5 Tips for Getting Cheap Car Rentals Every Time in 2024

Some people like to travel using their own car, which can turn out to be like bringing an additional family member with you with all the necessary things you need to look after and make sure it’s safe and in perfect shape for the journey. Of course, the destination itself determines lots of factors here, cause sometimes you need to use an airplane, which excludes the car from the story, and even if it’s not the case, and you can still drive your own vehicle, it’s safer and cheaper to simply say goodbye to it and get a car rental at the destination.

Also, your trip might include many destinations, not only one – in which case you may want to consider using this service multiple times. No need to explain that this is the moment when your wallet and bank account get emptier than usual. Does it always have to be that way, though?

The price is determined by numerous factors and, just like any other market, the lower price is usually set for the first rentals until the company establishes itself as credible on the market, while afterward, the prices can increase due to their performances (preferably the good ones). The economy is based on the fluctuating leverage between the supply and the demand for something, which changes all the time at a different pace, and this industry isn’t the exception here. Further on, there are many more things that determine the price, such as the age of the specific car, type of engine and consumption of fuel (depends on the type), car type, brand and model, time of the year, photos of the car (the charms of marketing!), insurance, locations of the company, etc.

If we know all these factors combined, we can make use of this knowledge to get ourselves a car cheaply and get the best out of it.

1. Do I really need insurance?

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For a rental company, just like any other participant in the market, the risk is something they wish to alleviate, which brings to the conclusion that the risk can be overtaken by the insurance company if you pay for it when renting a car. Otherwise, the risk is fully a burden of a renter and that’s what they would like to avoid. Also, it’s often the case that having insurance for your personal car covers the driver (you) when using a rented car. Apart from that, some credit card issuers offer insurance on rental cars as a bonus for free when you obtain them. It’s worth checking, right?

2. What if I can get a discount?

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There are countless ways in which you can be qualified for a discount. First of all, the discounts differ based on many things – maybe you’re a corporate employee or a hotel where you’ll be staying offers the loyalty program benefit. Or, for example, you might fly often and get one as a frequent passenger? Most of all, some companies also have their membership discounts on various things, and by choosing them, you can get some more benefits apart from only cheaper rental prices, which you can see for yourself if you click here.

3. Airport-located car rentals vs. the online ones

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If you check out everything around you, there are good chances that you’ll realize how some convenient options permit themselves to boast of a higher price just because they save you time and effort. And this is perfectly fine. Sometimes, you’ll need to use this type of service and be ok with paying a bit more (beer at the concert stand vs. beer at the convenience store, etc). Yet, seeing how much choosing convenience when renting a car can cost you, maybe it’s better to consider doing it elsewhere instead of at an airport-located firm.

The thing is that usually, it can cost up to a hundred dollars extra if you pick it up at the airport as the demand over there is higher, while there’s a city-located company that could assist you or perhaps some online rental services. You can visit the company’s website and find out that there’s a decent discount for this type of payment. And, well, you’ll certainly save some funds for a fantastic meal or perhaps even a souvenir – totally worth it.

4. Economy vs. luxurious cars

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Tempting as it seems, the luxurious cars come with the price, as a natural consequence. While it’s a really cute picture of driving around Paris or Rome in some top-brand vehicle (the companies will always try to sell this type of car for the naturally understandable reasons), economy-class cars are always cheaper. And not only that, but you can also choose a comfortable car while picking from a range of small-sized ones.

Ever wondered why there are places where tiny cars such as Smart or similar prevail? Each city has its characteristics, and if locals drive smaller cars, maybe you should consider it too. It’ll save some cash and also prove that you’ve adapted to the environment.

5. Take care of the fuel yourself

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Fuel prices directly influence rental prices, and the companies always have a very high price on the service of thinking about the fuel instead of the client. Is it really much better that way? At times, it’s better to only take a car and take extra minutes to fuel it up. We all know that gas stations are quite common places and that they’re everywhere – so why paying that much if you can save the cash for yourself?

It’s just always this decision – how to get more for less money from the customer’s end and how to earn more money and satisfy a customer from the company’s end. The same applies for this field, too. Just like when buying the cell phone, PC, or any other device, always remember – it’s crucial to pay for the features you really want and need. Use the rest to go with the cheaper option and say goodbye to the extras you never really needed in the first place – you might be surprised how much you can save!