Tips for Creating the Perfect Farmhouse Style Kitchen

The perfect farmhouse kitchen is the gathering spot for family and friends. A welcoming, warm farmhouse style will make your guests feel at ease and provide you with the dream kitchen you’ve always wanted. Hardwood floors flooring is a great option to start the project on. Hardwood creates a natural surface that ties everything together. A focus on raw materials, open concepts, industrial and antique components come together to create the beginnings of a farmhouse-style kitchen. But what does it take to design the perfect farmhouse-style kitchen? From the cabinets and countertops to ovens and fixtures, we’re going to break down the best styles to help you through the journey.



Cabinets are the defining characteristic and tone setter of your farmhouse style kitchen. Some of the most eye-catching styles available are the traditional cabinets. With that said, look for white shaker cabinetry. This style will bathe your kitchen in a warm, light, open, and airy feel. Uniformity is vital in the overall appeal of the room, and traditional cabinets provide just that. Exposed wood beams make a grand, rustic canvas from which to create the perfect aesthetic. There are several options to choose from, and if making a warm, inviting kitchen is your goal, this is going to be the right choice for you.

Next is to focus on the island. It will serve as the centerpiece of the kitchen. A fantastic way to tie the island to the rest of the cabinets is by using a darker colored shaker than the rest of the room. It will contrast with the surroundings and give the room a larger-than-life feel.



Countertops should be understated and solid to blend smoothly with the modest design themes of a farmhouse kitchen. Think of using white marble on a darker-colored cabinet or a darker granite on a light shaker base. Integrating butcher block sections into the countertop will help break the counter while adding more functionality. Butcher block inlayed into the countertop looks incredible and adds to the rustic, farmhouse style you’re searching for.

The inclusion of wood helps define the kitchen as a farmhouse style. Natural elements need to be included to help the overall design elements achieve the proper aesthetic.



The backsplash can be as straightforward or as extravagant as you’d like. A simple, classic subway tile in white looks elegant and won’t distract from other room features, while stone tile will bring a more rustic feel but may overpower a softer look in the room.

Overall, the dynamic you choose for a backsplash will only last as long as you want it to. Updating the backsplash is a fairly straightforward process.



First and foremost, your refrigerator needs to be built-in with the surrounding cabinetry. That is almost a requirement for this style. If not, it catches the eye and detracts from the other areas you want to highlight. The same goes for the dishwasher. Be sure to use a built-in model with minimal external features.

A gas cooktop is perfect, as the open flame adds to the overall appeal of the rustic farmhouse look. It will blend in far easier than an electric or glass top stove. The oven would be best served as a double-wall oven. The extra space will be essential when having large gatherings. Using the right appliances will help keep overly technical components out of view and preserving the rustic, seasoned feel of the room.

Be sure to include cabinet space for any large electric appliances to keep anything with cords hidden away behind closed doors.



A farmhouse sink is the classic rustic hint that your kitchen needs to completely perfect the modern farmhouse style. Exposed apron front sinks allow access closer to the sink, so you don’t have to reach as far. They are more convenient, stylish, and comfortable. They are available in a wide variety of materials and styles, though the most popular are cast iron and fireclay. Fireclay tends to be more damage-prone and significantly heavier than cast iron, though it does have the unique feature of being handcrafted.



The perfect farmhouse-style kitchen fixtures should be able to strike a balance between form and function. Modern lighting fixtures like candle-light chandeliers work great when paired with metal cabinet fixtures and handles. They also provide excellent lighting for the kitchen island while blending the room together.

Mixing metals can be a fun way to change up the feel of the room. If things are getting a little too rustic or even too modern, throw in some copper and brushed nickel metals to counteract that look.

Other Elements to Tie it Together

Open shelving and detached furniture were the old styles in most farmhouse kitchens. Open shelving is still a great go-to and will help a smaller kitchen appear far more prominent than it is. Pairing open shelving with traditional cabinets is a fantastic way to incorporate all the elements the room has to offer.

Choose pot racks to accent your range and store your cookware. You can also add a pot rack to your island if you want to keep it hidden from view but still manage to access it with ease.

Once everything is completed, step back and enjoy the new look and realize that you’ve completed the farmhouse-style kitchen of your dreams.

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