lay out the basics of playing free slots on mobile. New users can also grab sign-up offers and exclusive bonuses to get cracking at real-money pokies.

Casual games are on the rise for players looking to have fun on the go or burn off stress. From laid-back life simulations to story-rich journeys, the games above are a great introduction to gaming for both non-gamers and infrequent players.