6 Creative Ways to Organize Spices in your Kitchen

Spices are an important ingredient and without them dishes are incomplete. There are different varieties of spices and herbs that make your dishes taste more delicious. Like fruits and vegetables, you must have a dedicated space to store them. It will help you to quickly locate them and prevent confusion while cooking.

Organizing the spices becomes very important especially if you have a large collection of spices. In this article, you will get insights into some creative ways to organize spices to make your kitchen look pleasant and tidy.

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1. Use transparent containers

Many people tend to keep their spices in steel or opaque containers. It is difficult to identify them from the outside and increases the chances of picking the wrong container. If you are in a hurry you don’t want to waste your time searching every container for the spices you require.

The best way to organize them is by keeping them in transparent containers. Glass and plastic containers are ideal for storing spices and helps you to easily organize and identify them.

It will also save your time when you are in a hurry to cook food. Also, transparent containers make your kitchen look pleasing and organized. You can use deli plastic containers to store them. These are airtight, waterproof containers that allow you to keep spices fresh.

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2. Pick the right size

The size of the container is very important to perfectly organize spices in your kitchen. Most people buy spices in small quantities so, choose appropriate containers based on the quantity and storage space. Small containers are best to store them and save a lot of space in your kitchen.

For common spices like sugar, salt you must have large containers and for others small containers are perfect. There are different varieties of containers available especially to store spices.

Container sets are perfectly designed so they can be organized easily in the kitchen. These containers are available in complete sets that allow you to store different varieties of spices.

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3. Group and arrange them in order

To organize your spices creatively you must keep them in groups and arrange them in order. There are different varieties of spices that can be categorised into different groups such as hot, mild, aromatic (for fragrance), herbs and much more.

You can arrange them in groups at your convenience. Arranging them in order based on their groups will be easier to identify them and also it makes your kitchen look organized.

You can also group them based on their usage, alphabetically or based on the size of the containers. Keep the ones in front that you use frequently and store the ones behind that are used when cooking special dishes.

4. Label them to prevent confusion

Labelling the containers can not only help you to easily identify them but also prevents confusion between spices. Salt and sugar look quite similar and many people often add salt instead of sugar especially when you are in a hurry.

To prevent such mistakes you must label them so it is easier for everyone to locate them. If you are using steel or opaque containers then it becomes more important to label them properly.

Use stickers to label them. Put the labels on top or sides based on the placement of the containers. If they are stored in front of you on shelves then place the labels on the sides. If they are stored in racks in a drawer then keep the labels on top of the container.

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5. Choose the ideal storage option

Some people prefer to store spices on shelves and some like to stack them in racks in a drawer. Keeping them in both ways looks organised as long as it is convenient for you. Also, ensure that the place is not exposed to direct sunlight and keep it away from heat.

Storing spices in a cool and dark place can keep them fresh for a longer period. Cupboards and drawers are most effective for storing spices that are rarely used only to make special dishes. The ones that are used every day can be kept on shelves or placed on the cooking counter.

You can also use the ideal space in your kitchen to store extra spices by creating extra wooden or plastic shelves. If you don’t have enough space in your kitchen then finding an ideal storage option to creatively organize everything effectively becomes more important.

6. Install tension rods or pegboard

Tension rods or pegboards with shelves are ideal if you have a small kitchen and you don’t have enough space in the cupboard or shelves. They can hold small containers and provide additional space in your kitchen. You can store less frequently used spices on the shelves or drawers and stack the ones with the tension rods that are frequently used while cooking.

There are different types of tension rods and pegboards with shelves available that can help you creatively stack spices in your kitchen. It also allows you to effectively use any ideal space in your kitchen and makes it look more creative.

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The Bottom-line

Organizing spices in the kitchen is very important. It not only makes your kitchen look neat and creative but also saves a lot of time while searching for the right spices. Deli plastic containers are the best to store spices. Buying container sets to stack spices of the same size provides more organized space.

Also, arranging spices in groups and labelling the containers helps you to easily locate them. Even someone who is not familiar with your kitchen can find all the ingredients. These are some creative ways that you must apply to stack your spices creatively in an organised way.