5 Creative Ways to Recap Live Social Media Events 

Live coverage of an event through social media is extremely valuable for marketers. Instead of just doing a couple of posts on social media channels, showcasing the entire event through a live stream can make it more engaging for your audience. It can also help increase your outreach by making the event available online in real-time.

Despite all the hard work you put into the event, it will only last for a few hours. To keep the conversation going with the attendees and bring the event to those who might have missed it, you also need to upload recap videos. So here are some creative ways to recap live social media events to get more face time with the audience:

Make a video montage

A video montage uses various images or shots from a recording to create a sequence that narrates a story. It’s like a slideshow of images but more creative and compelling.

By sharing the highlights from your event as different visuals, you can get the proper response from the audience and connect with them in a better manner. Given that human attention span is notoriously low these days, a video montage is a perfect way to summarize the event without overwhelming the viewer.

A video editor can help you snip the scenes you want to highlight and use a video montage maker for arranging the footage in a sequence. But don’t just put images or short video clips one after the other for the sake of putting them together. Use transitions to make the sequence cinematic and easy on the eyes.

You can also add music to spice it up because you don’t want the montage to look like a boring slideshow. Make sure that the music you pick complements the scenes in your montage and is in-sync with the overall vibe of the video. After adding music to the timeline, preview the montage and adjust as necessary.

img source: unsplash.com

Add a video overlay of you talking about the event as it is being shown

A video overlay uses two video clips that are simultaneously displayed on the same screen.  This results in a picture-in-picture effect and is perfect for presenting a recap of your event with you talking about it.

The biggest advantage of using a video overlay is that it doesn’t disrupt the flow of the original video — the audience can keep watching the recording and hear your special insights about it. In fact, this format can help you grab their attention much more than any other.

Inserting an extra video to the main video is incredibly easy. Simply use Clipchamp’s free video editor, explore https://clipchamp.com/en/video-editor/ and use the proper video editing techniques to superimpose multiple videos. You can also add creative motion graphics if you want to include text or titles in your video.

Highlight significant moments with a time lapse video

If you want to highlight a long but important moment in the event, you can create a time lapse video of it. As the video is playing, you can simply narrate or describe what is going on or give a quick recap about it.

This can show the people registering or signing up for the event or a view of the events team organizing the venue and preparing for the live stream. This type of video editing technique helps spare your audience from enduring long and dragging footage. The quick movement of the subjects also make the video pretty exciting (and sometimes funny) to watch.

Time lapse videos are also awesome for creative intros or for showing the passage of time. It can be a video of the sky as it transitions from night to dawn to morning, shadows of trees casted on a house or establishment, or the changes that happen to a tree as the seasons change.

Img source: pexels.com

Use a jump cut for a dramatic effect

A jump cut breaks a single shot to show the character take a forward leap, while the overall background stays the same. These cuts are usually used in video montages, documentary-style interviews, and vlogs to add a dramatic effect.

Using a jump cut in your recap video is a great way to infuse more energy and excitement. After all, your audience isn’t watching the event in real-time, and it can get a bit boring to follow a recap.

But, you need to be careful about choosing where to insert a jump cut. It’s best to select a frame where you want to create tension and cut the shot from there. Also, make sure to edit the jump cut properly. You should find the points in the footage where the jump cut should begin and end and split it accordingly. This will make sure that you get the perfect snippet for introducing the jump cut.

Freeze frame the most important moments of the event

Adding a freeze-frame effect is an essential video editing technique to bring the attention of the audience to a particular moment. While it is more popular with filmmakers, you can always use it for your recap videos to take it to the next level.

Take, for instance, this video on TikTok where the video freezes just when the audience is about to discover what happens. Doing this helps to keep your audience on the edge of their seats as they wait for the climax.

The trick is to select a frame that’s actually engaging and insightful. But that doesn’t mean you always need to be serious. You can also choose a humorous moment to lighten the mood. Doing that can provide more real experiences that the audience can relate to.

Ready to recap your social media event?

Publishing a recap video is an excellent way to get more mileage out of your successful event and boost your video marketing efforts. It can amplify the key messaging and create a lasting impression on the audience. It can also jumpstart the promotional activities for next year’s event. So make sure to upload the recap on your social media accounts.