6 Tips for Choosing a Wedding Ring Theme – 2024 Guide

Wedding rings shouldn’t follow any tradition, and if you are bored with the basic designs, and want something more special, you can always buy something that is more meaningful for you both, that will add more personal touch to the ceremony, while you are exchanging the vows. Most of the couples will choose the traditional rings, and that’s fine, but what about making the whole thing more personal, or even matching with the wedding theme, or with things, places, and some other features that are important for you both as a couple.

When you want to do something like that and choose the theme of your wedding rings, you need to know that usually, you will have to find a jeweler or someone who is working with handmade jewelry, because the basic offer in the stores may not match with your preferences.

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When it comes to the rings’ theme, you can match it with the wedding theme, but you can even get more creative and choose an option that fits your mutual preferences. You can even take a bigger step and order something that reminds you both of your first dates, the first vacation together, the place where you first kissed, your favorite place, city, coffee bar, park, animal, and so on. Get inspired by nature, for example, use natural gemstones, and forget about the traditional materials and stones. You don’t need to fight against the tradition, but if the usual wedding rings are too basic for you, you can always consider some more creative options and proceed with the whole thing, knowing that you did something special and meaningful for her.

You only need to pay attention to these things:

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  1. Knowing and recognizing her taste in jewelry

You don’t want to make that mistake and choose something she won’t like. As a couple who intends to spend the whole life together, you both should know your taste and preferences, and meet somewhere in the middle if they are too different. Partners that love the same things will have no problem finding the best choice for each other, especially when they are usually inspired by nature, woods, parks, mountains, beaches, or flowers, and wild animals.

  1. The size of the ring

This is very important, especially if you want to buy a piece of jewelry that is bigger than the ordinary wedding rings. You can measure your fingers’ diameter, or compare the size with something you already have. Just keep in mind that if you want to go with a non-traditional choice, the materials and stones may be too big, and make it uncomfortable to wear. No matter what other people say, the size matters in this case, in every meaning of the word. For example, if you add too many details, or choose some metal that is heavier, it would be harder for you to wear. Basically, everyday wearing is the reason why ordinary choices are usually tiny and almost invisible.

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  1. You can order custom jewelry

Very often you will be able to find what you want with a few visits to the store. But, there are couples who want more than that, and the best and most optimal solution for them is to order a custom made ring for this purpose. That requires a few meetings with the creator, who will come up with some ideas, that can easily be adjusted or upgraded to the point you are sure that you like the product, and you are ready to order it. Just, don’t forget that you need to schedule that meeting as early as possible, because depending on what you want, it may take up to a month until the details are assembled in one piece.

  1. Mix the styles to get a unique one

You don’t need to go for one metal and one stone, especially when you order a custom made ring. You can blend the different styles and materials together until you see the final design that will be the best for you and your loved one.

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  1. Determine the budget

Explore the stores to see how the prices go, and which rings are the cheapest, but also to precisely determine how far you can go with your wishes and requirements. For example, every engraving, adding stones, removing them, and adjusting the size, is increasing the price. You must be careful with those expenses, and control your wishes because you will end up spending even a double amount than your initial plan. Sticking up to the budget is the best thing you can do, even when it’s pretty high. But, if you think you are not able to afford things like that, you can always go with the traditional choices.

  1. It doesn’t even need to be a ring

Many couples choose not to wear wedding rings, because according to them, it doesn’t mean anything, and they don’t want to go around and let all the people they are meeting that they are married. But, it doesn’t mean that you can’t wear some necklace, bracelet, or any other piece of jewelry that is meaningful for you both. This step may be weird to your close relatives, but in the end, you and your partner are those who are getting married, and who decides what will symbolize their love and togetherness, and it doesn’t necessarily need to be a ring on the finger.

Planning all of these things is beautiful, because the day you will get married is special for you both, no matter how much you love or hate the traditional events. But, when it comes to the jewelry you will wear, it’s on you to find, choose, and order the one that will be a symbol of your love forever.