Factors to Consider When Choosing a Wedding Venue – 2024 Guide

Finding a perfect venue for your event isn’t easy, as you may think. There are so many options that render one confused about what to settle on. From cozy restaurants to beautiful gardens, you may get confused on what to go for. If you don’t know what you would like your venue to look like, the search might be a bit daunting. Remember, you are not competing with anyone, and you don’t have to book on your first viewing. You’ve got to see several options so that you can compare and settle for the best. Before making your final decision, remember to consider the following factors.


The first question that should come to your mind is the allocated budget for the venue. The budget is much more than just the cost of the venue. It involves decors and floral designs, which drive the value higher. You need to know how much the designs are going to cost you also. If the price blows out your budget, you may end up scaling down on the spending or look for a cheaper venue. Don’t include a space that you cannot afford as it will end up frustrating you.

Guest List

You need to have a rough figure for the expected number of guests. This will help you in deciding whether you need a big or a small venue. If you book a small place and end up having a big crowd, your guests will be cramped, and it’ll just be a big disaster. On the other hand, if it’s too big, it’ll render the atmosphere dull, and it’ll look like a big number of guests failed to turn up, which might not be the case. Before you start noting down on the potential spaces, come up with a list of the expected guests.

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Wedding Date

If you are working on a specific date, it might be challenging to find a venue available on the same date. Most spaces have online calendars where you can check the availability on your preferred date and also make reservations online. If you are flexible on the date, it becomes easy to get a venue. If your dream venue is not available or is too expensive for your budget, you can consider rescheduling the date to an off-peak time when the competition is low, and also the prices are also low.


Accessibility is key to every event. Be very keen when deciding on the location because it can keep your guests off attendance. If your ceremony and reception are in different venues, ensure they are not far apart. If the two venues are far apart, that could make it hectic for your guests, making some not to attend both functions. Think carefully about the location, considering the distance you want to travel on your big day

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Talk to a wedding planner

Instead of bothering yourself looking for a venue that you have no idea about, you can engage the services from weddingassistant.co.uk. Planners are more familiar with spaces, layouts, and designs. A planner will advise you on everything pertaining to your wedding from the venue, cake cutting to photo shooting. In a nutshell, a planner is meant to oversee the wedding preparation up to its conclusion. You may pay an extra price for a planner, but you can rest assured of saving from wastage and the overcharging vendors as the planner will be there to negotiate for you.

Indoor or Outdoor Ceremony

In most cases, people hold their events outside, especially during the summer. For an outdoor event, you only require tents and a beautiful garden with some decors to complement the beautiful nature. In case you have an outdoor event, remember to have a backup in case of rain and other weather elements such as

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Wedding Theme

Before deciding on the venue, you need to be clear on the theme. For instance, if you are thinking of a garden wedding, nature is something you cannot ignore. Ensure your theme rhymes with nature. If it’s an indoor venue, you can look for decors that reflect your theme.

Venue Reputation

The first thing that you should check before deciding on a venue is its reputation. You need a venue that has a good reputation. You can do your research from the online reviews and get to know the experience of other clients who’ve used the same space before. If you get positive reviews, well and good, you can consider the venue. But if you get negative reviews, consider looking for an alternative place with a good reputation.

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Is the venue child-friendly

Any time when you are choosing a venue, you should have children in your mind. This is because the chances are that most of your friends and guests may carry their children along. It is, therefore, important to consider a child-friendly place. If possible, you can look for a venue with some entertainment for kids such as a bouncing castle, swimming pool, swings, or just a field where they can play. It is vital to keep the kids happy and engaged to ensure that they do not disturb their parents when the ceremony is ongoing.


The question that you should ask yourself is how many guests do I expect to come with cars? Where will they park their vehicles? If you get answers to those questions, then you’ll have solved the problem of parking. If your venue doesn’t have enough parking, you can opt to hire parking just near the venue, or have the visitors park by the roadside but provide security.

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There are so many things that you need to consider before settling on your wedding venue, but the one discussed above are the most crucial ones. Ensure you go through all the above tips keenly before hiring any venue. Having the right space for your wedding or whatever the occasion not only saves you on cost but also gives you peace of mind as you rest assured that your guests are comfortable and are enjoying every moment of the occasion.