Things to Consider When Choosing Furniture for Your Church

This process requires a lot of planning and research. So consider as many options as you have available. During the search, it would be good to focus mostly on comfort, but also all other items that are important to you. For example, maybe it’s the budget, the aesthetics that suit the church, a certain style, etc. Either way, consider your desires and capabilities. We must not forget that the church sanctuary is much more than a place where people meet.

It is a space that connects people and encourages them to do good deeds. In order for the joint services and worship to continue, it is important that the furniture is in line with the mission of your church, as well as the activities that take place within it. The space should be functional, but also visually appealing. Find out some more details that may be of use to you.

  1. Understand the purpose of space

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The first thing you need to do before deciding on a particular piece of furniture is to know what activities and behaviors will take place in your space. For example, the church is a place where relationships are nurtured and support is provided to newcomers. This means that the furniture should contribute to a relaxed atmosphere in an open environment so that people feel good. We must not forget the mission of the church, because the culture of the organization can be very much supported by the physical space it occupies.

  1. Necessary church furniture

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We’re sure you’re putting a lot of effort into your community. It is the result of working together and nurturing, and your church should continue to grow in a good direction. That is why equipping the church is important. It can’t be compared to furnishing someone’s home, so you need to focus on items that will fit perfectly into the space. Always think about the budget, but also about what furniture you really need. For example, chairs or benches are basic furniture. Although it used to be in churches, today it is unheard of that there are no chairs or benches for people to sit on.

They are actually the most important part of the furniture. Since there is a large selection of chairs, you can opt for folding ones, wooden, metal chairs or some others. When you decide on a model, make sure it is all the same color. In addition to this furniture, you also need tables. They are also among the necessary furniture that every church should have. You need portable room dividers in order to be able to realize activities that require group divisions.

These rooms provide temporary walls for Sunday school, studying Bible and all other activities. The furniture is portable, acoustic and easy to transport and store. Lecterns is another thing that should be on your list. It is chosen based on a theme that suits your church, and there are many variations. It may not be easy for you to choose a speaker, but try to focus on your needs. For example, consider whether you need a floor-standing speaker, a desk, or a speaker that can be folded. Also think of an integrated audio system that may or may not be built-in.

  1. Color

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Once you have figured out what furniture you need, it’s time to pay attention to this factor as well. Color is an equally important, because it will affect the appearance of the interior, church vestments and the shrines. You need to think about the interior decoration and choose the colors of the seat based on it. They should fit with the overall scheme. Each church has different lighting, and it affects the color of the seat. Our advice is not to opt for bright and reflective colors since church vestments are already colorful as you can see here.

If the furniture is also too colorful, it will shine too brightly in the sunlight, which causes discomfort and interferes with church activities.

  1. Quality

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Whether you decide on the type of furniture, material or color, choose quality and value. We know how tempting the lowest prices can be, especially when your budget is limited. However, if you buy better quality furniture, you will save money in the long run. Choose communion tables, church chairs and sanctuary accessories from quality materials. They are designed to last for years, which means that you will save on the need to repair or replace items. The quality of the fabric varies a lot, and it is not easy to decide on the right one in addition to a large selection of colors and patterns.

Experts recommend choosing a more durable fabric. It will always look nice, provide comfort and will last a long time. Test some fabrics for weight and pull if you are not sure enough. They have to withstand thousands of people sitting on them, shoes, sticky hands, bags, etc. You can always take a fabric sample before you decide on one. If you want to save extra, try cutting costs elsewhere.

  1. Style

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Choose the style of furniture based on the current decor of your church. Since churches mostly have old style, beautiful stained glass, go in that direction. If you were to add modern chairs to such a church, it would be a big failure. However, the furniture can completely change the look of the church and modernize it. If you want to achieve a new look, add chairs that contain brightly colored fabrics. This will surely bring new life to the church space. Do not forget that the church is a unique ambience. Furniture should primarily reflect its essence and religious aesthetics. For example, you can opt for a classic design and neutral colors for floors and furniture, but put an emphasis on wall decor, seasonal decorations, etc. You can also choose a functional design.


Don’t forget to take into account the flow of space. Based on that, make a perfect schedule that will correspond to the plans of the church and the flow of people and events. Wrong choice of furniture can make the space look crowded or empty. It is important that entrances, exits and seats are easily accessible. Try to find the right balance when it comes to all other items.