5 Steps to Creating a Cat-Friendly Home – 2024 Tips

If you are just planning to bring a cat to your home or you are a new owner who has not yet found out all the secrets of life with a cat, then you will probably be surprised by the fact that it is not easy to adjust your home to be cat-friendly.

Cats, and especially kittens, are naturally curious and explore objects by touching, smelling, and tasting. When you bring a new cat into your home, expect it to curiously explore the new environment but, unlike humans, it will not be able to distinguish what is and what is not dangerous. So, security is one of the important issues you would have to consider.

Cats are also very prone to stress and anxiety, which can influence their health and behavior. So, your cat’s weird behavior might be influenced by something in your home, you consider it very normal.

To avoid all the unpleasant things that can occur with your new pet, do your best to create a cat-friendly home, by following some simple steps we have suggested in the following text.

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  • Positioning the litter box

One great thing about cats is that they are very capable of maintaining their hygiene, and they spend a lot of time doing this. Unlike dogs, who you have to take care of, cats very independent and it’s easy to recognize when they are not satisfied with something, they will show you. However, they can cause horrific smell if the litter box is not positioned as they please. And you don’t want that cat smell around your house, it’s impossible to get rid of.

A litter box is necessary for all domestic cats, but sometimes it is not enough just to provide it. Before you get a box, think about its size and location, type of sand, and daily hygiene. Investigate what type of sprinkling your cat prefers. In general, most cats simply do not like the strong smell of perfumed sprinkles, so read how you can make it yourself or what you can use as a replacement. For more information visit catcaveco.

The first challenge for choosing the right place is reflected in the fact that the cat’s toilet must be in a place where the cat will have privacy, but still be easily accessible. Ideally, it should be close to the central space of all household members, where both you and your pet (or pets) spend the most time. Of course, you will certainly not put the litter box in the living room, but if the toilet or the glazed terrace is in its immediate vicinity – here are the solutions. Many owners want to hide the litter and keep it as far away as possible, but keep in mind that the principle “away from the eyes, away from the mind” also applies to cats, so it can happen that the cat completely ignores the toilet, and you certainly do not want it to defecate everywhere.

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  • Create a hiding place

Your cat needs a “personal” place where he can retreat and feel safe because cats love privacy. You must have noticed how they like to crawl inside a plastic bag and sleep in it for hours. Or when they “accidentally” invade your handbag and disappear. If you do not provide it with such a space, your pet will be under stress, especially in a household with more cats. A hiding place can be a box or even a transporter where a cat can be sheltered. To avoid stress click here to browse for products, such as a calming bed for pets, that will be a great stress-free zone.

  • Provide food and water source

Food is also important for our pets, but which food is the best? Consult a veterinarian to choose high-quality, complete, and balanced food that best suits your cat’s unique needs. Also, read the opinion of experts, whether wet food or solid is better, which usually depends on your cat’s age.

Water is one of the most important substances for your cat. However, many cats do not drink enough water and are often on the verge of dehydration, which can contribute to the development of health problems and unnecessary stress. Encourage your cat to drink more fluids by feeding her canned food (at least sometimes). To inspire your cat to drink water make sure the water container doesn’t wet your cat’s mustache while drinking, this will frustrate it. Since they are not crazy about water and often forget to drink it, place several water containers around the apartment, of different shapes and sizes, so it doesn’t forget to hydrate. If it still avoids drinking, one reason could be that the container smells of something. This is the most common reason they avoid drinking it.

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  • Install the climbers

Most cats enjoy climbing on various shelves, beams, and closets. In that way, they are in an elevated position in relation to us, so they can observe the environment better. That is why it is important to provide them with climbers and other surfaces from which they can jump. However, if you keep two cats, you will have to get more climbers, don’t expect them to always share their toys. When a cat is kept inside the house, it needs to work out not to get too fat, so climbers are really important to have.

  • Don’t forget the scraper

Cats love to stretch and scratch. And that’s ok if they are outside, but if they are kept inside, it means you will have a lot of cat nails scratches all over your furniture. Scratching the surface is important for the health and well-being of the cat. If you deprive her of scratching, the cat will not be able to mark the territory she loves. This can lead to stress and even anxiety. So, redirect that instinct from being manifested on the furniture to the scratcher and you will both live in harmony.

Don’t forget to play and snuggle with your pet, daily. It will contribute your wellbeing too. If you managed to follow these important five steps, that be sure you will have a satisfied cat in your home.