6 Creative Ways To Use Bamboo In Interior Design – 2024 Guide

Bamboo is one of the most versatile plants on the entire planet. For that reason, humans have been using it very regularly as a building material. Its strength-to-weight ratio is comparable to some of the strongest types of wood out there. But, the best thing about this amazing plant is the fact that it can grow incredibly fast. It can grow up to a meter in just one day. Since it is so fast in growth, it makes sense that it can be used for all kinds of construction processes and even interior design.

However, bamboo has a very specific look which means it can be difficult to combine it with every environment. To achieve a stylish design for the interior of your home, you will have to do a bit of research to find the right bambusoideae species. I would not recommend just slapping bamboos randomly in your home. It probably will not look good.

To make things easier for you, I decided to write this guide for 2024 and tell you about the best and the most creative ways to use bamboo for your interior design.

As a plant

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One of the simplest ways to make bambusoideae a piece of your indoor decoration is to just use it as a plant. There really is no need to cut it when it simply looks good on its own and in its natural habitat. This will be especially good for homes that require a little bit more green and nature.

Keep in mind, this kind of plant will require a lot of maintenance from you since it grows so fast. If you do not want it to reach your ceiling, you will probably have to cut it every few weeks. For certain species, you will have to maintain it every single day.

If you are not the type of person to invest so much time and care for a plant, I do not recommend implementing bamboo in your home in such a style.


Like I mentioned previously, bamboo is a very sturdy type of wood making it a great option for any kind of building material. Thus, making it every better for flooring. Yes, that is right. You probably have not heard of bambusoideae species being used as flooring, but for some countries, it is actually quite normal.

It is more affordable than other types of wood. Although, that will entirely depend on your location. If you live in a region where bambusoideae do not grow, the bamboo will probably be imported, making it the more expensive choice. Although, if you have a bigger budget then definitely go for it.

Wall/Room separator

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Another great way you can make your home’s interior design even more amazing is by adding bamboo elements in the places most people would not expect. Since it is a very sturdy type of wood, you are not limited in any way.

Why not make it into a room separator, or maybe even use it as a decoration for your wall? Some would go a step further and make their wall entirely made out of bamboo.

The best locations you could add a room separator is probably between the living room and your kitchen. There is also the option of adding a separator between the hallway and the living room.

These are the most usual and popular options although I am sure there are possibilities for other combinations. But, it is definitely a very specific type of interior design, so make sure you invest a bit more time to find out what would look best. The point is not to put as much bamboo in your home as you can.

If you need some more ideas on how this kind of implementation in your home should look like, you could find all kinds of designs on websites such as www.tinekhome.com.


Bambusoideae is very versatile, meaning it can be turned into anything and be used for everything. Furniture is another very popular use of this plant, especially in the eastern part of the world. Countries in South Asia, Southeast Asia, and East Asia love the idea of making smooth furniture made completely out of this wood.

With this kind of decor implemented in your living room or maybe even kitchen, not only will you get very sturdy and long-lasting furniture, but also something aesthetically pleasing. Obviously, that can be completely subjective, but I think most people would agree with this statement.

Another great benefit of using this type of furniture is the fact that it can be combined with different interior design styles. Whether you prefer something more modern or rustic, these will look quite good combined with your interior’s style.

Bathroom racks

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This might sound like a very simplistic addition to your home, but it can leave an interesting impression. A bathroom rack made out of bamboo will surprise every single one of your guests. Having such a unique type of décor in your bathroom will certainly amaze everyone that enters it.

It is an inexpensive addition, it is aesthetically pleasing and it has its practical use too. You could also add several of them in your bathroom if you want. You could even make a shower handle out of bamboo. The only limit is your taste in style and creativity. The freedom with this type of building material is limitless.

Durable countertops

If you are looking for a way to implement bamboo in your kitchen too, a countertop will be the perfect option. It will be a subtle addition while also looking great with the style of your kitchen. Keep in mind that the bamboo countertop will also be very durable and resistant against all kinds of spills. It can easily last you for more than ten years or maybe even more if you maintain it properly over the years.

There are probably dozens of other ways you could add bamboo to the interior design of your home, and you could learn most of them through interior design courses from the nationaldesignacademy.com. But I believe these might be unique and interesting additions for any home.