6 Tips for Using Scale and Proportion in Interior Design

Building a home is a form of art, don’t you agree? In fact, we believe that it is much more than that. Just think about, what starts as some sort of artificial project turns into something where people will live with their families. When the project comes to fruition, then you can see all the … Read more

Things to Consider When Choosing Furniture for Your Church

This process requires a lot of planning and research. So consider as many options as you have available. During the search, it would be good to focus mostly on comfort, but also all other items that are important to you. For example, maybe it’s the budget, the aesthetics that suit the church, a certain style, … Read more

4 Reasons to Protect Your Furniture With Slipcovers

The Slipcover is a layer made out of a specialized fabric or cotton that is mounted on top of a sofa or a couch. The purpose of this layer of fabric is to provide protection to the inner components of the sofa or the couch. These components may include the cushions, the padding, the inner … Read more